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Baby Unisex Names

Baby Name Gender Origin Meaning
Abie Unisex Hebrew father or mother of many
Bari Unisex Celtic,Welsh, French spear thrower‚ son of Harry‚ marksman
Caleb Unisex Hebrew bold‚ dog
Dade Unisex
Eden Unisex Hebrew delightful‚ adornment‚ paradise
Fionn Unisex Celtic white‚ fair
Genesis Unisex Hebrew origin
Hale Unisex English, Norse hero; army ruler
Ira Unisex Hindu watchful‚ descendant
Javier Unisex Arabic, French January‚ enlightened
Kai Unisex Hawaiian, Indian sea‚ willow tree
Lae Unisex Laos dark
Madison Unisex English, German son of a mighty warrior; son of Maud
Nairne Unisex Scottish from the narrow river glade
Olayinka Unisex Yoruba honors surround me
Panyin Unisex Ghanese older of twins
Quasar Unisex Hindu,Indian meteorite
Raimy Unisex
Safak Unisex Turkish
Tadi Unisex Indian,American wind
Unni Unisex Norse modest
Van Unisex Dutch from‚ of
Winifred Unisex English friend of peace
Zabia Unisex African unknown

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