Bhagya Lakshmi 27th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Balwinder quietly getting away when Rano comes and keeps hand on his shoulder. Balwinder asks what you are doing here. Rano says she will get him captured, and says in the event that she gets insane, she will do awful with her. She says however Lakshmi got liberated, yet I won’t leave you. Balwinder says lakshmi got liberated. Rano says you didn’t have the foggiest idea. He asks how could she emerge? Rano says Rishi assumed the fault on himself, as he cherishes her. Balwinder says even I love her. Rano says you are a cheat. Balwinder thinks I thought him egotistical, however he cherishes Lakshmi.

Lakshmi guarantees Rishi that she will take him out from here. She inquires as to whether you trust me? Rishi says I have certainty on you. Lakshmi guarantees him. He says he don’t require guarantee from her, as she won’t allow him to avoid him, I mean here in prison. Lakshmi says right and requests that he get out whatever is in his heart. He says the very best, you will win. Lakshmi grins. Rishi additionally grins. Tu thodi der plays… …

Lakshmi goes out. The detainee lets Rishi know that she adores you without a doubt and can give her life for you. Rano tells Balwinder that Oberois will successfully take out Rishi. She requests that he give cash and actually takes a look at his pocket. She gets cash and says I can purchase just 2 lipsticks with this cash and says she needs this much cash day to day. Balwinder thinks he needs to follow through with something and become legend, will become like Rishi for Lakshmi and afterward she will be mine.

Malishka thinks Rishi forfeited himself to free Lakshmi, supposes on the off chance that I liberated Rishi, I will be caught. She considers how to take him out. Lakshmi comes out quietly, signs Ayush and goes. Overseer yells requesting that Ayush and Shalu go from that point and says no one can settle such case. Constable asks Shalu to either return his heart or give her heart to him. Shalu grins. Controller requests that they go. Ayush says our work is finished and goes out. They come out belligerence. Lakshmi expresses gratitude toward them. Shalu tells that your dewar is jhalla. Lakshmi says I saw everything. Shalu says you would have said something different and asks him to avoid such things again else she will see him. Ayush cleans his face and requests that she see him now itself. Shalu tosses water all over. He yells Shalu jhagralu, for what reason did you toss water on me. Shalu requests that he wipe his face and afterward converse with her. Ayush says this water won’t allow the fire to light. They sit in the vehicle. Lakshmi thinks they are battling like Rishi and me, and supposes assuming that he enjoys me, and in the event that they additionally like one another. She remembers to converse with them later, however until further notice, she needs to defend Rishi.

Karishma lets Dadi know that all will be great, asks her not to take strain. Lakshmi comes there and lets Dadi know that she has brought nourishment for her. Dadi says Lakshmi will make everything fine. Karishma lashes out and is going to go. Lakshmi requests that she stay back. Karishma requests that she make everything fine and goes.

Rishi rests on the floor in prison. Lakshmi likewise rests on the floor and doesn’t take pad. She says don’t imagine that you are distant from everyone else, and think completely fine and rest. She says see my fantasy with the goal that neither I miss you nor I miss you. Rishi says you will long for me and will not run on me. Lakshmi requests that he rest and bids farewell. Rishi says I would have reply on the off chance that you was infront of me. I will see you in dreams and says bye. Lakshmi says on the off chance that you would have been here, would have contended with me, says goodbye. Shalu comes to Lakshmi’s room and inquires as to why you are dozing on the floor. Lakshmi says Rishi is dozing on the floor as well. Shalu says even he cherishes you to such an extent. She says when we came here to Mumbai, we saw his pics in office room when we were stuck, we didn’t realize that he will end up being my jiju and we will see his photograph in his room. She says he is exceptionally fortunate to get you. Lakshmi says in the event that we are not fortunate. Shalu says OK, we are fortunate. Lakshmi requests that she lay down with her. Shalu inquires as to whether I get the cushion. Lakshmi says OK. Shalu rests on her hand and prods her. Lakshmi says once Rishi emerges. Shalu says how? Lakshmi says how we will do this? Shalu says we will get some information about the case. Lakshmi says they had close enquiry when I was in prison. Shalu says we will get the case moved to CID or CBI, or will enlist a criminal investigator. Lakshmi says no, and tells that on the off chance that they enquire, will figure out how to arrive at reality. Shalu requests that she determine what happened that day. Lakshmi says Rishi needed to go to Bangalore that day, and food pundits were coming to lodging that day, so he gave over the work to me. She says following day Ayush and I went to inn and began making food. Shalu says we will converse with the culinary experts. Lakshmi says we will converse with Mukesh, who disappeared and afterward came abruptly to court. Shalu says assuming somebody added the toxin in food quietly.

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