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Nawabi Biryani Recipe

Nawabi Biryani RecipeCourse:
Main course
Preparation Time:
1hr 30 minutes
Indian Cuisine
One thick bottomed pressure pan, thick bottomed close mouthed vessel, large plate.
Skill Level:

Nawabi Biryani Ingredients

  • Long grained fine rice: 800 gms
  • Mutton; 1 kg, cubed
  • Onions: 6 medium sized
  • Ginger garlic paste: freshly made, 4tbsps
  • Red chili: 6
  • Thick yoghurt: 1 cup
  • Garam masalas: 2 tsp
  • Cinnamon: 2 one inch pieces
  • Cardamom: 10 powdered
  • Caraway seeds: 1 tbsp
  • Black peppercorns: 10
  • Saffron: few strands
  • Turmeric: ½ tsp
  • Milk: ½ cup
  • Apricot; 10 whole
  • Cashew nuts: 10
  • Almonds: 10 sliced
  • Raisins: 50 gms

Preparation Method for Nawabi Biryani Recipe

  • Hack apricots into quarters, peel and cut almonds, split cashew nuts, wash and dry raisins.
  • Warm oil in a thick bottomed dish, broil the nuts and raisins. Hold
  • In a similar sauté meagerly cut onions till carmelized.
  • Partition the browned onions down the middle, save one half.
  • Granulate the other portion of browned onions with red crisp to a fine glue.
  • Clean and deplete the lamb pieces.
  • Whisk curds to a smooth glue, include ginger garlic glue, onion-bean stew glue, salt and turmeric and whisk once more.
  • To this include the sheep pieces and blend well. Put aside for 60 minutes.
  • Warm ghee in the skillet and sauté the marinated sheep, till oil skims on top.
  • Warm ghee in another vessel. Permit to splutter, include the entire garam masalas and sauté.
  • Include the splashed rice and sear gently, care ought to be taken that rice grains don’t break.
  • Include warm water, salt according to taste and cook till rice is three fourth done.
  • Deplete the overabundance water and spread the rice in a vast plate.
  • Take an overwhelming bottomed close vessel, line with ghee.
  • Include the sautéed lamb and sprinkle garam masala over it. Include a large portion of the fricasseed nuts, and layer with rice. Sprinkle drain doused saffron on top of the rice and furthermore the staying nuts and broiled onions.
  • Seal the vessel with batter.
  • Put on a low fire and cook for an additional 30 minutes.
  • Expel from warmth, let cool for 20 minutes.
  • Tear open the batter seal, cushion the rice and serve hot with yogurt raita.