Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Ranbir and Prachi are outside as she disasters for his injury, he begins gazing at her while Prachi picks the emergency treatment box just to see a messed up star, she encourages him to want for anything which he wants, Sidharth likewise seeing the star is supplicating. Ranbir shouts he doesnot know whether his desire would be satisfied however he needs to bygone eras to return where he was content with Prachi, she additionally supplicates the time ought to return where they had no mis understandings between them both, Sidharth in the room likewise implores that the adoration which exists between them both ought to cover them, so they generally stay together.

Prachi illuminates that tomorrow is her commitment with Sidharth, Ranbir takes the help of the vehicle when she inquires as to whether he felt terrible, Ranbir answers he isn’t feeling terrible on the grounds that she is blissful, he in the wake of seeing her feels she believes should make it happen and he thinks she isn’t annoyed by it since what else is in her heart for him, Prachi begins leaving seeing which Ranbir additionally attempts to follow her however seeing that she has halted he by and by dismisses, Prachi turns around taking a gander at Ranbir cleaning of his tears, she seeing him likewise dismisses with tears in her eyes. The spirit of both Ranbir and Prachi need to be with one another and race to embrace yet their cognizance can’t cause them to make it happen, in any event, when the two of them love one another. Ranbir and Prachi at last turn and race to stroll towards one another, yet Ranbir abruptly begins making his stride in reverse, driving Prachi to likewise dismiss and subsequent to controlling her detects she leaves. Ranbir can’t utter a word, he feels strained.

Rhea going into the room of Aaliya requests that she awaken, Rhea demands she should initially awaken when Aaliya answers she was simply resting, Rhea makes sense of that the hour of Prachi has finished everlastingly, Aaliya is stunned inquiring as to whether Prachi has left and did she take her possessions with them, asking assuming even Shahana left, Rhea demands her to listen first, illuminating Prachi uncovered she really focuses on the family and for the bliss of this family she consented to wed Sidharth, Aaliya makes sense of this additionally implies she will take off from this house as after her marriage she would be driven out, Aaliya makes sense of this will be her last battle with Prachi since she needs to hang tight for the Bidai and can hardly stand by to perceive how Sidharth and Prachi would take off from this house always, Aaliya likewise concurs referencing she can hardly pause.

Prachi strolling in the corridor is reviewing what Ranbir shared with her, as he referenced he is blissful Prachi is getting hitched since she doesnot have anything in her heart for him, Ranbir is likewise following her, she turns around to see him remaining there. Prachi reviews how he requested that she wed Sidharth and begin a cheerful family, Ranbir gradually strolling towards her opens the entryway of the room, he returning inquiries for what reason are her eyes so numb, Prachi questions for what reason does he give it a second thought, he answers for what reason is she so discourteous while he talking obligingly with her, Prachi answers that the tears are significantly better then his adoration. She races into her room when Ranbir illuminates she should get up on time tomorrow as he won’t come to awaken her.

In the first part of the day Prachi emerges to see the enrichments in the house, Shahana coming asks in the event that she might want to have tea while Ranbir accompanies the tea on his hand, he makes sense of that Priya made it as she had a ton of work which he gave her, he even requested that she bring a few bangles for her in the mean time he has Aryan to help him. Aryan coming inquiries why Ranbir sent him to bring the gajra as it doesnot suit his character in any event, when he realizes that siblings can do a ton for their sisters, yet there’s something wrong with it, Aryan makes sense of that Ranbir has embellished this whole house. Ranbir uncovers since he is cheerful as today is the commitment of Prachi, Sidharth comes to remain alongside him, Ranbir makes sense of he has accomplished this work yet he ought to likewise accomplish some work, Ranbir giving him tea trains he ought to go to give them this tea, uncovering everybody would work in this house with the exception of Prachi, Ranbir remarks her making sense of she is looking truly lovely.

Aryan turns around with the blossoms yet Shahana pulls him to the corner, he uncovers he is frightened with her hands in light of the fact that at whatever point she contacts him, he feels something terrible is going to occur, Shahana questions how ca he talk like this about their fellowship when Aryan answers that she should not say anything negative assuming he says anything, Aryan makes sense of he could begin preferring her, Shahan answers this can’t occur as she could never view him as such, she makes sense of Ranbir believes him a ton, Aryan answers he likewise confides in her so she should chat with him rather then improving the house, as Ranbir needs somebody to discuss his thoughts, so his brain is cleared, Aryan makes sense of he ought to likewise converse with Ranbir that he just loves Prachi, so does she not figure Ranbir ought to quit being so particularly silly as e has turned into a braggart individual. Shahana questions why he won’t converse with Ranbir, Aryan coming to Shahana makes sense of she ought to likewise ask Prachi, Shahan answers to Prachi wouldn’t pay attention to her. Aryan answers the two of them would stop when they feel like and not pay attention to them, Shahana flying off the handle attempts to hit him, however he stops her clearing up she in some cases pursues for hit him while at different times is pulling him, Aryan leaves while Shahana can’t handle herself,
Prachi emerges while Sidharth is giving tea, Ranbir stops him inquiring as to whether Sidharth would feel terrible on the off chance that he assists Prachi with preparing for the commitment when Sidharth questions how could he feel awful, Ranbir answers since he is getting hitched to Prachi, Ranbir guarantees it isn’t anything significant since now this is the right of Sidharth.

Once more prachi questions for what reason did he say it, Ranbir answers this implies she was paying attention to their discussion when Prachi inquires as to for what reason did he challenge need to help her, Ranbir answers in the event that he was not giggling then it doesnot mena he was not kidding as this was only a joke, he inquires as to whether she was focused on when Prachi answers she can’t comprehend how he can say anything like this, Ranbir answers he may be saying this since he needs this or something like that, Prachi makes reference to he could believe that this wedding should stop, Ranbir doesnot concur or contradict it yet turns around to begin designing the house, Prachi likewise leaves s she is truly strained as he continues to gaze at her, Ranbir in disappointment pulverizes the bloom in his grasp.

Dadi in the room makes sense of Prachi and Sidharth are going to get hitched, she illuminates they all need to go to the wedding when the two of them bet as they can’t concur that both Prachi and Ranbir wouldn’t permit this wedding to occur, Dadi answers that she while being the Dadi couldn’t stop this wedding so the way in which her companion can make it happen, she answers that she is her companion and would do everything, Dadi sitting inquiries what is she talking about as she got hitched to the Chopra family, her companion answers the times have gone when the ladies would cause a situation as they need to deal with the issues, Dadi specifies how could she quit attempting, she makes sense of the two of them can stop this marriage promising how she would ensure Ranbir and Prachi are not isolated from one another.

Rhea is taking out her garments when Aaliya thumps on the entryway, Rhea makes sense of she shouldn’t thump on the entryway as she isn’t Prachi, Aaliya answers she is here a direct result of Prachi, Aaliya takes out the garments when Rhea answers she could never wear it since this is the decision of Prachi, Rhea answers Aaliya realizes her style that being said she is making her wear such garments, Aaliya makes sense of she should not fail to remember she cherishes somebody so does she not believe Ranbir should adore her, they all realize he prefers individuals who have the propensities for Prachi, possibly till the time Prachi is here so when she leaves Ranbir doesnot have a symptom of her leaving. Rhea concurs making sense of she can adapt to the time being so her better half stays with her, Aaliya uncovers her Rhea grasps everything with such ease, Rhea remaining in the mirror specifies that she will supplant her very soon and she would see it prior to going out, Rhea begins grinning.