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Soccer Calendar 2018

Men’s National Teams

  • 31 May – 10 June: 2018 ConIFA World Football Cup
    1st, gold medalist(s): Kárpátalja
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Northern Cyprus
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Padania
    4th: Székely Land
  • 14 June – 15 July: 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia Russia
  • AFC
    22–25 March: 2018 King’s Cup in Thailand Thailand
    1st, gold medalist(s): Slovakia
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Thailand
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Gabon
    4th: United Arab Emirates
  • 22–26 March: 2018 China Cup in China Nanning
    1st, gold medalist(s): Uruguay
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Wales
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Czech Republic
    4th: China PR
  • 22–27 March: 2018 International Friendship Championship in Iraq Iraq
    1st, gold medalist(s): Qatar
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Syria
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Iraq
  • 1-10 June: 2018 Intercontinental Cup (India) in India India.
    1st, gold medalist(s): India
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Kenya
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): New Zealand
  • 4–15 September: 2018 SAFF Championship in Bangladesh Bangladesh
  • 18 November – 15 December: 2018 AFF Championship


  • 13 January – 4 February: 2018 African Nations Championship in Morocco Morocco
    1st, gold medalist(s): Morocco
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Nigeria
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Sudan
    4th: Libya
  • 22–24 March: 2018 Four Nations Tournament in Zambia Zambia
    1st, gold medalist(s): South Africa
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Zambia
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Angola
    4th: Zimbabwe
  • UEFA
    18 September – 20 November: 2018–19 UEFA Nations League (pool stage)


  • 9–27 January: 2018 AFC U-23 Championship in China China
    1st, gold medalist(s): Uzbekistan
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Vietnam
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Qatar
    4th: South Korea
  • 24 April – 5 May: 2018 WAFU Zone A U-20 Tournament in Liberia Liberia
    1st, gold medalist(s): Gambia
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Liberia
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Mali
    4th: Ivory Coast
  • 4 – 20 May: 2018 UEFA European Under-17 Championship in England England
    1st, gold medalist(s): Netherlands
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Italy
  • 2–14 July: 2018 AFF U-18 Youth Championship in Indonesia Indonesia
  • 16–29 July: 2018 UEFA European Under-19 Championship in Finland Finland
  • 19 July – 3 August: 2018 Central American and Caribbean Games (under-21) in Colombia Colombia
  • 18 August – 2 September: 2018 Asian Games (under-23) in Indonesia Indonesia
  • 18 October – 4 November: 2018 AFC U-19 Championship in Indonesia Indonesia
  • 20 October – 7 November: 2018 AFC U-16 Championship in Malaysia Malaysia


  • 10–24 February: 2018 WAFU Women’s Cup in Ivory Coast Ivory Coast (regional)
    1st, gold medalist(s): Ghana
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Ivory Coast
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Nigeria
    4th: Mali
  • 4–22 April: 2018 Copa América Femenina in Chile Chile
    1st, gold medalist(s): Brazil
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Chile
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Argentina
    4th: Colombia
  • 6–20 April: 2018 AFC Women’s Asian Cup in Jordan Jordan
    1st, gold medalist(s): Japan
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Australia
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): China PR
    4th: Thailand
  • 18–29 April: 2018 CFU Women’s Challenge Series
    Group A Winner: Saint Lucia
    Group B Winner: Cuba
    Group C Winner: Haiti
    Group D Winner: Antigua and Barbuda
    Group E Winner: Trinidad and Tobago
  • 4–17 October 2018 CONCACAF Women’s Championship
  • 17 November – 1 December: 2018 Africa Women Cup of Nations in Ghana Ghana
  • 17 November – 11 December: 2018 OFC Women’s Nations Cup in New Caledonia New Caledonia

International tournaments

  • 26 February – 6 March: 2018 Turkish Women’s Cup in Turkey
    1st, gold medalist(s): France B
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Mexico
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Ukraine
    4th: Poland
    28 February – 7 March: 2018 Cyprus Women’s Cup in Cyprus
    1st, gold medalist(s): Spain
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Italy
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): North Korea
    4th: Switzerland
    28 February – 7 March: 2018 Algarve Cup in Portugal
    1st, gold medalist(s): Netherlands and Sweden
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Portugal
    4th: Australia
    1–7 March: 2018 SheBelieves Cup in the United States
    1st, gold medalist(s): United States
    2nd, silver medalist(s): England
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): France
    4th: Germany

Women’s youth

  • 13–31 January: 2018 South American Under-20 Women’s Football Championship in Ecuador Ecuador
    1st, gold medalist(s): Brazil
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Paraguay
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Colombia
    4th: Venezuela
  • 18–28 January: 2018 CONCACAF Women’s U-20 Championship in Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago
    1st, gold medalist(s): Mexico
    2nd, silver medalist(s): United States
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Haiti
    4th: Canada
  • 7–25 March: 2018 South American Under-17 Women’s Football Championship in Argentina Argentina
    1st, gold medalist(s): Brazil
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Colombia
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Uruguay
    4th: Venezuela
  • 19–29 April: 2018 CONCACAF Women’s U-17 Championship in Nicaragua Nicaragua
  • 1 – 13 May: 2018 AFF U-16 Girls’ Championship in Indonesia Palembang
    1st, gold medalist(s): Thailand
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Myanmar
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Vietnam
    4th: Laos
  • 9 – 21 May: 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-17 Championship in Lithuania Lithuania
    1st, gold medalist(s): Spain
    2nd, silver medalist(s): Germany
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Finland
    4th: England
  • 5–10 June: 2018 Sud Ladies Cup in France France
    1st, gold medalist(s): United States
    2nd, silver medalist(s): France
    3rd, bronze medalist(s): Germany
    4th: Haiti
  • 18–30 July: 2018 UEFA Women’s Under-19 Championship in Switzerland Switzerland
  • 7–26 August: 2018 FIFA U-20 Women’s World Cup in France France
  • 20 November – 13 December: 2018 FIFA U-17 Women’s World Cup in Uruguay Uruguay