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Indian Railways Tatkal Rules

Indian Railways provide train tickets, under this Tatkal Rules.

Indian railroads tatkal rules begins five days before the date of excursion barring date of trip. Indian Railways Tatkal rules office opens at 10 AM toward the beginning of the day.

Traveler needs reservation under tatkal rules require not deliver any identity proof nither at the season of saving nor amid the Traveling.

As an option of full mentor being apportioned as Tatkal Coach, there will be Tatkal standard in each prepare in 2A, 3A, AC Chair Car and sleeper classes

Indian Railways Tatkal Coach & Quota

  • 2 AC – 4 berths per coach
  • 3 AC – 6 berths per Coach
  • AC Chair Car – 6 seats per coach
  • SL – 10% of the accommodation on one coach which is less

As per Indian Railways tatkal rules, the ordinary usage of tatkal accommodationin above said classes of the trains amid a half year time frame i.e. April to September is 80% or more, tatkal charges substantial amid this period will be charged during the time i.e. for both pinnacle and non crest period.

Settlement to be dispensed under Indian Railways tatkal standards ought to be enhanced as under

Tatkal Scheme

Class of Travel Minimum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.) Maximum Tatkal Charges (in Rs.)
Second (sitting) 10.00 15.00
Sleeper 75.00 150.00
AC Chair Car 75.00 150.00
AC 3 Tier 200.00 300.00
AC 2 Tier 200.00 300.00
Executive 200.00 300.00

Tatkal Accommodation

Classes No. of berths to be allocated where the utilization of Tatkal accommodation is more than 80%
SL 20% of the vacant/available accommodation
2 AC 10 Berths Per Coach
3 AC 16 Berths Per Coach
AC Chair Car 16 Seats  Per Coach
  • There is no unmistakable prepare called Tatkal. Concurring to Indian Railways tatkal rules, the unused tatkal amount will be designated to travelers who distributed hold up posting status ticket.
  • Indian Railways tatkal charges have been updated according to Indian Railways Tatkal rules

Tatkal Charges

Classes Existing (in Rs.)
Peak period (1st April to 31st July & 1st Sept. to 31st Jan.) Non-Peak period
(1st Feb. to 31st March & 1st Aug. to 31st Aug.)
2 AC 300 200
3 AC 300 200
AC Chair Car 150 75
Garib Rath AC 3-tire(GR) 300 200
AC chair car 150 75
SL 150 75

Tatkal Reservation Rules

  • The reservation shall be accessible just before the season of diagrams planning comes beneath this Indian Railways tatkal rules.
  • The time bound will be the same as appropriate for discount of normal tickets for yielding discounts.
  • Refunds – 25% of aggregate ticket sum, without tatkal charge will be discounted on cancelation of tatkal ticket, 24 hours before the calendar prepare flight. Then again, full discount of sum and tatkal charges will be returned on the tickets reserved under this Indian Railways Tatkal controls in the accompanying circumstances.
  • In the event that the prepare is postponed by over 3 hours at the trip beginning stage of the traveler and not the boarding point if the traveler’s voyage beginning stage and boarding point are extraordinary.
  • On the off chance that the prepare is running in an alternate heading and traveler isn’t set up to movement.
  • In the event that the prepare is running in an alternate course and voyager boarding station, the goal or both the stations are not in the comparative bearing.
  • If there should arise an occurrence of non connection of mentor in which Tatkal convenience has been allotted and the traveler has not been provided accommodation in a similar class.
  • On the off chance that the explorer isn’t willing to movement who has been given settlement in bring down class.
  • In the event that the explorer going in bring down class will be given discount of various of charge and furthermore the distinctive of Indian Railways Tatkal rules.
  • The Indian Railways Tatkal principles will be done just from Starting Station to Destination Station of the prepare with boarding office from halfway station. Be that as it may, Zonal railroads have been given the alert of forcing impediments on tatkal booking regarding essential prepares as end-to-end or keeping it free or forcing separation limitation and so forth.
  • Earlier data on accessibility, over all usage of the room in the prepare.