Anandiba Aur Emily 21st September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Aarav cleaning up. He gets stunned seeing his bare head. He says I lost my hair and my pass to America. Payal says on the off chance that Aarav goes bare, at times you need to think about yourself, you don’t know Anandi, she is obstinate and irascible, she can do anything, in the event that this occurs, you need to express goodbye to Aarav and go. Emily says Aarav loves his hair, he will not go uncovered, I can’t break the guarantee to Priyanka, I believe that Priyanka should leave her better half, and he gets captured soon, don’t come clean to anybody. Aarav calls Jaman and says I can’t show my face to anybody. Jaman jokes and surmises a film. Aarav says my fantasy got demolished. Jaman inquires as to why, your visa would have washed in the machine. Aarav says no, I got bare. Jaman is stunned. He asks what, bare, yet how. Aarav says I don’t have the foggiest idea, who did this with me, get my hair back. Jaman says you are my dearest companion, I can give blood, yet how might I give my hair. Aarav says get a hairpiece for me. Jaman says we need to figure out who did this. Aarav says simply get a hairpiece for me. He remembers to go to Gulab. Gulab says Emily let everybody know that Anandi will imprison. Anandi says no, I m going in rail with Hetal. He inquires as to for what reason do you show me dreams, Master. Anandi says you have likewise not given me any cash, you take advance and neglect to return. He says fine, I will give it. Gulab gets Aarav’s call. Everybody stresses hearing his responses. He says Aarav called me, I m devil to him. Gunjan signs Aaghya. Aaghya goes. Gunjan requests that Pinky take a brief trip and see what occurred. Pinky goes. Anandi says Aarav would be fine, I have a plan to make him uncovered. Gulab and Aaghya see Aarav bare. Aarav requests that they help. He says no lady ought to realize that my beautiful hair left me. Pinky says don’t get miserable, I can’t see you crying, how will I respond, Gunjan gave me such preparation, I need to proceed to tell this to Gunjan, No doubt, I won’t allow you to cry after our marriage. She goes. Gulab asks hair relocate. He says it won’t be great. #

He proposes a yoga aasan. Aaghya says I have a simple way, apply cow fertilizer on your head, I will get it for you. Aarav says no, I will vanish by the terrible stench. Aaghya asks do you need hair or not. Aarav gestures. Aaghya says I will take mum’s authorization, sorry, I don’t need to tell anybody. He goes. Pinky comes hurrying to Gunjan. She says Aarav got bare. Gunjan asks what, truly. Pinky says OK, its valid. They dance cheerfully. Gulab causes Aarav to do yoga. Aaghya accompanies another arrangement. Aarav says I can’t do this. Aarav gets Jaman’s call. He asks what, you accomplished the work. He says Jaman is getting a hair hairpiece for me. Anandi asks what occurred. Gunjan says there is an uplifting news. Payal signs about child. Gunjan says not that, you appreciate, Baa, nature has upheld us, Aarav got uncovered, you call him and see. Aarav sees the different hair hairpieces, and attempts. Gulab and Aaghya chuckle. Jaman gets out whatever might I at any point do, they just had these hairpieces. Aarav reproves him. Jaman says you will get the hairpiece in Rajkot, however we have no time. Emily thumps the entryway. She requests that he emerge. Aarav says I can’t emerge, I m defenseless.

Emily says I don’t have the foggiest idea what you are talking about, I need to go to legal advisor, he will make legal documents. He asks what. He asks did she had any idea that I went bare, how did the hair evacuation cream come in my restroom. He asks Aaghya how will I respond. Aaghya says trust me, OK, trust Ruler, I think Emily is going for Priyanka’s separation, I will send you the legal counselor’s message, forward it to her, request that she go alone. Aarav requests that Emily go alone. She says no, I need to go with you. Payal comes and says Anandi is calling everybody. Gulab asks what’s your arrangement, you can’t conceal all life, you need to come before Anandi. Gunjan says keep persistence, its difficult to see child bare. Pinky says Gunjan used to cry seeing Teni bare. Gunjan says unfortunately Emily needs to leave Aarav on the grounds that he got uncovered. Anandi says OK. Gunjan says he will come. Jaman comes first floor. Everybody comes first floor. They see Aarav. Aarav reviews Jaman giving Aarav a legitimate hair hairpiece by managing it. Gunjan says pardon me, don’t have the foggiest idea how this occurred. Anandi says it will work out. Emily needs to give this test, will she leave Aarav or not assuming he goes bare. Aarav asks what occurred, do you have some work. She inquires as to why, might I at any point call you to see your face. Aarav concocts a rationalization and goes. Priyanka comes and welcomes them. Anandi asks did you come to make sense of me once more, that I made a wrong jodi. Priyanka says no, I came to get the attorney’s number. Anandi says you are not doing well, numerous ladies live with their uncovered spouses, did you hear this consistently that a lady left her better half with a bare man. Priya says even Emily can’t remain for 10 mins with her bare spouse. Anandi checks Emily out.

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