Futurama Info

Adult animation[1]
Animated sitcom
Science fiction
Comedy drama
Created by Matt Groening
Developed by
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Voices of
Billy West
Katey Sagal
John DiMaggio
Tress MacNeille
Maurice LaMarche
Lauren Tom
Phil LaMarr
David Herman
Opening theme “Theme from Futurama”
Composer Christopher Tyng
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 8
No. of episodes 142 (list of episodes)
Executive producers
Matt Groening
David X. Cohen
Ken Keeler
Claudia Katz
Lew Morton
J. Stewart Burns
Patric M. Verrone
Bill Odenkirk
Eric Kaplan
Michael Rowe
Brian J. Cowan
Jason Grode
Jane O’Brien
Lee Supercinski
Editors Paul D. Calder
Danik Thomas
Chris Vallance
Running time 22 minutes
Production companies
The ULULU Company[a]
20th Century Fox Television[b] (seasons 1–7)
20th Television Animation[c] (season 8–present)
Original network
Fox (1999–2003)
Comedy Central (2008–2013)
Hulu (2023–present)
Picture format
NTSC (1999–2003)
HDTV 1080i (2008–2013)
4K UHD (2023–present)
Audio format
Dolby Surround (1999–2003)
Dolby Digital 5.1 (2008–present)
Original release March 28, 1999 –
The Simpsons


Season Episodes Originally aired
First aired Last aired Network
1 13 March 28, 1999 November 14, 1999 Fox
2 19 November 21, 1999 December 3, 2000
3 22 January 21, 2001 December 8, 2002
4 18 February 10, 2002 August 10, 2003
5 16 March 23, 2008 August 30, 2009 Comedy
6 26 13 June 24, 2010 November 21, 2010
13 June 23, 2011 September 8, 2011
7 26 13 June 20, 2012 August 29, 2012
13 June 19, 2013 September 4, 2013
8 20 10 July 24, 2023 September 25, 2023 Hulu
Main cast members
Billy West Katey Sagal John DiMaggio Tress MacNeille Maurice LaMarche Lauren Tom Phil LaMarr David Herman
Philip J. Fry,
Professor Farnsworth,
Doctor Zoidberg,
Zapp Brannigan, Richard Nixon’s Head, Smitty, Leo Wong
Leela Bender, Elzar, URL, Joey Mousepad, Igner, Barbados Slim Mom, Hattie McDoogal, Tinny Tim, Ndnd, Turanga Munda, Linda Kif Kroker, Hedonismbot, Dr. Perceptron, Walt, Morbo, Lrrr Amy Wong, Inez Wong, Jrrr Hermes Conrad, Robot 1-X, iZac Scruffy, Roberto, Mayor Poopenmeyer, Dr. Ogden Wernstrom, Turanga Morris, Larry

My Adventures with Superman

My Adventures with Superman info

Romantic comedy
Science fiction
Based on
by Jerry Siegel
Joe Shuster
Developed by Jake Wyatt
Voices of
Jack Quaid
Alice Lee
Ishmel Sahid
Music by Dominic Lewis
Daniel Futcher[1]
Opening theme “Up and Away” by Kyle Troop and the Heretics
Country of origin United States
Original language English
No. of seasons 1
No. of episodes 5
Executive producers
Michael Ouweleen
Sam Register
Jake Wyatt
Brendan Clogher
Producer Josie Campbell
Editor John Allen Soares
Running time 22 minutes
Production companies
Warner Bros. Animation
DC Entertainment
services Studio Mir
Original network Adult Swim
Original release July 7, 2023 –

Voice cast


Jack Quaid as Kal-El / Clark Kent / Superman
Alice Lee as Lois Lane
Ishmel Sahid as Jimmy Olsen


Darrell Brown as Perry White
Kari Wahlgren as Martha Kent, young Clark
Reid Scott as Jonathan Kent
Jason Marnocha as Jor-El
Chris Parnell as Agent Slade Wilson
Debra Wilson as Amanda Waller
Joel de la Fuente as The General


Azuri Hardy-Jones as Flip Johnson
Zehra Fazal as Leslie Willis / Livewire
Catherine Taber as Siobhan McDougal / Silver Banshee
Lucas Grabeel as Kyle Nimbus / Mist
Vincent Tong as Steve Lombard, Albert / Rough House
Melanie Minichino as Cat Grant
Kenna Ramsey as Ronnie Troupe
Jake Green as Dr. Anthony Ivo / Parasite
Laila Berzins as Rory / Heat Wave


No. Title Directed by Written by Original air date Prod.
1 “Adventures of a Normal Man” Jen Bennett Josie Campbell, Brendan Clogher & Jake Wyatt July 7, 2023 101
2 Diana Huh Cynthia Furey 102
3 “My Interview with Superman” Jen Bennett Aman Adumer July 14, 2023 103
4 “Let’s Go to Ivo Tower, You Say” Kiki Manrique Josie Campbell & Brendan Clogher July 21, 2023 104
5 “You Will Believe a Man Can Lie” Diana Huh Story by : M. Willis, Cynthia Furey & Aman Adumer
Teleplay by : M. Willis
July 28, 2023 105
6 “My Adventures with Mad Science” TBA TBA August 4, 2023 106
7 “Kiss Kiss Fall in Portal” TBA TBA August 11, 2023 107
8 “Zero Day” TBA TBA August 18, 2023 108
9 TBA TBA August 25, 2023 109

Pandya Store 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shiva saying I m silly to battle Raavi, its my slip-up. Dev asks what are you talking about, center around your work. A client comes to the shop. Shiva gives some unacceptable thing. Dev goes to the client. He requests that Shiva go out and have some air, what befell him, did he battle with Raavi. Shiva asks how would you know, did she tell you. Dev says I m additionally hitched, I know, go out with her. Shiva says OK, I ought to express sorry to her. He goes. Dev remembers to persuade Rishita. Shweta calls Gathering and says I organized the cash, meet me outside Pandya house. Dev comes to Rishita. He gives her a chocolate. He says we ought to share this and eat. Rishita flies off the handle. Dev says fine, however don’t vent outrage on chocolate. She says I m recently bothered, not furious, I went to Shweta’s home, Suman and Dhara chastened me. Dev says let it be, don’t meddle. She says you figure I m doing futile thing, I will bring Shweta’s reality outside. He says when everybody likes Shweta, then, at that point, perhaps you are mixed up, fail to remember it. She says until I get her reality out, I will not sit calm. She goes.

Shweta gets a call from her ex. She stresses. He calls her once more. She sees the video, where she takes something from somebody’s home. She stresses and hydrates. She cries. She gets the call once more. Her mum says she is attempting to accomplish something wrong, I have seen her gathering Discussion, she misled Rishita. Her father says she is prepared to wed at this point. She says since I have compromised her about cash and property, she can accomplish something wrong once more. The person extorts Shweta. She asks what is it that you need. He says meet me this evening, get Chiku along. She asks how would you know his name, no, he isn’t yours. He asks her to simply come, else he will send the video to the police. He snickers and finishes cal. She sits crying. Shiva sees Raavi and Arnav in the vehicle. He follows them. Raavi asks where are we going, I need to return home. Arnav says close by, its very little far. They come to a cabin. Shiva likewise comes. Raavi inquires as to for what reason did you get me here. Arnav says I needed to astonish you. She says we will return. He says you trust me right, did you tell somebody at home that you have come here with me, unwind, accompany me. He takes her. Shiva flies off the handle. He says she is believing him like he is a close buddy.

She asks how long will I live in dread. She cries. Dhara comes and asks her not to stress, Rishita sat idle. Shweta says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, she was examining about my companions. Dhara says I m sorry, sit back and relax. She goes. Arnav takes Raavi to the hotel room. He thumps the entryway. The programmer is inside. The person says the prey has come here. He opens the entryway. He gets stunned seeing Arnav and Raavi. Shiva follows Raavi. Arnav requests that the person open the entryway. Shiva looks on. Arnav and Raavi go into the room. Arnav closes the entryway. Raavi sees the young ladies’ pics wherever on the walls. She says he hacked my record, you got me here to show this. The programmer takes off from the window. Arnav requests that Chatur open the entryway, give up. Chatur says OK, you won’t beat me then. Arnav says fine. Chatur leaps through of the window and runs. Arnav follows him. Raavi and Arnav attempt to get him. Shiva actually takes a look at the entryway. He says no voice is coming. He thumps the entryway. The inn man requests that he leave. Shiva leaves. Arnav calls the examiner. He says I tracked down the programmer, just accompany the group. He says Raavi, run, Chatur can’t get saved today. Shweta is stressed. She figures how to go, they all are here, I will meet Gathering first and afterward I will manage him. She requests that they eat. Dhara says we will eat once Raavi, Krish and Shiva come. Shweta gets a call. Dhara says your telephone is ringing. Shweta figures how might I let them know now. Rishita remembers to find out.

Imlie 28th September 2022 Written Update

Imlie feels miserable reviewing Narmada’s unpleasant words cautioning her not to contact Bhaskar Times News Paper. Sundar offers her news paper. She feels exceptionally blissful. He peruses her shayari/sonnet distributed in the news paper and asks how can she feel seeing her shayari distributed. She requests that he not to talk clearly and closes entryway. He says anybody would be blissful discover that she is a writer. She says a couple of will not and communicates her view. She says he is content with her ability however and shows every one of the assortments of her sonnets distributed. She says he peruses her sonnets as he is her bandar phupa/uncle, no one will peruse her sonnets. Atharv peruses her sonnet and says he saves every one of the sonnets of this writers and is looking for her, he figures he will find her soon. He thinks his hookline Cheeni composed these sonnets and asks when will she uncover her name.

Sundar keeps on commending Imlie’s ability. Arpita and Rupali stroll in. Sundar get anxious and conceal news paper, thinking they found out about her sonnets. Arpita says Imlie can’t conceal her old telephone and ought to purchase another one. She gives her charge card and demands her to purchase another telephone. Imlie wavers, however Arpita persuades her. Imlie says she will take Cheeni along and purchase another telephone for her as well. Rupali cautions her not to as she purchases another telephone consistently. Imlie takes Cheeni along. Cheeni feels invigorated seeing another telephone model and acts miserable saying Rupali will insult her for purchasing another telephone consistently. Imlie offers her new telephone in return of her old telephone. Cheeni inquires as to whether she truly believes should do that as she gives her stuff frequently. Imlie says she can give her beginning and end that has a place with her. Cheeni acts close to home and thinks Imlie is an idiot and valuable to her.

Rupali finds out about Cheeni controlling Imile and exhaust saying Cheeni grabs Imlie’s privileges generally. Anu strolls in and cautions her not to express anything against Cheeni being her natural auntie. Rupali says sisters ought to be really focusing on one another. Anu says Imlie grabbed Malini’s right and assuming that she is discussing balance, Cheeni ought to get half property share, however Imlie is getting everything and thus Cheeni needs to grab anything she can. Rupali says age has changed and subsequently even she ought to and stop her tricks. Anu says she will ensure Cheeni gets anything she merits. Rupali says she is safeguarding Cheeni from ruiing her own life like a genuine organic auntie.


Devika strolls to Atharv’s room and calls him DJ Arto. Atharv asks what has been going on with her today. Devika says his father is extremely content with him particularly after he saved Rupali’s marriage. Atharv says father never cherished him and ought to comprehend that he is grown up now and has his own needs. Devika says his father is concerned for his future and has headed off to some place for his better future. Rudra with Mahesh visits Rathore family. Sundar (calling them uncle??) invites them. Narmada calling Mahesh as bhaisaheb inquires as to whether Parul is fine. Mahesh says she is fine by god’s effortlessness. Anu sees Rudra and thinks what is a crorepati doing here. Rudra lets Narmada know that he came to look for something.

Atharv’s cousins menace him inquiring as to whether he has become hopelessly enamored. Atharv says he has become hopelessly enamored and requests that they assist him with finding his woman love as they additionally had gone to Parul’s wedding. They say their companion Tara should be knowing that young lady. He calls Tara and afterward series of different young ladies lastly gets an aunt’s number who says she can give him number of a beautiful young lady who went with that young lady. He calls Imlie and says he is looking through a young lady who helped Rupali. Imlie thinks who is he who is asking her own number, says that young lady’s name is Imlie. He inquires as to whether she can give Imlie’s number to him. Imlie attempts to say that she’s Imlie when Cheeni grabs her telephone and trades sims. Atharv views as number not reachable and trusts he finds her soon. Cousins insult assuming that they ought to illuminate family about the young lady. Atharv says at whatever point he views as her, he will illuminate family and let the young lady know that he adores her.

Anupama 28th September 2022 Written Update

Vanraj communicates his trial before Hasmukh and says however his child committed an error, he can’t allow his child to bite the dust. Hasmukh solaces him. Inebriated Toshu argues pardoning from Kinjal refering to Vanraj getting absolution from family and vows to be a decent spouse and father. He blames Anupama for attempting to break his home and keeps crying that he will kick the bucket without his better half and girl. Family solaces him. Anuj solaces Anupama. Anupama says thanks to him for defining a boundary between their relationship and circumstances. Anuj asks when will she figure out how to define a boundary between the two families. He says he and Vanraj even chose not to see each other’s face or visit one another, yet circumstance drew them nearer once more and they are companions once more. He says he generally approves of visit one another, yet he loathes day to day show done by Vanraj, his kids, Leela, his sibling and SIL and needs to define a boundary from hereon. Anupama says she will attempt.

Leela requests that Vanraj entreat Kinjal and some way or another bring her back home like he brought Toshu. Vanraj says what is happening is unique, Kinjal needed to bear unfaithfulness following her conveyance and go through a psychological injury; its OK in the event that she is discovering a lasting sense of reconciliation at Anupama’s home. Leela says Toshu did a show at Anuj’s home today and soon he will do it in region and streets, he ought not be gullible like Anupama. Vanraj inquires as to whether he ought to surrender to Toshu’s personal coercion. Leela says one needs to retouch kids and get them in good shape by discipline or something different yet can’t leave them, he ought to follow through with something and bring Kinjal home in some way. Vanraj says his cerebrum isn’t working and he really wants time to think.

Anuj prepared for office tells Anupama that Little Anu’s school confirmation will happen today, she want not stress. Anupama says she can’t quit stressing for them. He kisses her and says his day will go well today. She kisses him back and says even her day will go well today. Little Anu inquires as to whether their farewell kisses are finished, could they at any point visit school for confirmation. Anuj drives away. Leela with Vanraj strolls in. Anupama inquires as to whether everything is okay. Leela says she needed to meet Arya. Anupama gives them access. Leela spoils Arya. Vanraj advises Kinjal that he needs to converse with her and inquires as to whether she will feel awful. Anupama says she will not as Kinjal is even his little girl. Vanraj gets some information about her wellbeing. Anupama messages Anuj that Leela and Vanraj have returned home, he really want not stress as she will deal with the circumstance. He requests that she illuminate him on the off chance that something occurs and trusts they make no show.

Kinjal inquires as to whether he believes that her should pardon Toshu. Vanraj requests that she get back as she can’t rebuff everybody for Toshu’s mix-up, he isn’t saying this due to Toshu’s personal coercion, however after Leela’s recommendation as she has seen a world better than them. He says he knows its her mom’s home, yet Anupama as of now has a great deal of liabilities on her and she knows how Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik are. He says very much like Hasmukh upheld Anupama, he will uphold her and needs her back home. Kinjal inquires as to whether her tears will stop in the event that she gets back. Vanraj says they will not, however she needs to conceal her tears when she remains in another person’s home; says she can’t deny Hasmukh of his extraordinary granddaughter’s affection, and so on. Leela says she shouldn’t rebuff Toshu such a lot of that it influences her and Arya more than Toshu, even court allows an opportunity to change and on the off chance that Toshu doesn’t change, she can take a choice then, at that point. Anupama pays attention to their discussion and reviews Leela and Vanraj’s hypocrytic ways of behaving during her times. She assumes she needs to cross her line now.

Hasmukh finds out about Vanraj and Leela visiting Anupama’s home and exhaust that their expectation is correct, yet their language isn’t and they will put Anupama under more tension. Anupama requests that Vanraj and Leela meet Kinjal yet don’t drive her. Leela says they are simply making sense of. Anupama says she isn’t saying that their aim is off-base, however they are unwittingly constraining Kinjal. She gives a long clarification that Kinjal needs time to choose without help from anyone else and under tension. Vanraj yells sufficient now, no one is genuinely coercing her, she is doing anything she is thinking right and they are doing anything that they believe is correct, then how might they be off-base and she be correct; they are conversing with their girl and needn’t bother with her authorization to talk. Anupama asks when did she stop them.

Leela says she understands what Anupama is doing and requests that Kinjal get back. Anupama requests that Kinjal go in the event that she needs to however not with an apprehension about Toshu’s close to home extortion. Vanraj says she is controlling Kinjal now. Anupama says its called clarification and says neither she nor she will permit anybody to compress Kinjal, let Kinjal take her own choice.

Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shalu let Lakshmi know that they will know how the toxin came in the food and inquires as to whether somebody added it in the food quietly. Lakshmi reviews Balwinder’s words that he has verifications, and that she is honest. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Balwinder had said in court that I am blameless. Malishka converses with Rishi’s pic and says you will imprison because of Lakshmi. She says even God can’t grab you from me. Shalu asks who can trap you. Lakshmi says Balwinder was taking all Oberoi family name. Shalu says Oberoi family. Lakshmi says I was attempting to leave from that point. Shalu inquires as to whether Balwinder did this. Lakshmi says on the off chance that he had come, anybody would have seen him. She says they will distrust Balwinder and will converse with Culinary specialist Manish first, so they can discover a smart method for taking out Rishi from that point.

Malishka embraces Rishi and says today we have joined together. Rishi responds the embrace. It is Malishka’s fantasy and she says you are only mine. She then dreams that Lakshmi comes there and breaks her embrace with Rishi. She holds his hand and removes him from that point. Malishka says you can’t go from that point.

She emerges from the room running. Kiran asks what was the deal? There is no one here. She requests that she unwind and hydrate. Malishka says my Rishi and cries. Kiran says he is yours, no one is removing him from you. Malishka educates her regarding her fantasy and says Lakshmi grabbed Rishi from me. She says he doesn’t see me, don’t have any idea what sorcery she has done on Rishi. Malishka says Rishi is seeing Lakshmi’s doings, yet entirely not mine. Kiran says Neelam has seen every one of your endeavors. Malishka says in the event that Lakshmi gets Rishi liberated. Kiran says at whatever point he gets liberated, you will advance your hand and Rishi will believe that you was sitting tight for him. She says the individual is fruitful who doesn’t feel vulnerable. Malishka asks what I will do, will I prevent Lakshmi from getting Rishi liberated. Kiran says no.

Lakshmi goes to God and says she needs to get rishi liberated and bring him back home. She tells that she will get him liberated. Karishma faults her and says Rishi is in prison because of you, and presently you are asserting that you will get him liberated. She says Neelam bhabhi has shut herself in room and have eaten food yesterday as we argued infront of her. She says there is a dread because of you. Lakshmi says she will get him liberated definitely. Karishma says how you will do this, on the off chance that you don’t do, then… will you do as I say. Lakshmi says alright, and says I will get him liberated. Ayush stops Lakshmi and inquires as to whether Lakshmi got Rishi liberated then will you do what Lakshmi bhabhi requests that you do. Lakshmi says how you are conversing with her, she is your mom. Ayush says in the event that she is my mom, will say anything. Lakshmi says Ayush. Ayush goes. Karishma says my child is against me because of you.

Ayush respects Shalu as she is working in the kitchen. He comes inside and keeps her dupatta on the shoulder appropriately. Tune plays… Ishq hai ya… .Ayush asks what Shalu, what work is on. Shalu asks didn’t you see? Ayush gets out anything that I am seeing is awesome and checks her out. Shalu grins. Ayush says the food is great interaction by you and says this is your most memorable time that you are making food. He asks will you make delicious food? Shalu asks what is your take? Ayush says it will be alright food. Shalu says then don’t contact it. Ayush says at whatever point Lakshmi bhabhi isn’t at home, you come, make food and feed me. He says lets examine your compensation? Shalu runs behind him to hit him with besan. Ayush slams into Lakshmi and grumbles about Shalu. Lakshmi says first explain to me why you converse with your mom like that. Shalu says he don’t have habits. Ayush requests that she proceed to make rotis in kitchen. Shalu says he is run of the mill types and think that young lady’s place is in kitchen. Ayush says I won’t allow my significant other to go to kitchen. Lakshmi says who will cook then? Ayush says Shalu will cook. They contend. Lakshmi inquires as to for what reason do you generally battle? Ayush says we cry like Rishi bhai and you. Lakshmi goes. Ayush and Shalu coming to kitchen. They impact their head with one another. Ayush request that she show her head. Shalu says she is fine. Ayush says I will hit forcibly. Sonia checks them out.

Lakshmi advises Dadi that she really wants her favors to get Rishi liberated. Dadi favors Lakshmi and Rishi’s Jodi. Lakshmi requests that she have medication. She asks would you like to tell something for Rishi. Dadi says I love you. Lakshmi says Dadi. Dadi says she is current Dadi and can say I love you to Rishi. She says she needs to embrace him and simply supplicate that Rishi gets back home quick. She requests that she go. Sonia applauds and says it was exquisite scene. She says I need to impact your heads once more, and inquires as to whether she is behind her sibling. Ayush requests that Sonia think prior to saying. Shalu asks her not to cross her cutoff points. Sonia says you are here because of my father. Ayush says it is a lot of now, if it’s not too much trouble, leave before I fly off the handle. He expresses sorry to Shalu. Shalu says say nothing, nothing will occur because of me. She says everybody is stressed because of Rishi bhai as of now. Ayush says you ponder us.

Lakshmi comes to meet Rishi. The woman constable says I will send him. Lakshmi says that day Rishi has come to meet me and today I have come, thinks he is concerned here because of me, he took every one of the faults on himself. Rishi comes there and embraces Lakshmi firmly.

Anandiba Aur Emily 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Anandi hearing Emily and stressing. She envisions Emily harming her. She requests that Gunjan be there, she will go and simply do the coconut customs. Gunjan asks Emily what were you talking about poison. Emily says I requested that Aarav get toxic substance to kill cockroach, I was rehearsing hindi talking. She goes. Gunjan says nature is perfect, its supporting me. She goes to Anandi and says Emily is intending to kill you. Anandi says the soul is getting it done. Emily comes. Gunjan asks did she come to kill us. Anandi requests that Emily come. Anandi says Gopi baba is a fake. Gunjan asks how would you know. Anandi says I likewise know it, Gunjan comprehends my heart, you educated me concerning him, I will not go to him, you proceed to take care of your responsibilities. Emily says OK, great, bye. She goes. Gunjan inquires as to for what reason did you say this. Anandi says Emily didn’t come, it was the soul, soul is frightened of baba so it came to say that baba is misrepresentation. Gunjan says I have to strongly disagree. Anandi says soul is frightened, we need to do the coconut customs and enclosure the soul. Gunjan says I figure we ought to take off from Emily from the house.

Anandi says no, we need to control the soul first, come. They see Emily sitting, and go to do the coconut custom. Anandi says soul is smart, Emily can see us. Gunjan asks will we go by other entryway. Emily goes with Pinky. Gunjan says Pinky is honest. Anandi sits tired. She says the soul is risky, it is changing Emily’s situation. Gunjan says fail to remember this and make Emily out of the house. Emily comes and asks how are you doing the coconut. Anandi requests that Gunjan reply. Gunjan deceives Emily. Anandi asks Emily how could you come, dear. Emily says such a lot of regard, did I commit any error, come, food is prepared, everybody has come. They go. They stress and sit to have food. Anandi says she will kill us in the event that we don’t eat. Emily says I will get a cardiovascular failure in the event that you act so sweet. Anandi says I will have food when Gulab comes. Emily gestures. She requests that Aaghya have the food. Anandi signs no to him. He says I can’t eat without mum’s authorization. Gunjan stops Pinky. Payal comes. Anandi says nobody will have the food today, its my Nani’s barsi. Payal says she implies passing commemoration. Anandi says we will have quick. She gets frightened seeing a blade in Emily’s grasp. Emily cuts an apple. She says we can have natural products, right. Anandi says OK, we can eat it, you won’t add anything in it. Emily asks what. Gunjan says she implies you can’t add garlic in it. She requests that Anandi make Emily out of the house. Aarav comes. He says I truly partook in the food today. Anandi says you can’t have it, it has poison. He asks what. She says its my Nani’s barsi today. He says sorry, I previously had the food. Anandi says food doesn’t have poison, see Aarav is fine, we will have food. Anandi says I recollect, its not her barsi today, its her birthday, everybody can have the food. Aarav begins hacking. Anandi yells no, we can’t eat, its her barsi. She takes water for Aarav and requests that he upchuck quick. He says I was simply hacking. Anandi requests that everybody have the food.

Anandi sees Emily. She goes to Gunjan. Gunjan says I was cleaning the steps. Anandi says accomplish the work later, we need to do the coconut custom, she is resting, it’s a decent opportunity, where is the coconut. Gunjan expresses its here. Anandi asks where, track down it. Pinky additionally comes to find. Anandi says discover your sense first. She inquires as to for what reason am I not getting this coconut. Gulab requests that she have food before she goes up. She gets some information about the soul. He asks what, you will go higher up to dry the garments, have the idli and coconut chutney. She asks where did you get it. He says it was here. She flies off the handle on him. Emily comes and asks do you need a coconut. She gets one. Gulab expresses gratitude for saving my life, we will proceed to have the coconut chutney. Anandi says there is one way now. Gunjan says make her out of the house. Aarav asks Emily could any ordinary individual at any point see Master and converse with him. She inquires as to for what reason are you asking this. He says I was talking a network program, the young lady sees Krishna and converses with him. She says you can converse with him with a genuine heart, there is no question in it. She goes. He says then I will give the bangles to Gopi. Gopi says soul won’t allow the custom to finish, give two gold bangles. Anandi says I didn’t get it. He says you got it. He shows Gunjan. She says its old. He says we will make it new, give it, bahu like you can give everything for family, even life. Anandi says OK, she is beautiful. She takes Gunjan’s bangles. The man gives them a container. He says it’s a light, the soul will get tormented by this light, come here, I will let you know a mantra. He tells the mantra. He says soul will get confined in this light. Gunjan says in the event that Emily disappears, the soul will likewise go. Gopi says once soul goes, Emily will likewise go. Gunjan considers taking the bangles back.

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Ranbir assisting Prachi with wearing the gems and applying bindi to her temple. Prachi gets sad eyes. He wipes her tears. Prachi takes a gander at him and says don’t be late, say it please. Ranbir says you got late, you will wed, and he goes. Prachi turns and thinks he has returned. She says you have returned. She sees Sid standing. Sid says Prachi. Prachi says don’t take my name with your grimy tongue and says he is requesting that I pass on from his life because of you and your untruth. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Sid plunks down and apologizes. Prachi says you have done scheme, it was arranged connivance and inquires as to for what reason would he say he was getting payback and for what? She says you have grabbed my beginning and end and says you was a wolf in camouflage of companion. She says I used to believe that my sister Rhea is a terrible individual, yet you are more regrettable than her, needs to break my marriage and needs to wed me. She says you are crocodile who needs to swallow all the family in one go. He requests that she tune in. Prachi inquires as to whether you need to say more lies. You lied whenever I allowed you opportunity to say. She says when Rhea told that Ranbir isn’t the dad of my kid, I was furious, yet my annoyance brings down as Ranbir was with me and I found a sense of contentment that you will say reality, yet you have destroyed many lives. She requests that he come clean and says I have the right to know reality. Sid says I don’t have a family. Prachi says lie, Ranbir and I were your family generally. Sid says don’t you feel abnormal that I am calling your child as mine. Prachi inquires as to why? Sid says Mihika’s life is in harm’s way. Prachi asks Mihika. Shahana hears them.

Wendy Mausi instructs Dida that she is thinking so Rhea leaves Ranbir. Dida gets out whatever is the contrast among your and my considerations. Wendy Mausi says she knows how to handle Rhea like young ladies and will utilize her experience. Dida inquires as to whether I don’t have insight and says she didn’t dark her hair in daylight. Wendy says when you was turning gray your hair, I utilized color to color my hair. Dida says even I have colored my hair. Wendy says you are likewise in my group, we will dispose of her. Rhea comes and asks with whom you need to dispose of. Wendy Mausi asks her not to say anything and says you are looking lovely and says she needs to take off terrible sight from her. She adulates Rhea. Rhea gets complimented hearing her and calls her wendy Dadi. Wendy applauds her more and requests that she proceed to show her magnificence outside. Rhea embraces her and goes. Dida asks Wendy for what good reason she was so sweet with Rhea. Wendy says they will keep the adversary close.

Sid lets them know that Mihika had come here, not really for Ganapati, but rather to save her life from Aaliya and Rhea’s grip. He says when Chachu called him, he was coming here to say reality, they got Mihika hijacked and afterward they attempted to destroy me. He says when I have come here, I came to be aware of their arrangement, it is their arrangement. Shahana says 1 min and says it is extremely surprising. She inquires as to why you didn’t attempt to tell this to Prachi or Ranbir. Sid says I attempted, however no one attempted to pay attention to me. Shahana doesn’t trust him. Prachi says Sid is saying reality and says she knows him and knows when he can lie. Sid expresses gratitude toward her for confiding in him. Prachi says I confided in you generally and considered you to be a sibling. She says you have expanded my quandary, and tells that she needed to tie rakhi to her hand, however until further notice she needs to get connected with to him. She tells that they need to save Mihika, as she has heard ill-conceived word all the life. Sid apologizes to Prachi for pondering Mihika. Prachi says prepare to retaliate and says we need to save Mihika. Shahana says we will save Mihika. Sid says thanks to them. Prachi says I will thank you for unburdening me with this reality. She says commitment or marriage, will be phony at this point.

Shahana says for what reason are you letting us know now, as Mihika is still at serious risk. Sid says I know, yet in the event that I haven’t told her, then I would have kicked the bucket. He says I heard Pallavi chachi that she had acknowledged Prachi, yet was broken with this reality. Prachi says it is great that you told me. She says an unavoidable issue is infront of me and says with this phony commitment, I need to look into Ranbir’s sentiments. She says in the event that Ranbir will retaliate or remain inactive, seeing his affection happening to another person. She says I will check whether he will satisfy his words or let the words stay as words.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he feel that Sid can be a decent dad than him. Aryan asks him not to talk like oldies. Ranbir says I can’t believe that Prachi will hold another person’s hand. Aryan says we will tell Prachi plainly that she will not hold Sid’s hand. Ranbir says you don’t have any idea. Aryan says we will put the proviso for the marriage. Ranbir says I love Prachi, I could decline infront of others, however it is truth. He requests that how live without her. Rhea says once they get hitched, we will begin our conjugal life, will remain together. Ranbir inquires as to whether you realize what’s going on here? Rhea says I heard that you need to finish her marriage quick and don’t believe it should happen moreover.

Ranbir takes Rhea to side and asks what you was talking about there? He says I told you obviously that I love Prachi. He says everybody realizes in this world that he cherishes Prachi. Rhea says then additionally you requested that she wed Sid. Ranbir says I will avoid her, however will cherish her generally. Rhea says she don’t have the foggiest idea. Ranbir says his heart beats for his affection and his adoration will be for her generally, regardless of whether she disappears from him. He says he isn’t a stuff which another person will utilize. He sees Prachi accompanying Shahana and going from that point. He feels her as her hair contacts his face as she goes. He says she didn’t see me? Rhea says precisely and you was calling her as your adoration. Ranbir says I need to tell her. Rhea thinks what is to him.

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Kundali Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update

Rishab values Arjun for coming, Preeta leaves in the wake of pardoning them both when Arjun makes reference to Rishab is looking cheerful, he answers that Arjun may be the justification for this so says thanks to him. Arjun likewise leaves taking a reason.

Bi jee and Janki are sitting when Arjun goes to take her gifts, she answers how there are extremely exhausting young men in this party and she is happy he came here, Arjun with a grin kisses Bi jee yet Anjali isn’t by any stretch really glad to see him snickering so leaves, Arjun likewise follows her when Bi jee makes sense of she feels Anjali isn’t the slightest bit reasonable for Arjun, she has made him succumb to her snare thus he generally follows her. Anjali answers that she doesnot think he is doing what he came here to do since he said he needs to get his payback yet at whatever point she sees him, he is either showing his affection for a sibling to Kritika or is snickering with Shristhi or Preeta. Arjun in dissatisfaction says she can think anything she feels like as he showed her the pen drive and it contains the confirmation which would demolish the picture of Rishab. Anjali demands him to quiet down when Bi jee shouts she needs to chat with Anjali.

Bi jee taking her to the side inquiries in the event that her mom has not shown her anything, Anjali answers that she is her senior yet she wouldn’t hear anything against her mom, Bi jee answers for what reason can she remain silent, asking on the off chance that Anjali doesn’t know about her connection with Arjun, she takes steps to slap Anjali later on assuming she is remotely close to Arjun, Anjali gets strained when he leaves cheerfully.

Bi jee is strolling while Shristhi halting her inquiries for what reason is she leaving the party like this, as she realizes that her Dadi was battling with Anjali, Bi jee answers she knows she doesnot like her yet was simply having a discussion with her which got warmed so she believed that they were contending, however she is a harmony cherishing and still, at the end of the day doesnot like Anjali and realizes she isn’t the least bit appropriate for Arjun. Rishab with a grin comes to kiss Bi jee making sense of maybe his mom has given the obligation of her union with Bi jee, who answers she will assume his liability. Rishab guarantees he feels the two of them would be a decent match as Anjali is a pleasant young lady and truly reliable. Shristhi likewise contradicts Rishab making sense of Anjali isn’t appropriate for Arjun and there is still sufficient opportunity so they would have the option to stop Anjali before she makes him go gaga for her.

Rishab with a grin says that in the event that Bi jee said, it would doubtlessly work out, he anyway goes to find Anjali remaining there so inquires as to whether she heard their discussion, he makes sense of that Anjali ought to realize that they are great individuals and whatever is on their heart is likewise on their mouth, she should not be stressed. Anjali makes sense of she thought Rishab was not a decent individual but rather now has been discredited, Rishab with a grin specifies he is happy that her view changed about him since in some cases what they feel is off-base.

Arjun is sitting when he takes the starters however at that point Preeta strolls from before him, so he simply gazes at her as she goes to the visitors, he can’t eat anything and starts gazing at her. Preeta subsequent to meeting with the visitors strolls past him yet out of nowhere feels as though she was with Karan, she in shock turns around to see him remaining there so goes before him, he additionally takes a gander at her however at that point focuses to her face, she can’t comprehend what has happened when Arjun gradually attempts to address it yet she feels apprehensive, he then, at that point, picks the eyelash from her face, putting it on her hand. Preeta goes to see him yet feels bothered, she is dismissing shuts her eyes reviewing about Karan which welcomes a grin all over as she recollects that him prior to blowing the eyelash. Arjun seeing her likewise begins grinning, Preeta gets somewhat fretful, he bringing the starter offers her, however she will not eat any, asking on the off chance that he had any.

Sherlin figures she would plunk down and drink tea since she isn’t feeling better since Rishab went out. Sherlin is attempting to turn on the TV however the remote doesnot work, she is staggered to see that the journalist uncovers they are in the Luthra Manor to have the greatest cooperation, the watchers should remain tuned to hear the news.

Sherlin is shocked to hear them say that both the Luthra Enterprises and the Sooryavanshi ventures will cooperate. Sherlin thinks Prithvi promised to address everything in fifteen days, she faults her life as everything is turning out badly. Sherlin shouts that he simply knows how to pursue young ladies yet can do nothing in his life.

The reviewer is moving Prithvi and the attorney to the next young lady, he cautions that they should not think since the prison is little then they would have the option to do anything in light of the fact that the guard is irascible. The reviewer sees something has occurred thus goes to check when Raja alongside Vishnu point a weapon at them, Prithvi with a grin shouts the legal counselor should say thanks to him for aiding as he did in the prison. The legal counselor shouts that Prithvi is mixed up to think just he definitely dislikes the Luthra’s.

Vishnu requests the keys to the binds from the reviewer who attempts to caution him when they are taken steps to be killed alongside the constables, Raja figures out how to deliver Prithvi, who comes saying that he is inappropriate to resent the men when he shouted at them saying he was blameless yet the monitor didn’t trust him so presently he has come to address it, Prithvi shouts the auditor is truly sharp so before they can do anything, the air in their vehicles tire ought to be eliminated. Prithvi specifies they for sure are ideal, however he is shockingly better. Yet again prithvi teaches them to take out the sim cards before they can call for reinforcement. Vishnu indignantly requests the mobiles, and he hands the sim cards to Prithvi prior to offering back the portable. The auditor attempts to take them back, yet Prithvi shouts now the time has come to leave. Vishnu gets back on the bicycle while Prithvi meanwhile runs, the reviewer takes steps to get them prior to teaching the constable to find the sim cards.

Preeta dismisses to walk, Arjun shouts she is looking truly lovely so should not get the stink eye of anybody, Preeta questions what kind of trouble making this is nevertheless Arjun shouts it is on the right track. Preeta answers he openly took out the Kajal from her eyes and applied it to herself. Preeta questions why he is giving her such a lot of significance when Arjun answers how frequently he needs to say he cares very little about her, Preeta calls Rakhi whining about Arjun of how he applied the Kajal, Rakhi answers anything finished with a decent heart is essentially dead on, Arjun attempts to act cool while Preeta is truly irate.

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Kundali Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update

Arjun is taking out the garments for the party yet can’t find anything reasonable, he taking out a dress reviews when he got in a contention with Preeta over what he ought to wear at the party, Anjali digging out from a deficit inquires as to whether he is pondering Preeta, he concurs when she makes reference to he put the watch on the table, Anjali specifies he could get back the watch however the time he must get his payback from the Luthra’s won’t ever returned, Arjun turns around out of frustration when Anjali makes sense of he should not fail to remember the reason he has on the grounds that he could then go to live with them one day since he shows at least a bit of kindness and which will in general pardon even its foes, he should not fail to remember they have killed the karan so presently he is Arjun. He reviews the occurrence at the waterway.

Arjun turning shouts she is his dearest companion as she generally will in general show him the correct way and has accurately said they shouldn’t confide in their heart. He makes sense of he has not failed to remember everything except rather at times get derailed of his adoration for them, Arjun makes sense of he has arranged something for his sibling Rishab, however he is only sitting tight for this send off party, after which the issues for Rishab would begin. Anjali asks what he is arranging, Arjun taking out the pen drive shouts this contains all the data in regards to the instances of Rishab during the beyond five years including the homicide of Karan for which he likewise needed to go to the court, he would after that perceive how Rishab figures out how to calmly rest.

Rishab is strolling in the Luthra Manor reviewing what Sherlin shared with him that they were isolated in light of the fact that Preeta divided them, Rishab sees Preeta preparing in the room so reviews when he guaranteed, he is about to wed her on account of his sibling and doesnot believe anybody should bring up any issue on her, Preeta thinks when Karan used to assist her with preparing.

Yet again rishab details looking at Preeta when he sees that she hurt her hand thus attempts to go on to help her yet stops, he leaves thinking how Sherlin reviled him saying somebody would come who will grab his Preeta jee from him.

Rishab is meandering when Sameer comes asking what has occurred, Rishab getting stunned guarantees it isn’t anything, however Sameer looks for authorization to ask what is happening since he realizes Rishab gets strained, yet it isn’t that way, and this is additionally not connected with the work. Rishab answers to Sameer has grown up, Rishab uncovers he met Sherlin today in light of the fact that the battery of his versatile finished so somebody shared with him that he will get the charger in that house, yet it had a place with Sherlin, and she wished to return into his life however while he was leaving, she reviled that somebody will grab Preeta away from him. Sameer is strained when Rishab makes sense of that he is simply terrified what might befall him if Preeta jee and Kavya leave his life since this is how life affects him, Sameer attempts to say something while Mahesh fighting against eminent loss asks how he is looking. Dadi likewise comes making sense of the relative multitude of moms believe that their youngsters should look attractive, Mahesh answers he is to be sure looking attractive yet Dadi teaches him to put on something else, Mahesh answers she generally dislikes his garments and for what reason did he at any point say she additionally need sto change garments, Rishab answers since she generally looks lovely and assuming she is saying he should proceed to change, Mahesh leaves answering they all collaborate against him. Dadi tells Rishab how he generally deals with everybody except she implores he ought to likewise get all the joy throughout everyday life.

Preeta is strolling down the steps when she sees somebody strolling with the gifts, seeing it is Shristhi she attempts to help her however at that point Shristhi calls for help and asks Preeta how is her work looking. Janki aunti and Dadi come making sense of they have brought every one of the desserts which are in the auto, Ganesh coming inquiries why they made this desserts since the Parshad of Ganpati comes from their home however Shristhi uncovers she requested that they make it. Shristhi then asks Preeta how she like her work did, Preeta answers what is to ask as she generally accomplishes such huge work and it is looking lovely. Shristhi races to the stage making sense of there would be a projector put here on which the logo of both the organizations would be showed, she figures now she should proceed to prepare. Preeta questions she is as of now prepared when Shristhi uncovers that all her cosmetics has gotten destroyed.

Kritika is preparing in the room when she reviews how Prithvi took steps to cut her in the event that they all attempt to stop him yet, he got captured and presently after so long he wished to return to her life, Kritika sits on the bed feeling that anybody she has adored in the past was not appropriate for her, Karina comes to the room so she wipes of the tears, Karina uncovers this accessory would look great on her. Kritika asks on the off chance that she can ask an inquiry, Karina permits her when Kritika questions if she ahs an issue or inadequate. Karina guarantees she is the best girl and person there is since what is the goal in living with somebody who isn’t deserving of her, in light of the fact that prithvi was a liar and didn’t merit her, on the off chance that she thinks it is OK to remain with such an individual, she is off-base. Karina guarantees she would very before long find something useful to do accomplice who merits her and as is commonly said that the requests of a mother are constantly tuned in.

Karina enters the party with Kritika, Dadi coming makes sense of that she is looking wonderful however for what reason is she not grinning. Karina uncovers that she is somewhat discouraged. Arjun hitting her from behind questions why she is so strained, Karina uncovers she is contemplating her ex. Arjun specifies they are discussing Prithvi, everybody is shocked reasoning how can he know reality when Arjun explains even he resembles a relative. Arjun embracing Kritika makes sense of she should not be concerned as she merits somebody who deserve her and not a hooligan like Prithvi, in the event that prithvi had not left, he would have tossed her out of the house. Kritika begins grinning when Dadi makes sense of he was not grinning when they asked her to however did it in light of Arjun.

Mahesh, seeing it begins crying so Sameer comes asking what occurred, Mahesh clearing off his tears requests that he take a gander at Kritika since she was truly discouraged from the morning yet Arjun ensured she grins and her disposition has changed by and large.

Sameer seeing Shristhi drawing closer goes to be with her, Shristhi asks him how she is looking when Sameer begins taking a gander at her, she answers there is compelling reason need to take such a lot of time. Arjun coming shouts she is searching for beautiful hearing which Shristhi leaves, Sameer questions why he commended her when he personally was going to make it happen. Arjun explains there is an ideal opportunity for everything so he should do it on time, Sameer thinks arjun is on the right track.
Rishab accompanies Preeta, he welcomes Arjun referencing that their undertaking has finished. Rishab begins a discussion with different visitors in the party while Arjun is continually gazing at Preeta and asks why he loses all faculties as Preeta comes before him.