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National Caviar Day 2017

July seventeenth is adulated as Yellow pig day. You ought to be contemplating what this Yellow pig day is. This event is dedicated to two mathematicians, Michael Spivak and David C. Kelly and the number 17.


The celebration of yellow pig day started in mid 1960’s by the mathematicians in school grounds. It started when Michael Spivak and David Kelly were offered an undertaking to reprieve down the property of number 17 when they were understudy at Princeton. They began finding captivating properties about number 17 and in the process thought of unbelievable Yellow Pig which has 17 teeth, 17 toes, 17 eye lashes and so forth.

How to celebrate:

Yellow Pig day is recognized with much presentation among logical culture. Understudies wear T-Shirts in light of logical subjects with yellow pig on it. You can in like manner commend the event by exchanging yellow pig favors and diverse gifts in light of numerical subjects. At Princeton, David Kelly gives an address on recorded and numerical property of number 17 and his social affair of 289 (square of number 17) yellow pigs are proceeded with appear. The celebration is done up by singing yellow pig tunes and eating yellow pig cakes.