Anupama 28th September 2022 Written Update

Vanraj communicates his trial before Hasmukh and says however his child committed an error, he can’t allow his child to bite the dust. Hasmukh solaces him. Inebriated Toshu argues pardoning from Kinjal refering to Vanraj getting absolution from family and vows to be a decent spouse and father. He blames Anupama for attempting to break his home and keeps crying that he will kick the bucket without his better half and girl. Family solaces him. Anuj solaces Anupama. Anupama says thanks to him for defining a boundary between their relationship and circumstances. Anuj asks when will she figure out how to define a boundary between the two families. He says he and Vanraj even chose not to see each other’s face or visit one another, yet circumstance drew them nearer once more and they are companions once more. He says he generally approves of visit one another, yet he loathes day to day show done by Vanraj, his kids, Leela, his sibling and SIL and needs to define a boundary from hereon. Anupama says she will attempt.

Leela requests that Vanraj entreat Kinjal and some way or another bring her back home like he brought Toshu. Vanraj says what is happening is unique, Kinjal needed to bear unfaithfulness following her conveyance and go through a psychological injury; its OK in the event that she is discovering a lasting sense of reconciliation at Anupama’s home. Leela says Toshu did a show at Anuj’s home today and soon he will do it in region and streets, he ought not be gullible like Anupama. Vanraj inquires as to whether he ought to surrender to Toshu’s personal coercion. Leela says one needs to retouch kids and get them in good shape by discipline or something different yet can’t leave them, he ought to follow through with something and bring Kinjal home in some way. Vanraj says his cerebrum isn’t working and he really wants time to think.

Anuj prepared for office tells Anupama that Little Anu’s school confirmation will happen today, she want not stress. Anupama says she can’t quit stressing for them. He kisses her and says his day will go well today. She kisses him back and says even her day will go well today. Little Anu inquires as to whether their farewell kisses are finished, could they at any point visit school for confirmation. Anuj drives away. Leela with Vanraj strolls in. Anupama inquires as to whether everything is okay. Leela says she needed to meet Arya. Anupama gives them access. Leela spoils Arya. Vanraj advises Kinjal that he needs to converse with her and inquires as to whether she will feel awful. Anupama says she will not as Kinjal is even his little girl. Vanraj gets some information about her wellbeing. Anupama messages Anuj that Leela and Vanraj have returned home, he really want not stress as she will deal with the circumstance. He requests that she illuminate him on the off chance that something occurs and trusts they make no show.

Kinjal inquires as to whether he believes that her should pardon Toshu. Vanraj requests that she get back as she can’t rebuff everybody for Toshu’s mix-up, he isn’t saying this due to Toshu’s personal coercion, however after Leela’s recommendation as she has seen a world better than them. He says he knows its her mom’s home, yet Anupama as of now has a great deal of liabilities on her and she knows how Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik are. He says very much like Hasmukh upheld Anupama, he will uphold her and needs her back home. Kinjal inquires as to whether her tears will stop in the event that she gets back. Vanraj says they will not, however she needs to conceal her tears when she remains in another person’s home; says she can’t deny Hasmukh of his extraordinary granddaughter’s affection, and so on. Leela says she shouldn’t rebuff Toshu such a lot of that it influences her and Arya more than Toshu, even court allows an opportunity to change and on the off chance that Toshu doesn’t change, she can take a choice then, at that point. Anupama pays attention to their discussion and reviews Leela and Vanraj’s hypocrytic ways of behaving during her times. She assumes she needs to cross her line now.

Hasmukh finds out about Vanraj and Leela visiting Anupama’s home and exhaust that their expectation is correct, yet their language isn’t and they will put Anupama under more tension. Anupama requests that Vanraj and Leela meet Kinjal yet don’t drive her. Leela says they are simply making sense of. Anupama says she isn’t saying that their aim is off-base, however they are unwittingly constraining Kinjal. She gives a long clarification that Kinjal needs time to choose without help from anyone else and under tension. Vanraj yells sufficient now, no one is genuinely coercing her, she is doing anything she is thinking right and they are doing anything that they believe is correct, then how might they be off-base and she be correct; they are conversing with their girl and needn’t bother with her authorization to talk. Anupama asks when did she stop them.

Leela says she understands what Anupama is doing and requests that Kinjal get back. Anupama requests that Kinjal go in the event that she needs to however not with an apprehension about Toshu’s close to home extortion. Vanraj says she is controlling Kinjal now. Anupama says its called clarification and says neither she nor she will permit anybody to compress Kinjal, let Kinjal take her own choice.