Famous May Events 2018

May 1

  • May Day in India 2018 – Considered as the Indian Labor and Public Holiday
  • International Labor Day 2018 – Is a festival of Labors and work classes which is additionally thought to be Ancient European Spring Holiday
  • Melanoma Monday 2018 – Day to recognize and keep the fatal skin malady Melanoma
  • Lei Day 2018 – Lei Day is a Hawaiíi celebration of giving one another with every Island of Hawaiíi with an alternate blossom of portrayal
  • Mother Goose Day 2018 – Mary Gooseís is the originator of stories on Mother Goose celebrated for her commitment to nursery rhymes

May 02

  • World Asthma Day 2018 – Improve awareness on Asthma and its effects
  • Scurvy Awareness Day 2018 – Create awareness on Scurvy which is caused due to vitamin C deficiency
  • National Truffle Day 2018 – Encourage to eat tasty Chocolate truffles

May 03

  • World Press Freedom Day 2018 – Give respect and create awreness on freedom of speech
  • World Athletics Day 2018 – Encourage and create enthusiam in youngsters towards athletics
  • Lumpy Rug Day 2018 – Day to keep rug flat and smooth and not lumpy

May 04

  • Star Wars Day 2018 – Day is celebrated by star wars fans
  • Holocaust Memorial Day 2018 – In the remembrance of victims of holocaust
  • International Firefighters Day 2018 – Honor firefighters who keep their lifes at risk to save others
  • National Candied Orange Peel Day 2018 – Dedicated to candied orange peel and to prepare candied peels

May 05

  • Cinco De Mayo 2018 – Commemorate victory of Mexican army over French forces
  • No Pants Day 2018 – The day is celebrated with No pants on first started in Austin texas.
  • International Tuba Day 2018 – The Day is created to acknowledge tubist in the Musical world of Organization.

May 06

  • Join Hands Day 2018 – It is a day to regreat union between Communities of Old and Young.
  • No Diet Day 2018 – To accept body and fat as it is and at the same time create awareness on dangers of dieting

May 07

  • National Roast Leg of Lamb Day – To prepare and eat roasted Lamb
  • Free Comic Book Day 2018 – Comic books are distributed for free across North America
  • World Laughter Day 2018 – Know the importance of laughter and its benefits in our life
  • National Tourist Appreciation Day 2018 – Celebrate the success of Tourism industry in US and to promote it further
  • International Dawn Chorus Day 2018 – Let people listen to Birds songs during spring

May 08

  • World Red Cross Day 2018 – Recognise the Hardwork by Red Cross Societies on relief of war Çdisease Çdisastor Çfamine
  • No Socks Day 2018 – To go Barefoot and get some fresh air on feet
  • National Coconut Cream Pie Day 2018 – Dedicated to delicious coconut cream pie

May 09

  • Teacher Appreciation Day 2018 – Appreciate and thank Teachers for the important role they play in students life
  • National Butterscotch Brownie Day 2018 – Celebrated by eating Butterscotch brownie on this day
  • National Lost Sock Memorial Day 2018 – Remembering the lost of sock leaving only one sock with you

May 10

  • World Lupus Day 2018 – Educate people and create awareness on lupus disease
  • National Receptionist Day 2016 – Dedicated to receptionist for their hardwork and being a reason for running the Organisation smoothly
  • National Shrimp Day 2018 – Celebrated by shrimp lovers which is a popular sea food

May 11

  • National Technology Day 2018 – Celebrated because of the tremendous technological improvement over the past few years in India
  • Bike To Work Day 2018 – Save power and reduce environmental polution
  • Twilight Zone Day 2018 – Celebrated on account of Television series íTwlight zoneí
  • National Eat What You Want Day – One day to stop thinking on Calories and eat whatever you like

May 12

  • International Nurses Day 2018 – Anniversary of Florence Nightingale birth Çfounder of modern nursing
  • International CFS Awareness Day 2018 – Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Awareness Day
  • World Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Day 2018 – Opportunity to evoke awareness of cfs among the entire society at large.
  • Nutty Fudge Day 2018 – Eat nutty fudge with friends and family
  • Military Spouse Appreciation Day – Appreciate the braveness of the military spouse for their support and sacrifice
  • National Limerick Day 2018 – Time to enjoy and get your fill of Limerick poems
  • National Cucumber Day 2018 – Appreciate so many benefits of cucumber fruit

May 13

  • World Fair Trade Day 2018 – Raise awareness on fair trade and its positive impacts
  • Frog Jumping Day 2018 – Based on Mark Twainís story ?Jim Smiley and His Jumping Frog” published in 1865
  • National Leprechaun Day 2018 – Day dedicated to Leprechaun Ça tiny creature with green suits and Hats
  • National Train Day 2018 – Spread advantages of Train and its History to public in US

May 14

  • Mothers Day 2018 – Honor Mother for her love and for always being there

May 15

  • International Day of Families 2018 – The day reflects the importance of International community attaches to families

May 17

  • IDAHOT 2018 – Protect LGBT rights
  • World Telecommunication Day 2018 – Commemorates the founding of the International Telecommunication Union in 1865
  • World Hypertension Day 2018 – Create awareness and protect from Hypertension
  • World Baking Day 2018 – Pleadge to Bake and share with your beloved ones

May 18

  • No Dirty Dishes Day – Taking a day break from washing dishes
  • International Museum Day 2018 – All Museums in the world participate in International Museum day to promote the role of Museums

May 19

  • World Ibd Day 2018 – Raise awareness on IBD disease for a better and healthy socirty
  • National Pizza Party Day 2018 – Celebrate Pizza by preparing at home or going out to eat
  • Accounting Day 2018
  • Endangered Species Day 2018 – Preserve the endangered species from extinction

May 20

  • Armed Forces Day 2018 – Giving Honor to the people in Military forces for saving the country
  • Be a Millionaire Day 2018 – Dream and think of ways for becoming a Millionaire one day

May 21

  • World Anti Terrorism Day 2018 – Create global peace and prevent youth from getting misguided and entering in to terrorism

May 22

  • International Day for Biological Diversity 2018 – Promote biological issues and protect planet earth from destruction
  • Victoria Day 2018 – Celebrated on Queen Victoriaís birthday and reigning Canadian sovereignís birthday.
  • International Day for Biodiversity 2018
  • World Goth Day 2018 – Goth day celebrates the subcultural activities of Goth subculture
  • Harvey Milk Day 2018 – Commemorate about a great leader who worked to end discrimination against lesbian Çgay Çbisexual Çtransgender community

May 23

  • Lucky Penny Day 2018 – It strengthens the belief that people who finds lucky penny becomes lucky
  • World Turtle Day 2018 – Protect and give respect to Tortoises and Turtils

May 24

  • National Escargot Day 2018 – Celebrates for eating Escargot

May 25

  • Ascension Day 2018 – Commemorate the Ascension of Jesus from Earth in to Heaven
  • Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2018 – Itís a event to raise funds
  • National Tap Dance Day 2018 – To honour Bill Bojangles Robinson for his significant contribution to tap dance
  • National Wine Day 2018 – Day dedicated for all wine lovers

May 26

  • Ramadan 2018 – Ninth month in islamic calender is Ramadan
  • National Blueberry Cheesecake Day 2018 – Enjoy by eating blueberry cheesecake
  • World Lindy Hop Day – Festival that encourages everyone to experience vibrant Afro American social dance
  • National Sorry Day 2018 – Commemorate separating indigenous people chindren forcibly
  • Donít Fry Day – Protect our skin from harmful UV rays
  • Sally Ride Day 2018 – Giving Honor by celebrating on Ms. Sally Ride Birthday Çthe first American Lady to go Space

May 27

  • Atlanta Carnival 2018 – The carnival shows the variety of sightsÇ sounds and tastes of the Caribbean.
  • National Grape Popsicle Day 2018 – People Celebrate by eating Grape Popsicle

May 28

  • Orlando Carnival 2018 – Itís a 5 day festival hosted by Orlando Carnival Association Inc
  • International Day of Action for Women’s Health 2018 – Protect and take care of womens health
  • Amnesty International Day – Honor and protect Human rights
  • National Hamburger Day – Eating ones own favorite Hamburger
  • World Hunger Day 2018 – Create awareness on hunger and to end hunger and poverty

May 29

  • Memorial Day 2018 – Commemorate all those who died in nations service

May 30

  • Shavuot 2018 – Anniversary of the day God gave Torah to entire nation of Israel
  • National Water a Flower Day – Day dedicated to water flowers

May 31

  • World Multiple Sclerosis Day 2018 – Raise awareness and eliminate Multiple Sclerosis
  • World No Tobacco Day 2018 – Raise awareness of Tobacco on human health and to prevent it
  • Senior Health & Fitness Day 2018 – Day for seniors to do exercise and have proper diet for a healthy life
  • Save Your Hearing Day – Protect our hearing from loud sounds and to listen to nature sound

May 04

  • Coal Miners Day 2018 – Appreciate and honor the work of coal miners


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