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World Telecommunication Day 2017

World media transmission day 2017 thems is “Huge Data for Big Impact” ,2016 subject is “”ICT enterprise for social effect”” , 2015 topic is ” Telecommunications and ICTs: Drivers of advancement “, 2014 topic is “Broadband for Sustainable Development”, 2013 topic is “ICTs and enhancing street security” and 2012 topic is “Ladies and Girls in ICT”.

History of World Telecommunication Day

World Telecommunication Day honors the establishing of the International Telecommunication Union in 1865. The main World Telecommunication Day was praised in 1969. From that point forward the seventeenth of May has been seen as World Telecommunication Day consistently. The World Telecommunication Day has been distinguished by the Tunis period of the World Summit on the Information Society as “World Information Society Day”, since 2006.

Capacities and Role of the International Telecommunication Union:

Universal Telecommunication Union was framed after the expanding interest for area names among web clients everywhere throughout the world. The capacity of the International Telecommunication Union is to co-ordinate worldwide telecom systems and administrations with governments and the private division. The International Telecommunication Union additionally sets universal controls and arrangements to encourage worldwide correspondence. It works towards improvement of media transmission frameworks in creating countries. In spite of the fact that it ITU was established in Paris, its present head-quarters are situated in Geneva, Switzerland.

Essential points of interest in the historical backdrop of World Telecommunication Day

The World Telecommunication Day celebrates and recognizes the accompanying advancements that have occurred throughout the years:

  • Innovation of the main electric broadcast in 1837.
  • Global Telegraph Union Found by twenty States with the selection of the primary Convention and in 1865, the presentation of first Telegraph RegulationsWorld Telecommunication Day picture
  • Innovation of the phone by Alexander Graham Bell in 1876.
  • To start with arrangements for worldwide telephone utility occurred in 1885.
  • To start with signs transmitted by radio-hand-off framework in 1895.
  • Initially radio transmission of human voice in 1902.
  • Broadcasting of voice and music through radiotelephony in 1906.
  • Sound telecom spearheaded in 1920.
  • Creation of transmit in 1932.
  • Global Telecommunication Union turns into an extraordinary organization of United Nations in 1947.
  • World’s first simulated satellite Sputnik-I propelled in 1957
  • 1983 was praised as the “World Communications Year”.
  • Center ranges of media transmission:
  • Fit national strategies.
  • Connect innovative contrasts.
  • Advance availability.
  • Cultivate interoperability of frameworks on a worldwide scale.
  • Beat physical separations all inclusive through web, TV, telephone and so on.

Why World Telecommunication Day is commended?

World Telecommunications Day is commended with the accompanying destinations:

Improve open mindfulness about the advantages of correspondence innovation. Make data and correspondence more open to individuals living in immature districts. Increment the worldwide reach of innovation over all countries and financial strata. Give us now a chance to concentrate the subjects and cases of World Telecommunication Day festivities in the previous three years:

World Telecommunication Day 2005:

Making an Equitable Information Society:

Time for Action was the picked topic for World Telecommunication Day 2005.World Telecommunication Day 2005 denoted the 140th commemoration of the approach of media communications in our lives. Innovation and interchanges have made considerable progress since the development of transmit. Just a restricted division of the total populace approaches media transmission. The point is to give level with access to correspondence frameworks to all of mankind. Global Telecommunication Union has held Summits to gadget standards with a specific end goal to make correspondence simple and practical for individuals over every single land area.

World Telecommunication Day 2006:

Advancing Global Cyber-security was the picked topic for World Telecommunication Day 2006. As correspondence systems grow, so does the danger of data dangers and stealth. Abuse and misusing of imperative information can have genuine prudent and social repercussions. The point of World Telecommunication Day 2006 is to make online correspondences more secure. Creating certain associations with customers will upgrade the foundation and advance effectiveness of online exchange, business, managing an account, telemedicine, e-government and a large group of different applications. Accomplishing the coveted levels of Cyber-security calls for contribution at national, group and individual level.

World Telecommunication Day 2007:

“Associating the Youth, the Opportunities of ICT” was embraced as the subject for 2007.

Youngsters constitute an extensive portion of data innovation clients. They are in an ideal position to create and add to the improvement of media transmission frameworks around the world. The point is to concentrate on youth control with a specific end goal to connect the advanced gap and make correspondence more open for who and what is to come.

World Telecommunication Day 2008:

The subject for 2008 is “Associating people with handicaps”. ICT intends to make administrations and gear open to distinctively individuals. The point is to give individuals extraordinary requirements with appropriate to data and urge them to take an interest similarly. For this a comprehensive approach is required and open generalizations and dispositions must be changed. Data sources and thoughts from this data denied group may help facilitate the innovation advancement in the correspondence field.