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Banjari Gosht Recipe

Banjari Gosht RecipeCourse:
Main course
Preparation Time:
30 minutes
Indian Cuisine
Large saucepan, lid to close and spatula
Skill Level:

Banjari Gosht Ingredients

600 g Mutton (cut and cleaned)
200 g Onions (finely sliced)
150 g Oil
80 g Garlic-Ginger Paste
50 g Whole Garam Masala
20 g Coriander Powder
25 g Red Chili Powder
15 g Turmeric Powder
150 g Yoghurt
150 g Coriander Seeds
6 whole Red Chilies

Preparation Method for Banjari Gosht Recipe

Before you begin making banjari gosht, take an extensive pan and pour some oil in it and warmth it. At that point include the finely cut onions and sauté it till it turns brilliant darker. When it turns darker, include coriander powder, garlic-ginger glue, red bean stew powder, turmeric powder, entire garam masala and salt as indicated by your taste. This masala must be let go well to get the correct kind of banjari gosht. Blend it well and broil it till the oil overflows out.

At that point include the yogurt and sheep and blend it well. After this dish some coriander seeds, powders it and add it to the sheep curry. Presently blend everything and enable the sheep to cook for quite a while. Continue checking in the middle of if the sheep is cooked, once it turns out to be delicate trimming it with pounded coriander seeds and red chilies. It serves two individuals and it ought to be served hot.

Banjari Gosht is an outstanding dish from Rajasthan. It is adored by everybody and is made regularly on celebrations as a fundamental dish. It can be presented with hot chapattis or singed rice. Since, Banjari Gosht is an overwhelming dish thusly it is filled in as a side dish with other primary course dishes.