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ICC Women’s World Cup Points Table 2022

1AUSTRALIA WOMEN77000141.2831592/292.01430/343.0
2SOUTH AFRICA WOMEN75101110.0781441/298.51401/295.2
3 ENGLAND WOMEN7430080.9491432/298.01347/349.2
4WEST INDIES WOMEN733017-0.8851006/270.01149/249.1
5 INDIA WOMEN 7340060.6421673/350.01369/330.5
6 NEW ZEALAND WOMEN7340060.0271484/320.01493/323.5
7BANGLADESH WOMEN716002-0.9991073/320.01315/302.1
8 PAKISTAN WOMEN716002-1.3131158/318.51355/274.0

2017 ICC Womens World Cup Points Table

England Women7610012+1.2951802/309.41490/329.2
Australia Women7610012+1.0041729/325.51506/350.0
India Women7520010+0.6691517/342.31298/345.1
South Africa Women742019+1.1831150/228.31155/300.0
New Zealand Women733017+0.309994/221.01251/298.4
West Indies Women725004-1.5221078/324.01112/229.2
Sri Lanka Women716002-1.0991369/350.01428/285.0
Pakistan Women707000-1.930985/303.21384/267.2


24 Jun 2017NZ Women2SL Women0
IND Women2ENG Women0
25 Jun 2017SA Women2PAK Women0
26 Jun 2017AUS Women2WI Women0
27 Jun 2017ENG Women2PAK Women0
28 Jun 2017NZ Women1SA Women1
29 Jun 2017IND Women2WI Women0
AUS Women2SL Women0
2 Jul 2017ENG Women2SL Women0
AUS Women2NZ Women0
IND Women2PAK Women0
SA Women2WI Women0
5 Jul 2017ENG Women2SA Women0
IND Women2SL Women0
AUS Women2PAK Women0
6 Jul 2017NZ Women2WI Women0
8 Jul 2017NZ Women2PAK Women0
SA Women2IND Women0
9 Jul 2017ENG Women2AUS Women0
WI Women2SL Women0
11 Jul 2017WI Women2PAK Women0
12 Jul 2017SA Women2SL Women0
AUS Women2IND Women0
ENG Women2NZ Women0
15 Jul 2017AUS Women2SA Women0
ENG Women2WI Women0
IND Women2NZ Women0
SL Women2PAK Women0

The following points system will apply:

Win 2

Tie or no result 1

Loss 0