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World No Tobacco Day 2017

World no tobacco day 2017 topic is “Tobacco – a danger to development”2016 topic is “was Get Ready for Plain Packaging”, 2015 subject is “Stop unlawful exchange of tobacco items ” and 2014 topic is “Raise assesses on tobaccoquot”


The idea of World No-Tobacco Day was started on the grounds that a large number of individuals bite the dust every year around the globe attributable to tobacco utilization and mishandle. At first, April 7 was picked as the “world no-smoking day” when the World Health Assembly passed a determination with respect to the same in 1987. In 1988, the World Health Assembly passed another determination calling for May 31 to be commended as “World No-Tobacco Day” consistently. Motivation behind World No Tobacco Day:


Increment open mindfulness in regards to risks of tobacco utilize and mishandle. Advise purchasers about the business techniques of tobacco industry and exchange. Spread the message about WHO activities for against tobacco crusades. Advance sound way of life and propensities among individuals. Gadget approaches to shield the future eras from tobacco mishandle. Occasions and Themes of World No Tobacco Day:

Here is a table citing the yearly themes for the Day since 1990:

1990 – Childhood and youth without tobacco: growing up without tobacco

1991 – Public places and transport: better be sans tobacco

1992 – Tobacco free working environments: more secure and more advantageous

1993 – Health benefits: our windows to a tobacco free world

1994 – Media and tobacco: get the message over

1995 – Tobacco costs more than you might suspect

1996 – Sport and workmanship without tobacco: play it tobacco free

1997 – United for a tobacco free world

1998 – Growing up without tobacco

1999 – Leave the pack behind

2000 – Tobacco murders, don’t be tricked

2001 – Second-hand smoke kills

2002 – Tobacco free games

2003 – Tobacco free film, tobacco free form

2004 – Tobacco and neediness, an endless loop

2005 – Health experts against tobacco

2006 – Tobacco: savage in any shape or camouflage

2007 – Smoke free inside

2008 – without tobacco youth

2009 – Tobacco wellbeing notices

2010 – Gender and tobacco with an accentuation on advertising to ladies

2011 – The WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control

2012 – tobacco industry obstruction

2013 – “boycott tobacco publicizing, advancement and sponsorship”

One can do the following things in order to contribute to the cause:

Spread a message that is significant to the year’s WHO subject. Numerous hostile to tobacco associations give out free notices, cards and data handouts. Make utilization of these assets. Set up a World Tobacco Day message at you workstation or office with the goal that it is obvious to many individuals. Distribute pamphlets giving data about occasions and feelings. On the off chance that you are arranging an occasion, advertise it through open and group ranges like schools, shopping centers, universities, shops and so forth. Rope in nearby understood identities like legislators and other open figures to advance the occasion. Send mailers, flyers and letters to however many individuals as could be allowed. Show occasion related data all alone or neighborhood group site. Keep in touch with your neighborhood daily paper or submit articles managing tobacco and related wellbeing concerns. Talk with neighborhood medicinal experts or social specialists and get some information about smoking and its evil impacts.

World No Tobacco Day 2005

Concentrated on the part and extent of wellbeing experts in controling the tobacco plague. Worried upon the significance of expert dynamic measures for the benefit of social insurance experts. Medicinal staff have a wide open reach and their recommendation is considered important by patients. They can help spread mindfulness and help in restoration of addicts.

World No Tobacco Day 2006

The creating nations are most noticeably bad hit by the tobacco pestilence. The horribleness and mortality created by tobacco utilization influences profitability and improvement of these nations. Tobacco businesses keep on marketing their items forcefully regardless of the broad harm being brought on. Numerous new brands of cigarettes have risen that claim to be “light”, “gentle”, “low tar” and “organic product seasoned”. These new brands are only tricks to draw in more wellbeing cognizant clients and are similarly harming to wellbeing and prosperity. The occasion urges experts to lay strict directions and rules to build mindfulness and deflect misleading bundling for business purposes.

World No Tobacco Day 2007

The quantity of passings created by inactive smoking is similarly disturbing just like those brought about by dynamic smoking. Disheartens smoking at open spots. Battles for strict laws and controls to be implemented with respect to wrongdoers. Goes for disheartening smokers from dirtying the earth.

World No Tobacco Day 2008

Concentrates on the adolescent’s presentation to tobacco and expanding nicotine reliance sum youths and youthful grown-ups. Attracts regard for the tobacco business’ advertising techniques that objective youth.

Raising levels of tobacco mishandle among youngsters directly affects the country’s economy and social conditions. This year endeavors are being made to uphold strict controls with respect to data, deal and utilization

Tips and thoughts for observing World No Tobacco Day:

Observe World Tobacco Day this year in your own particular manner.