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Imlie 27th September 2022 Written Update

Groom Puneet’s folks tells lady Parul’s folks that they can’t remain any longer as its past the point of no return. Imlie enters with Parul and Atharv. Everybody take a gander at them with shock, while Cheeni vapor. Parul makes sense of Puneet about her error and says she would rather not start another period of her life on an underpinning of untruths. Imile makes sense of him the importance of this weighty discourse. Puneet says he used to preferred Parul previously yet presently he loves and regards her for her trustworthiness. Cheeni exhaust that Imlie generally meddles and makes inconvenience for her. Rudra lashes out seeing Atharv with Parul and Imlie and asks Devika for what reason he causes problems generally. Narmada hollers at Imile to no one’s surprise and says she will break this marriage without a doubt. Puneet illuminates his folks that he is prepared to wed Parul and inquires as to for what reason aren’t they moving in his marriage. Lady and prepare’s folks salute one another.

Puneet’s folks ask Parul for what reason did she leave wedding scene. Parul is going to take Cheeni’s name, yet Imlie deals with the circumstance saying Parul’s chappal/footwear was taken and consequently they needed to go out to get new one. She gives credit to Atharv for welcoming back the lady on time before muhurat. Cheeni gets desirous and thinks Imlie won the fight once more and spoilt her arrangement. Rudra feels cheerful seeing Atharv being commended. He commends Imlie for saving Parul’s marriage. Imlie contacts his feet to take his favors and notification his leg harmed. She causes him to sit and nurture his injury, dazzling Rudra and his family more.
Parul’s wedding finished. She says thanks to Imlie for her assistance. Imlie wishes her good luck for her new undertaking throughout everyday life and requests that she take her folks’ gifts. Parul takes seniors’ favors while Imlie recounts sonnet/shayari about a merry marriage. Narmada says Geeta and Mahesh are fortunate to watch their little girl’s bidayi, yet a few guardians left the world in view of their girl. Imlie feels miserable hearing that. She gets some information about Cheeni.

Imlie sits seething in garden. Atharv strolls to her. She asks what is he doing here and believes assuming she chides him for bombing her arrangement, he will illuminate everybody that she attempted to run off Parul. She goes about as feeling regretful for making Parul abscond. Atharv requests that she unwind as she didn’t realize that Parul’s beau was a cheat. Cheeni gets out anything she did was for affection as she profoundly regards love. Rudra lets Devika know that he feels glad for Atharv after quite a while as a result of Imlie and plans Atharv’s wedding with her. Devika says even she loves Imlie as she is from Rathore family and plans to propose a collusion. Cheeni lets Atharv know that she wouldn’t fret individuals faulting her for her slip-up and needs to know his perspective. Atharv says he thinks she is exceptionally gorgeous and on the off chance that even she has done an error purposely, he wouldn’t fret. Imlie figures she would rather not look like a bechari as she is unique. Atharv keeps respecting Cheeni in his heart. Rudra lets Devika know that he needs just Cheeni in Atharv’s day to day existence.

Next morning, Imlie leaves her home and picks Bhaskar Times paper. Narmada takes it from her and says Bhaskar Times is a pride and dream of Imlie and Aryan, she lost her youngsters in view of Imlie and consequently she won’t allow Imlie to contact their fantasies once more. Imlie stands crying.

Precap: Imlie composes a sonnet that she will begin another section of her existence with a unique individual whose speculation matches hers, Atharv. She hears Atharv declining to wed her. Cheeni looks blissful hearing that.