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Anupama 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Leela gets back from Anupama’s home and cries expressing even subsequent to arguing Anupama over and again, she didn’t send Anupama with her. Samar looks stunned seeing a message. Anuj prepares for office. Barkha says today Sunday. Anuj says occasion is for workers and not chief. He lets Ankush know that he will visit office with him as he needs to be aware of the new undertaking Ankush took up in his nonappearance. Anupama takes care of him sweet curd and says she will arrive at office in some time. Anuj gets some information about him as GK will go along with him soon. He leaves with Ankush. Anupama thinks Anuj is attempt go recuperate soon to reduce her weight and implores god to safeguard Anuj. Samar calls Anupama and illuminates her that Toshu has gone out and was looking at ending it all. He says he and Vanraj are going looking for Toshu and requests that she illuminate him assuming she tracks down any data about Toshu. Kinjal panics catching wind of Toshu’s self-destructive inclinations and fears for his life. Anupama attempts to quiet him down saying she realizes her child better and he won’t ever end it all. She requests that she deal with herself and Arya and not make a fuss over anything more.

At the workplace, Anuj reprimands Ankush for not beginning even a solitary venture in his nonattendance. Ankush says staff was on celebration occasions. Anuj reprimands Ankush that he was in the middle of scheming against him with Barkha, so he should possess not tracked down energy for work. He cautions to give him forthcoming reports subtleties at this moment. Ankush gets strained and trusts something happens that makes Anuj leave the workplace soon. Back at Shah house, Leela panics finding out about Toshu missing and his self-destructive inclinations. Anupama arrives at Shah house and requests that she quiet down as nothing will happen to Toshu. Leela hollers assuming that something happens to Toshu. Anupama asks so what, she ought to quit overreacting pointlessly. Leela questions her parenthood. Anupama inquires as to whether she ought to stress for a her child childhood and denounced her, Leela never scrutinized Toshu’s bad behavior and is accusing a casualty all things considered. Vanraj and Samar return and illuminate they couldn’t track down Toshu.

Kinjal keeps on stressing for Toshu. Barkha conditions her that Toshu is genuinely powerless and sincerely feeble individuals endeavor self destruction, so Kinjal ought to conclude whether she ought to save her marriage or heed Anupama’s guidance and lose her significant other. She trusts Anupama crashes and burns. Anupama calls Anuj and illuminates him about Toshu taking steps to end it all and has disappeared. Anuj asks how might she be so quiet being a mother. Anupama asks what else she can do. Anuj asks her not to stress a lot over Kinjal as he is returning home at the present time. Leela keeps on shouting at Anupama. Anupama trusts Toshu doesn’t do what she is thinking. Anuj gets back and solaces Kinjal. Barkha lets Ankush know that their theatrics doesn’t end by any stretch of the imagination. Ankush says he was petitioning get Anuj out of office soon as he was addressing about his work like a severe chief. Kinjal says she is stressed for Toshu. Anuj guarantees nothing will happen to Toshu.

Vigorously inebriated Toshu arrives at there and attempt to coerce Kinjal inwardly. Anuj cautions him to dare not go into his home until Kinjal grants him. Toshu says he can’t survive without Kinjal and Pari and needs to meet Pari at this moment. Anuj inquires as to whether he is tanked. Toshu concurs. Kinjal asks how might come to meet Pari when he is tanked. Tohu says he doesn’t have the foggiest idea what he is doing and powerfully lifts Pari while Kinjal and Anuj attempt to stop him. Toshu drops Pari. Kinjal holds Pari and yells assuming he is frantic. Anuj puls Toshu away and cautions him to stop his theatrics. Toshu picks a blade and compromises Kinjal to go with him home or probably he will end it all. Anupama enters and requests that he try to end it all then, at that point.

Precap: Toshu undermines Anupama that she will experience like he is enduring at this point. Anupama cautions him not to cross his cutoff points or probably she will fail to remember that he is her child.