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UEFA Champions League 2020-21

The 2020–21 UEFA Champions League will be the 66th period of Europe’s chief club football tournament composed by UEFA, and the 29th season since it was renamed from the European Champion Clubs’ Cup to the UEFA Champions League.

The final will be played at Krestovsky Stadium in Saint Petersburg, Russia.[1] The victors of the 2020–21 UEFA Champions League will naturally meet all requirements for the 2021–22 UEFA Champions League group arrange, and furthermore procure the option to play against the victors of the 2020–21 UEFA Europa League in the 2021 UEFA Super Cup.

23 June – 26 August 2020
Competition proper:
15 September 2020 – 29 May 2021
TeamsCompetition proper: 32
Total: 79, 80 or 81 (from 54 associations)


Qualifying Phase

In UEFA champions group qualifying stage add up to 4 phases happened. In this stage each club play with rival group twice in home and away. Which group scores high number of objectives (clubs both match scores) that group fit the bill for next stage. Clubs which are vanquished a bigger number of times than they are wiped out from champions association. The qualifying stages are

In the first place qualifying round

  • Second qualifying round
  • Third qualifying round
  • Playoffs round

Group Stage

Champs of Playoffs groups will participate in gathering stage and aggregate 32 clubs in this stage. These 32 groups will partition into 8 bunches each gathering had 4 groups. Each group will play with adversaries of the gathering in home and away twice. In this stage, focuses framework will be figured as 3 focuses for winning groups and 1 point for draw (both groups). Ordinarily these matches will held in the middle of September to December. From each gathering main 2 driving focuses groups will meet all requirements for next stage.

Round of 16

In gathering stage add up to 16 groups will meet all requirements for round of 16 knockout framework. Each groups play with rival group two legs in home and away. Which groups makes high number of objectives in two legs that groups meet all requirements for quarter finals and reaming 8 groups knockout from champions alliance

Quarter Finals

The 8 groups which are met all requirements for quarter finals there adversary groups will picked by draw framework. In this likewise each group play with adversary home and away two leg matches and most number of objectives succeed group will meet all requirements for semi finals

Semi Finals

4 Clubs which are met all requirements to semi finals adversary group will determinate by draw. Similarly of quarter finals each club will with rival club two legs home and away matches. Which group makes most noteworthy number of objectives in two legs that groups will fit the bill for UEFA Champions class last.


Victors of semi finals will play last UEFA Champions association of the season will play at nonpartisan place in a solitary match. On the off chance that the last match draw on time then 15 mints additional time allot for results. In this additional time victor is not acclimated then champ of the competition will diced by kicks from the punishment stocks.

Victor of the UEFA Champions association will meet all requirements for UEFA Super container with adversary is UEFA Europa class champion.

Trophy and Medals

Consistently, the champion group will be granted the European Champion Clubs’ Cup; the present form of the glass was granted since 1967. Among the title any group that can wins the League three years in succession or five times general wins the privilege to take a Fully unique Championship trophy (UEFA holds the first at all circumstances). Up to now there are five clubs have this Reward: Real Madrid, Ajax, Bayern Munich, Milan and Liverpool.

The present form and measurements of the trophy is 74 cm (29 in) tall and made of silver, measuring 11 kg (24 lb). The outlining of the trophy is finished by Jörg Stadelmann, a diamond setter from Bern, Switzerland, later the first trophy was come back to Real Madrid in 1966 in valuation for their six titles to date, and cost 10,000 Swiss francs.

In the seasons 2012-2013, there were 40 gold and 40 silver decorations are granted to the Champions League victors, and furthermore for the runners-up.

Prize Money

UEFA Champion League Prize Money Distribution:

  • First qualifying round: €220,000
  • Second qualifying round: €320,000
  • Losers third qualifying round: €420,000
  • Losers play-off round: €3,000,000
  • Winners play-off round: €2,000,000
  • Base fee for group stage: €12,700,000
  • Group match victory: €1,500,000
  • Group match draw: €500,000
  • Round of 16: €6,000,000
  • Quarter-finals: €6,500,000
  • Semi-finals: €7,500,000
  • Losing finalist: €11,000,000
  • Winning the Final: €15,500,000

This implies, best case scenario, a club can procure.

€57,200,000 of prize cash, not including shares of the qualifiying rounds, play-off round or potentially the market pool. As no club will win the UEFA Champions League in 2016–17 without dropping focuses in the gathering stage, no club will win this quite a bit of cash.

An expansive piece of the dispersed income from the UEFA Champions League is connected to the “showcase pool”, the dissemination of which is controlled by the estimation of the TV advertise in every nation. For the 2014–15 season, Juventus, who were the runners-up, earned about €89.1 million altogether, of which €30.9 million was prize cash, contrasted and the €61.0 million earned by Barcelona, who won the competition and were granted €36.4 million in prize cash.


The UEFA Champions League Anthem officially known as Champions League and lyrics written by Tony Britten in 1992.


UEFA arrange English author Tony Britten to compose an anthem for champion’s group. In August 1992 the anthem is initiated. A Coronation Anthem Handel’s Zadok the Priest is adjusted by the author and a piece is led by London’s Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and the melody sung by The Choir of St. Martin-in-the-Fields. UEFA’s three authority dialects incorporated into theme are:

  • English
  • French
  • German


Prior to each diversion the song of devotion’s chorale is played. TV telecasters additionally play the song of praise previously, then after the fact the diversion. In Champions League last Special vocal renditions has performed live with Italian verses, by changing host nation dialect for the tune. These renditions were performed by

  • Andrea Bocelli (Rome, 2009)
  • Juan Diego Flores (Madrid, 2010)
  • All Angels (London, 2011)
  • Jonas Kaufmann and David Garrett (Munich, 2012)

The anthem is farthest point to 3 minutes in length with two short forms and melody. The first form of anthem never been discharged in business way. In 2002, the collection which was discharged as World Soccer Anthemshas a unique tune topic (Zadok the Priest) which can be tuned in at foundation of st martin in the fields melody.



  • Ce sont les meilleures équipes
  • Sie sind die allerbesten Mannschaften
  • The main event
  • Die Meister
  • Die Besten
  • Les Grandes Équipes
  • The Champions
  • Une grande réunion
  • Eine große sportliche Veranstaltung

The main event

  • Ils sont les meilleurs
  • Sie sind die Besten
  • These are the champions

Chorus (2x):

  • Die Meister
  • Die Besten
  • Les Grandes Équipes
  • The Champions


  • These are the best teams
  • They are the very best teams
  • The main event
  • The champions
  • The best
  • The great teams
  • The champions
  • A large gathering
  • A great sporting event
  • The main event
  • They are the best
  • They are the best
  • These are the champions

Chorus (2x):

  • The champions
  • The best
  • The great teams
  • The champions

UEFA Champions League Association Ranking

13Czech Republic32.925
38Bosnia and Herzegovina7.1251
41Republic of Ireland5.450
46Northern Ireland4.500
49Faroe Islands3.625
54San Marino0.333

UEFA Champions League