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Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Yet again rishi is with Lakshmi inquiring as to whether she is desirous, she doesnot comprehend, Rishi specifies he thought as he felt the smell of envy however Lakshmi questions how could she feel envious, Rishi answers he heard when they love somebody and someone else comes near him, they feel envious so he inquires as to whether she likewise adores him, Rishi pulls her nearby as attempts to step back, he is simply gazing at her yet she isn’t even ready to say anything. Rishi makes reference to he was simply kidding and never expressed it to her since she is only deserving of being a spouse since she battles with hooligans and hijackers, she even beat the fear mongers, Lakshmi answers she ought to now proceed to send Malishka inside, Rishi answers that Malishka came here before her when Lakshmi specifies she came to meet him yet he answers she may be going for shopping so came here.

Aayush and Shalu both are sitting when she questions how is rishi, Aayush illuminates Rishi didn’t ask him how he was yet was simply stressed for what reason did Lakshmi Bhabhi not went to meet him, he is certain that when Rishi sees Lakshmi Bhabhi he would embrace her, Aayush likewise embraces Shalu, she gets somewhat anxious so begins checking out when Aayush questions Shalu assuming that the embrace among Rishi and Lakshmi would be of a companion or love, Shalu can’t reply.

Lakshmi makes sense of she would have preceded Aayush as he needed to amaze him when Rishi answers she should never hear any idea of Aayush as he was hanging tight for when Lakshmi would come to meet him, she is gazing at him questions in the event that he was sitting tight for her, she continues to grin as the two of them gaze each other in the eyes.

The woman constable comes requesting that Lakshmi come since the time has finished, both simultaneously ask how rapidly it finished so continue to demand for five additional minutes when they are demanding for only an additional time, yet Lakshmi is pulled outside. Aayush and Shalu hurry to meet her, Lakshmi is mentioning the overseer for only five additional minutes since she wants to discuss something significant with him yet the investigator will not permit her, Lakshmi begins gazing at Aayush so he leaves.

Malishka is perched on the bed reviewing how Lakshmi said she doesnot see any other individual with the exception of rishi, she begins whipping the room when her mom comes addressing what is she doing, Malishka makes sense of that she is doing this since she generally get taken care of up to see both Rishi and Lakshmi come near one another, her mom inquires as to whether she thinks the two of them truly love one another, Malishka questions for what reason does she generally continue to aggravate her at whatever point she is strained, Malishka specifies even Balvinder is the Markesh in her kundali, she is stressed if eh comes clean to everybody. Her mom tires to support her doubting for what reason is she stressed; Malishka specifies she is having a premonition that their reality would come out this time which is the reason she is concerned.

Aayush strolling begins thinking how Lakshmi took a gander at him in the police headquarters so asks why Lakshmi Bhabhi resented him, Shalu questions on the off chance that the two of them ought to leave when he asks what does she do to her, Shalu with a grin answers that now he has lost everything, Aayush doesnot comprehend when Shalu makes sense of she could try and slap him or contort his ears, she might make him behave like a hen, Shalu uncovers Lakshmi once made her substitute the sun. Aayush answers that she doesnot seem like it when he makes sense of Shalu ought to accompany Lakshmi Bhabhi while he is going, Shalu prevents him from behind.

Virender is with his mom who requests that he stop since she is fine, he answers the heart ought to likewise remain mentally collected since all is well, Dadi makes reference to that she would be quiet when both of her kids return home, Virender guarantees Rishi will return since reality generally wins as neither Rishi nor Lakshmi misunderstands done anything. Dadi makes sense of that being said the two of them have endured a great deal since first Lakshmi was in prison and Rishi has assumed the fault. Virender specifies the two of them love one another, Dadi illuminates everybody can see their affection yet they, when all is said and done, are careless in regards to it, she demands him to ensure everything is great for them. Virender leaves subsequent to getting a call.

Lakshmi coming requests that Aayuh take a gander at her, he quickly begins playing out the disciplines which stresses Lakshmi, he is sorry for committing the error when Lakshmi can’t comprehend it, he even stands on one leg. Aayush makes sense of Shalu said that she rebuffs them at whatever point she is furious, Shalu on the double beginnings faulting him for misleading her when they begin quarreling, Lakshmi answers she resents him since he arranged a shock and when she went inside the two of them got in a squabble so she couldn’t discuss something significant with him. Yet again aayush in the wake of reasoning shouts she should not be stressed as he would without a doubt make up an arrangement so they can head inside, he behaves like an entertainer of the movies seeing which both Lakshmi and shalu begin grinning, Lakshmi even revises him as he begins strolling on the other way.

Virender is on the call with Mayank, who illuminates that the financial backers have required a gathering in the wake of catching wind of the fresh insight about Rishi sir’s capture, Virender guarantees he is ready for itself and realized this would unquestionably occur, he closes the call teaching Mayank to ensure he gets the updates. Dadi asks who as on the call, he answers that Mayank was giving updates about the gathering, she inquires as to whether he planned to meet Rishi, Virender answers that Lakshmi referenced he ought to remain with Neelam, Dadi asks then how is he doing here, Virender answers since she is additionally sick and Neelam needs to remain alone, Dadi makes sense of Neelam is extremely cunning yet doesnot need to comprehend Lakshmi, he answers and presently Rishi has went to prison for her, he guarantees all future well.

Shalu pulls Aayush to the police headquarters, she taking the register requests that the overseer record a grievance, he requests that the constable compose it however they would rather not when Shalu specifies that he has taken her having a place, the monitor questions what did he take, she answers he took the clasp hearing which they all are staggered, Shalu makes reference to she can’t lie yet the fact is that he is a criminal, Lakshmi signals Aayush to remove the woman constable, he questions for what reason is nobody paying attention to him referencing that she likewise took something vital which has a place with him, Lakshmi seeing the open door surges inside, Shalu can’t see so he illuminates it is all a demonstration.

Karishma is with Sonya in the room, she illuminates that Shalu has begun disrespecting them, and, surprisingly, her dad was supporting them both, Karishma answers Virender sibling would definitely uphold her since she is the sister of Lakshmi, Sonya answers and still, at the end of the day Lakshmi has demolished their home, she has additionally felt something is going among Aayush and Shalu, Karishma guarantees there isn’t anything of the sort since he simply upholds her since she is the sister of Lakshmi and that’s it, Sonya likewise concurs with her.

Rishi is sitting in the cell feeling that his gathering with Lakshmi finished on a contention, how it would have been exceptional assuming they finished it on a superior note, Rishi wishes provided that Lakshmi could return once again which is the point at which he sees Lakshmi looking through the phone yet won’t completely accept that reality so questions the other fellow prisoners to squeeze him yet the individual hits him, Lakshmi hurrying inquiries for what reason did they beat him, Rishi answers it happened as a result of her since he was unable to accept she returned, so asked the fellow prisoner to punch him.

Lakshmi inquires as to whether he was contemplating her, he answers since he needed to contend so was pondering her, Lakshmi demands him to quit making sense of she returned on the grounds that she had something vital to consult with him about, she contacts his hand when the two of them rapidly pull it away subsequent to feeling the shock, Lakshmi gazes at Rishi in dismay.