Punjabi Aloo Samosa Recipe

Punjabi Aloo Samosa RecipeCourse: Snacks, Starters
Prep Time: 45 mins
Cook Time: 45 mins
Total Cook Time: 1hr 30mins
Cuisine: Indian Cuisine
Difficulty Level: Moderate
Recipe Servings: 12 serving(s)


For Making Samosa Pastry

2 cups all-purpose flour (maida), 250 grams
1 teaspoon carom seeds
1 teaspoon salt or add as required
6 tablespoons Ghee (clarified butter), 50 grams
7 to 8 tablespoons water or add as required

For Cooking Potato & Peas

3 potatoes medium-sized, 300 to 350 grams or 3 cups chopped boiled potatoes
½ cup green peas – 180 grams, fresh – can use frozen peas
2 cups water – for steaming

Other Ingredients

1 tablespoon oil – I used mustard oil. sunflower, canola, grapeseed oil can be used
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
1 teaspoon ginger – finely chopped, or 1 inch peeled ginger
2 teaspoons green chillies – finely chopped or 2 tsp finely chopped serrano peppers or 1 to 2 green chillies
½ teaspoon red chili powder or cayenne pepper
1 pinch asafoetida (hing) – optional
1 to 2 teaspoons dry mango powder (amchur)
salt as required
1 tablespoon coriander leaves (cilantro), chopped
oil for deep frying – as required, any neutral flavored oil

Whole Spices To Be Ground

½ inch cinnamon
1 clove – optional
3 black peppercorns
1 green cardamom
½ teaspoon cumin seeds
½ teaspoon fennel seeds
2 teaspoons coriander seeds


Making the Samosa Pastry Dough

In a bowl, whisk together the flour, carom seeds, and salt. Blend well and add ghee.
With your fingertips focus on the ghee or oil the flour to get a breadcrumb like consistency.
When joined, the entire mixture ought to stick together rather than break apart.
Knead until the dough is firm and gradually add water.

In the event that the batter looks dry or floury, add 1 to 2 tablespoons more water and ply.
Set the dough aside for 30 minutes and cover it with a damp napkin.

Stuffing Potatoes and Peas

Steam or boil the potatoes and peas until completely cooked. Channel them of any additional water in a colander or sifter.
Dry roast all of the spices on the above list until fragrant, taking care not to burn them. Peel the boiled potatoes and cut them into small cubes.
Grind the spices to a semi-fine or fine powder in a dry grinder or coffee grinder when they are warm or cool at room temperature.
Pan with oil on high. Crack the cumin seeds when you add them.
Include the green chilies and ginger. Sauté for a few seconds to remove the ginger’s raw aroma.
Steamed green peas, asafoetida, red chili powder, freshly ground spice powder, and dry mango powder should all be included.
Mix and sauté on a low intensity for 1 to 2 minutes.
Add the potato blocks. Mix thoroughly and stir frequently while sautéing for two to three minutes on low heat.
Allow the potato filling to cool to room temperature before using it.

Making Samosa:

Divide the dough into six equal pieces after letting it rest for 30 minutes.
Make a smooth ball by rolling each piece first in your palms.
After that, roll it with a rolling pin to a thickness of 1 millimeter throughout.
Cut with a blade or a baked good shaper through the focal point of the moved samosa cake.
Apply some water to the edges using a brush or your finger tips.
The two straight ends are joined to form a cone.
Make sure the edges are well sealed by pressing on them.
Fill the prepared potato-pea stuffing into the samosa cone.
Check the video and photos to see how to pinch a part on the edge. Once it has been shaped, this helps the samosa stand.
Press the edges together. Verify that there are no holes.
Cover each samosa with a moist kitchen napkin while you prepare it.

Broiling Samosa

Presently heat oil for profound broiling in a kadai or container. When the oil gets hot (try adding a small piece of dough to the hot oil; it should rise quickly).
Delicately slide the pre-arranged stuffed samosa and immediately decrease the fire to low.
Flip over halfway through and fry until golden. Channel the seared samosa on paper towels to eliminate overabundance oil.
Sear them in clumps. Once more, raise the oil’s temperature to medium-high for the second batch. During frying, do not overcrowd the pan.
Lower the heat after adding the samosa, which lowers the oil’s temperature.
Using this method, fry each samosa individually.

Serving Ideas

Serve samosa hot or warm with coriander chutney, tamarind chutney or ketchup.
They can likewise be presented with a yogurt plunge or plain raita. It can also be served with chana masala, a curry made with chickpeas.
We normally pair samosa with masala chai or ginger chai.
It can be served with bread or pav, Indian bread rolls.
Anything that you serve samosa with, make sure to have hot masala chai with it.

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