Anandiba Aur Emily 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with Emily saying Anandi said you converse with Gopi baba moreover. He says I stay in everybody’s heart, you will know reality when you meet him, take no uncertainty as a primary concern. She asks what will I say when I meet him. He says Master is Master for an understudy, he has a lot of information. She says its troublesome yet I will attempt. He favors her and goes. Aarav says a portable organization will prepare 100 individuals in America and afterward give them occupations in India. Jaman says I heard it. Aarav says I won’t return. Jaman says however they will take 1 lakh rupees. Aarav says I will organize it, when I go there, I will call mum and Emily too.

Emily remembers the lines. Anandi looks on. She gets frightened. Emily asks when will your Master ji, will I make nourishment for him. Anandi says no, I will tell you. Emily goes. Anandi says she looks ordinary. Gunjan says make her out of the house. Anandi says we will ask baba. Gunjan stresses. Gulab returns home. Anandi and Pinky see his shaded face and get frightened. He lets them know what occurred. She requests that he change garments and come, they will meet Gopi baba. They generally come and meet Gopi baba.

Gopi requests that they sit. He does showcasing of his items. He tricks individuals and takes gifts. Gulab sees his theatrics and says it’s a supernatural occurrence. He says I will leave Parimal baba, you are my baba currently, give me a chunri and favor me. The woman requests that Gulab get gold bangles first and afterward he will get favors. Gulab says I don’t have status to purchase gold bangles. Baba makes him out of the corridor. Gopi requests that Anandi come. Anandi gives the gold bangles. Guddi requests the gift of 2 lakhs. Anandi says I will get it, I have some devil work with Baba ji. Gopi requests that she say. Anandi says Emily converses with the air, I think she is impacted by some soul. He says its fine, we will ask Kanha now. Gunjan stresses. Pinky says we will go at this point. He acts and tells Anandi’s concern. He says there is a soul on Emily. Gunjan grins and says he is extortion, its great as far as we’re concerned. He says I will return home, take cash and make the soul away. She asks is the soul doesn’t go. He says the soul will go, else Emily will leave. At home, Gunjan and Pinky carry on like Gopi and giggle. She says we will see what Gopi baba does tomorrow.

Its morning, Gulab invites Gopi baba home. Gopi panics them of soul. Gunjan says this baba is a show ruler. Gulab says give me a less expensive choice than the gold bangles. Anandi says you control the soul. Gopi says soul is perilous. He says Kanha has come, he is getting some information about the two lakhs. Anandi says I have the cash from the bank. She gives the cash. Emily comes and serenades Kanha’s lines. Anandi says Emily has a soul on her. He says I can see it after her, its risky, I will control her, sit back and relax. Guddi says the cash all out is 2 lakhs. Emily inquires as to for what reason did you take cash from Anandi. Gopi says I will fix marbles in the ashram and satisfy the aficionados. Emily says sorry, cash is expected to show the children. He says its Krishna’s order to me, how might I conflict with him, he is there. He deceives them and keeps the cash taken care of. Emily asks where did the cash go. He says he took the cash. She remembers to figure out how he is seeing Krishna.

Anandi’s memento tumbles down. Gunjan says the canine has eaten the jewel. Anandi yells.