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Imlie 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Atharv hears Imlie’s sonnet and heard it during his show. Imlie sees Parul at side of the road and requests that Atharv stop his vehicle. He yells she frightened him and drives vehicle off dumping her out. Imlie strolls to Parul. Parul cries that she was correct that her sweetheart a fake, he ran off with her gems. Imlie feels frustrated about her condition. Parul stresses for her folks and says they probably broke catching wind of her disloyalty. Imlie solaces her. At the wedding scene, man of the hour’s family reprimand Parul’s family subsequent to finding out about Parul disappearing. Parul’s folks lie that Parul has gone to a close by sanctuary with her companion and will get back soon. They approach lucky man’s folks to talk.

Cheeni asks her family for what reason don’t they illuminate everybody that Parul has stolen away and end this show. Arpita says marriage is a delicate issue and they need to painstakingly manage it. Cheeni gets determined. Rupali cautions Cheeni to stop her theatrics. Cheeni inquires as to whether she figures Imlie will bring Parul back. Rupali says trust is in Imlie’s blood, her folks satisfied every one of their commitments and even Imlie will. Cheeni influences she knows heroji/Aryan better and Imlie isn’t heroji. She challenges that Imlie will neglect to bring Parul. She then, at that point, believes Parul’s folks will confront embarrassment as a result of them and expectations she tracks down a rich kid for herself here. She picks a food plate, knocks on Rudra, and embarrasses him requesting that he stroll with a stick on the off chance that he is finding it hard to stroll because of his advanced age, he was going to over-indulge her dress. Rudra watches her presumption quietly.

Parul’s sweetheart celebrates in the wake of getting away with Parul’s adornments. Imlie strolls her hidden as an elderly person wearing weighty gems and sitting tight for a transport. Sweetheart requests that she give her gems to him as she can’t convey such a weighty adornments. Imlie will distrust him. He shows Parul’s gems and says he will keep his mom’s gems in a storage. Imlie sends him to carry water and trades her adornments with Parul’s gems. Transport comes. Sweetheart drives Imlie away and gets away from in transport. Imlie yells a hoodlum took her gems. Parul inquires as to for what reason did Imlie penance her gems to safeguard her adornments. Imlie says lady of the hour’s adornments is a higher priority than her gems. Sweetheart captures transport and follow Imlie and Parul. The two of them run. Parul tumbles down. Transport is going to pound them when Imlie drives Parul away safeguarding her and herself remains toward the front of transport. Atharv arrives at in his vehicle on time and protects Imlie.

Cheeni attempts to in a roundabout way illuminate lucky man’s folks about Parul eloping, yet Rupali hauls her to the side and chastens her. Cheeni gets into mischief with Rupali and Arpita. Sundar cautions her. Atharv battles with Parul’s sweetheart and ruthlessly junks him for selling out guiltless Parul. He asks horde to handover the hooligan to police. Akash calls him, and he asks what will he illuminate him. Parul says she needs to apologize her folks and her life partner Puneet for her misstep. Imlie grabs sack from Parul’s beau and leaves with Atharv and Parul.

Precap: Imlie composes that she will begin another part of her existence with Atharv. She hears Atharv declining to wed her. Cheeni looks cheerful hearing that.