Pandya Store 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Dhara asking Shweta who is she calling. Shweta says I was calling mother, her telephone is off. Dhara says call your father. Shweta lies. Dhara deals with her. Shweta expresses gratitude toward her and embraces. She says I m inclination anxious, my experience wasn’t great with my most memorable accomplice, I m tense. Dhara says not every person is same, I m sure that Krish will cherish you a great deal, we as a whole are likewise here to deal with you, you can definitely relax. She goes. Shweta thinks once I wed Krish, he will go to prison and I will go to Dubai. Its morning, Suman and everybody do the aarti together. Gautam and Dev converse with Suman about marriage courses of action. Rishita says don’t include me, ask others, you didn’t ask me prior to choosing the young lady. Suman expresses profound gratitude, when they generally remained against me, then, at that point, you upheld me, you support me even today, marriage is occurring, be a piece of our joy. Dev jokes. Rishita admonishes him. Suman additionally chastens him. She asks them to avoid any show. Shiva comes.

Suman requests that he accomplish the work. She says I chose, I will give 25% of the costs, rest all of you handle. Shiva inquires as to why. She says I have no fortune, I need to consider long run. Shiva says I will come. Gautam expresses quiet down, we will deal with everything. Dhara deals with Chiku. She requests that Rishita save the inner self to the side and come for shopping. Rishita says I m reasoning regarding our loved ones.

Dhara inquires as to how could Shweta do awful with us. Rishita says its Chiku’s enchantment, you have become childish. Dhara says you take a gander at yourself, you are uncertain. Rishita says you likewise think Krish said right. Dhara asks do you have any confirmation against Shweta. Rishita says no, its my premonition. Dhara says fail to remember it, attempt to remain blissful. Rishita says fine, recollect a certain something, this young lady will make us cry blood tears. She goes. Dhara says how might I make sense of her. Rishita goes and irately pays the dhol. Suman jokes. Dev requests that she make the soul away from Rishita. Rishita says I m so blissful, its Krish’s marriage. Dev says its great that you concurred. She says OK. Krish embraces her and much obliged. Everybody moves. Rishita plays the dhol indignantly and blasts it. She leaves. Dev asks what has been going on with her. Dhara doesn’t say anything, return to work. A man comes there. He takes a wallet. Shweta gets down the auto. The man looks on. He takes Dhara’s gold chain. Raavi and Krish are shopping. A person stops Raavi and gets rowdy. She slaps him. He says you’re not afraid to wear such garments and snap pics, liar. She pushes him irately. Rishita says just Discussion can help me, when I find her, then, at that point, Dhara will get the proof, this marriage will not occur, I know how to track down Gathering. She grins.

Everybody does garba and appreciate. Krish says this commitment will not occur, I have something special for Shweta. Shweta is stunned seeing her ex.

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