Pandya Store 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shiva saying I m silly to battle Raavi, its my slip-up. Dev asks what are you talking about, center around your work. A client comes to the shop. Shiva gives some unacceptable thing. Dev goes to the client. He requests that Shiva go out and have some air, what befell him, did he battle with Raavi. Shiva asks how would you know, did she tell you. Dev says I m additionally hitched, I know, go out with her. Shiva says OK, I ought to express sorry to her. He goes. Dev remembers to persuade Rishita. Shweta calls Gathering and says I organized the cash, meet me outside Pandya house. Dev comes to Rishita. He gives her a chocolate. He says we ought to share this and eat. Rishita flies off the handle. Dev says fine, however don’t vent outrage on chocolate. She says I m recently bothered, not furious, I went to Shweta’s home, Suman and Dhara chastened me. Dev says let it be, don’t meddle. She says you figure I m doing futile thing, I will bring Shweta’s reality outside. He says when everybody likes Shweta, then, at that point, perhaps you are mixed up, fail to remember it. She says until I get her reality out, I will not sit calm. She goes.

Shweta gets a call from her ex. She stresses. He calls her once more. She sees the video, where she takes something from somebody’s home. She stresses and hydrates. She cries. She gets the call once more. Her mum says she is attempting to accomplish something wrong, I have seen her gathering Discussion, she misled Rishita. Her father says she is prepared to wed at this point. She says since I have compromised her about cash and property, she can accomplish something wrong once more. The person extorts Shweta. She asks what is it that you need. He says meet me this evening, get Chiku along. She asks how would you know his name, no, he isn’t yours. He asks her to simply come, else he will send the video to the police. He snickers and finishes cal. She sits crying. Shiva sees Raavi and Arnav in the vehicle. He follows them. Raavi asks where are we going, I need to return home. Arnav says close by, its very little far. They come to a cabin. Shiva likewise comes. Raavi inquires as to for what reason did you get me here. Arnav says I needed to astonish you. She says we will return. He says you trust me right, did you tell somebody at home that you have come here with me, unwind, accompany me. He takes her. Shiva flies off the handle. He says she is believing him like he is a close buddy.

She asks how long will I live in dread. She cries. Dhara comes and asks her not to stress, Rishita sat idle. Shweta says it’s anything but something seemingly insignificant, she was examining about my companions. Dhara says I m sorry, sit back and relax. She goes. Arnav takes Raavi to the hotel room. He thumps the entryway. The programmer is inside. The person says the prey has come here. He opens the entryway. He gets stunned seeing Arnav and Raavi. Shiva follows Raavi. Arnav requests that the person open the entryway. Shiva looks on. Arnav and Raavi go into the room. Arnav closes the entryway. Raavi sees the young ladies’ pics wherever on the walls. She says he hacked my record, you got me here to show this. The programmer takes off from the window. Arnav requests that Chatur open the entryway, give up. Chatur says OK, you won’t beat me then. Arnav says fine. Chatur leaps through of the window and runs. Arnav follows him. Raavi and Arnav attempt to get him. Shiva actually takes a look at the entryway. He says no voice is coming. He thumps the entryway. The inn man requests that he leave. Shiva leaves. Arnav calls the examiner. He says I tracked down the programmer, just accompany the group. He says Raavi, run, Chatur can’t get saved today. Shweta is stressed. She figures how to go, they all are here, I will meet Gathering first and afterward I will manage him. She requests that they eat. Dhara says we will eat once Raavi, Krish and Shiva come. Shweta gets a call. Dhara says your telephone is ringing. Shweta figures how might I let them know now. Rishita remembers to find out.

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