Anandiba Aur Emily 20th September 2022 Written Update

Anandiba Aur Emily 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update:

The Episode begins with Anandi getting dazed. Gunjan says I know how to make Anandi’s BP fine. Gulab sits and says you didn’t request that everybody go. Gunjan requests that Gulab leave. She requests that Anandi burst out her displeasure today. Aarav requests that Emily come inside. Emily says no, Anandi is irate. He inquires as to for what reason did you say all that before her, why. She says I can’t tell you. He says you come and express sorry to Emily. She says I can’t, I m trapped in an issue. Gunjan says Emily went against you before everybody, I was crying inside when this was going on, I returned to the room and cried once more. She cries. She says she has responded to you. Anandi says OK. Gunjan says I can comprehend, why you didn’t acknowledge Emily as your bahu, she can never grasp our traditions and culture. Anandi asks what will we do now. Gunjan says she said she would leave her better half assuming that he goes uncovered, you acknowledged Emily to regard marriage yet she doesn’t esteem marriage, she said she will break marriage, we will check whether she does this, you ought to clarify this for her basically. Anandi asks how. Gunjan says we will make Aarav bare, then we will see what Emily does. Anandi says OK, you are correct, on the off chance that we request that Aarav get uncovered, he will not concur, yet Emily ought to know the worth of relations, you discover some thought. Gunjan says you know I m honest, I don’t get such poorly conceived notions, I will attempt, favor me, I will just come. She goes thinking I previously had a thought as a top priority. She says Aarav will lose his hair and afterward Emily will leave. Emily calls Kanha. He shows up.

Payal comes. She says I can comprehend, you went to help companion and stalled out, have the tea now. She requests that Emily keep the cabinet close. Emily searches for Kanha once more. He says I m here in other pantry. She says you came to tackle my concern or play find the stowaway. She tells about Priyanka’s matter. She says this happened as a result of you. He says I didn’t request that you lie, you are helping the frail, you don’t get apprehensive at this point. She says I heard it however didn’t have the foggiest idea. He says it’s the issue with everybody. She asks where did you go. Gunjan gets some information about the hair evacuation cream. She says one jug is sufficient. The woman says its get one get one free, keep both the containers. She goes. Anandi comes and says Gunjan, I m inclination awful to do this with Aarav. Gunjan says his life will improve assuming that Emily leaves. Anandi says OK, what thought did you think. Gunjan says no, I don’t get such duping thoughts, I consider everybody’s great, I will believe assuming that you order. Anandi acclaims her. She asks will I give a thought. Gunjan snickers. She says you need to come up with such impractical notions to remove Emily, what was your take. Anandi says we will advise Aarav to get bare, he got lice in his hair. Gunjan says you are so blameless to get kiddish thoughts, pass on everything to nature. Anandi goes. Pinky comes and gets some information about the cream. Gunjan supposes on the off chance that I tell her, she can tell Anandi. She says its cleanser. She requests that Pinky let her know if anybody is coming, she will proceed to keep the cleanser bottle in Aarav’s room. She says Aarav is instructed, he will peruse the hair evacuation cream. Pinky sees Aarav coming. Anandi asks what’s happening with you. Pinky says I m watching Aarav.

Anandi says its late now, the bird has flown. Pinky says I m searching for the home, my hair cleanser moved past, I requested that Gunjan get it, is this for me. Pinky says OK. Anandi takes the container and goes. Gunjan eliminates the name. She hears Aarav coming. She stows away and leaves from that point. She gets some information about the jug. Pinky says I have given it to Anandi. Gunjan asks what, it was hair evacuation cream, Anandi will get uncovered on the off chance that she applies it. She hurries to stop Anandi. She says somebody came to meet you. Anandi says I will clean up and come. Gunjan says on the off chance that she goes uncovered, she won’t leave us. The two of them cry. Emily says thanks to Payal. Payal says Examiner Dipen is additionally with us, I called him here. Emily tells about Priyanka’s matter, she needs separate, her significant other beats her. He says I will capture him. She says she simply needs a separation, she doesn’t need her capture. Payal says she is acting that she is leaving him for being bare. Emily says I maintain that he should get rebuffed after separate. He says your work will be finished, will you leave your significant other assuming that he goes uncovered. Emily thinks I need to leave him in the event that this occurs, so I ask nothing happens to Aarav’s hair. Anandi emerges from the washroom. Gunjan and Pinky worriedly check her out. They all shout. They see Anandi’s hair fine. Gunjan inquires as to for what reason did you shout. Anandi says there is reptile behind the mirror. Gunjan and Pinky pull her hair and check. They concoct a rationalization. Anandi asks did you consider something. Gunjan says OK. Anandi says its Emily and my battle now.