Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Sai solaces crying Savi and make her snoozing. She sees Savi having fever and cries feeling frustrated about Savi. She applies cold packs on Savi’s brow. Sai mumbles Vinayak and Virat’s names in rest. Vinayak misses Savi and calls her, gets miserable when she doesn’t pick it. He strolls to lounge room. Ninad say she will take care of supper to Vinayak today. Vinayak leaves quietly. Bhavani says he looks lost since he got back from Kankauli. Vinayak strolls to Harini’s room and demands her to print a photograph for him. She requests that he interface his versatile to her PC. He expresses gratitude toward her and prints Sai, Savi, and his photograph while Harini is lost in here tab to no one’s surprise. He thinks when will he meet Savi and Sai in the future. Virat cautions Pakhi not to take Sai’s name once more.

Vinayak outlines the photograph. Sonali calls him for supper. Vinayak says he is making and Savi and specialist aunt’s photoframe. Harini goes out to get water. Bhavani requests that she eat with family. Harini denies. Virat demands her to eat with him once like she used to. She concurs. Vinayak fixes photoframe with family photoframes and joins family for supper. Harini sees photograph and says its Sai mami/auty’s photograph. Bhavani yells what junk. Harini requests that she check out at the photograph first. Whlole family watches the photograph and stand stunned. Bhavani questions Vinayak who says she is his primary care physician Dr Sai. Virat and Pakhi check each other’s face out. Vinayak asks Harini for what good reason did she call Dr aunt as Sai mami, does she know her. Virat says Harini is mixed up and sends Vinayak to his room.

Virat figures Sai won’t leave him in harmony. Ashwini inquires as to whether Sai is alive. Virat says OK. Bhavani inquires as to whether he met Vinayak. Virat says no. Bhavani as expected charges Sai that a lady who grabbed her grandson is alive, however not her grandson. Omkar asks Mohit for what valid reason didn’t he illuminate about Sai being alive. Chavans keep on blaming Sai. Ashwini inquires as to whether Savi is Sai’s little girl. Virat says OK. Ashwini asks who is Savi’s dad. Virat says he doesn’t felt critical to be aware. Ashwini curses Sai that she thought about Sai as her girl, yet Sai didn’t and never uncovered she was alive; she despises her, and so on, and breaks photoframe.

Sai sees Jagtap at her home and irately inquires as to for what reason did he come there. Usha says she called Jagtap as Savi was mumbling his name in rest. Jagtap encourages Savi and takes her out. Sai yells where is he taking her. Usha asks her not to stress and allow him to take Savi. Pakhi solaces Ashwini and tells her that Sai is Vinayak and Virat’s primary care physician. Bhavani and entire family revile Sai that she became specialist and lived on their blessings and is certainly not a human, and so forth. Virat says Sai is dead to them and no one will take her name from hereon. Ashwini and Bhavani keep on reviling Sai profoundly.

Precap: Sai gifts a rose to Savi and says I love you.
Savi gifts same rose to Vinayak. Vinayak presents that rose to Virat and requests that he present it to Pakhi for her birthday.