Famous March Events 2018

March 01

Ash Wednesday 2018 – First day of lent and Day of fasting
Lent 2018 Season – Season of forty days where christians involve in prayers and fasting
National Pig Day 2018 – To give pigs the rights of domestic aminal
Self Injury Awareness Day 2018
National Horse Protection Day 2018

March 02

Texas Independence Day 2018
National Banana Cream Pie Day 2018
National Old Stuff Day 2018

March 03

National Anthem Day 2018
World Wildlife Day 2018 – Explore the benefits of wild fauna and flora and against to crime.
I Want You To Be Happy Day 2018

March 04

Hug a GI Day 2018 – To greet the soldier with a hug
National Pound Cake Day 2018
World Orphan Week 2018 – To develop awareness the need of food and shelter to orphans

March 05

National Cheese Doodle Day 2018
National Multiple Personality Day 2018 – To raise Awareness about the disease
World Spelling Day 2018
iHeartRadio Music Awards 2018

March 06

Western Australia Labor Day 2018
National Dentist Day 2018 – To say thanks to the dentists
National Frozen Food Day 2018 – Signing the proclamation 5157 by President Ronald Reagan

March 07

National Pancake Day 2018
Alexander Graham Bell Day 2018
National Cereal Day 2018

March 08

International Womens Day 2018 – A day to show respect and love towards women

March 09

Panic Day 2018
World Kidney Day 2018 – To raise awareness about the kidney and its diseases
National Crab Meat Day 2018 – To enjoy crab meat of different recipies

March 10

Middle Name Pride Day 2018
National Blueberry Popover Day 2018

March 11

Kids Choice Awards 2018
National Worship of Tools Day 2018
Plumbers Day 2018 – To recognise the role played by the plumbing industry in relation to public health

March 12

Plant a Flower Day 2018
Girl Scouts Day 2018
National Alfred Hitchcock Day 2018 – celebrate and remember Alfred hitchcock the Master of Suspense

March 13

Tasmania Labor Day 2018
Australian Labor Day 2018
Daylight Savings Time 2018
Earmuff Day 2018 – The day when ear mufs were invented
National Jewel Day 2018 – To gift the jewels to near and dear

March 14

Pi Day 2018 – Celebrated on march 14 as the pi first three numbers are 3 ‚1 and 4
National Potato Chips Day 2018
Learn About Butterfly Day 2018 – To learn about butterflies

March 15

Kick Butts Day 2018 – To empower youth to avooid usage of tobaco and its products
National Pears Helene Day 2018
World Consumer Rights Day 2018

March 16

Freedom of Information Day 2018 – Birthday of James Madison

March 17

World Glaucoma Day 2018

Victoria Labor Day 2018 – Observed as Labour holiday
St Patricks Day 2018 – Commemoration of the arrival of Christianity in Ireland
World Sleep Day 2018 – To raise awareness and importance of sleep disorders and sound sleep
Evacuation Day 2018 – The day when british troops evacuated Massachussets
Boston Evacuation Day 2018 – The day when british troops evacuated Boston
Young Artist Awards 2018

March 18

Supreme Sacrifice Day 2018 – A day to honour those who sacrificed their lives for others

March 19

National Poultry Day 2018 – A thanks giving day for poultry for their meant and eggs

March 20

World Sparrow Day 2018 – To raise awareness of sparrows and other birds and to protect them from radiation and pollution
Extraterrestrial Abductions Day 2018
National Ravioli Day 2018 – A day for pasta lovers to enjoy different dtuufed pasta’s
World Storytelling Day 2018 – A global celebration of the art of oral storytelling
International Day of Happiness 2018

March 21

World Down Syndrome Day 2018
International Day Of Forests
National French Bread Day 2018

March 22

World Water Day 2018

March 23

World Meteorological Day 2018
National Puppy Day 2018
Near Miss Day 2018 – An asteroid (4581 Asclepius) nearly missed the earth
National Chip and Dip Day 2018 – It’s the american favorite party snack chip and dipping sauce

March 24

World Tuberculosis Day 2018 – To raise Awareness about the disease tuberclousis
National Chocolate Covered Raisin Day 2018

March 25

Earth Hour 2018 – To protect the planet and show commitment to the planet
International Waffle Day 2018 – Waffles are mostly eaten on this day

March 26

National Nougat Day 2018
Spinach Festival Day 2018

March 27

World Theatre Day 2018
National Joe Day 2018 – A greet the friends named joe‚ Josephine‚ Johanna‚ Joann‚ Jodie
National Spanish Paella Day 2018

March 28

American Diabetes Alert Day 2018
National Black Forest Cake Day 2018 – A day to enjoy the black forest cake

March 29

National Lemon Chiffon Cake Day 2018 – A cake invented by Harry Baker in 1927
Smoke and Mirrors Day 2018

March 30

I Am In Control Day 2018 – “I am in control here” Alexander Haig’s words

March 31

Eiffel Tower Day 2018 – The day when Eiffel tower was opened in 1889
National Bunsen Burner Day 2018 – Birth day of German scientist Robert Wilhelm Eberhard von Bunsen who invented Bunsen surner

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