Anupama 27th September 2022 Written Update

Anupama challenges Toshu to end it all. She says there is an all the more sharp blade in the kitchen as an organic product blade he is holding is exceptionally obtuse. Toshu requests that she cut his wrist like she destroyed his life. Anupama cautions him not to fault her in the wake of doing sins and inquires as to for what reason didn’t he end it all when he was meandering alone for 2 days. She asks how dare he is to come inebriated before his better half and child. Anuj expresses out loud whatever else they can anticipate from such kids. She reprimands Anuj with a long talk how he committed sin, attempting to cause her to feel remorseful for his transgressions, and upsetting entire family; how men like him genuinely and intellectually torment their spouses, and so on. Leela curses Anupama not surprisingly. Hasmukh reprimands her for her hypocritic conduct and cautions her not to revile Anupama. Vanraj feels worried for Toshu and says any dad doesn’t maintain that his child should kick the bucket.

Anupama keeps on tonguing lash Toshu with a 50-page long talk quickly depicting how he is simply making a show going about as attempting to end it all and upsetting his better half. She cautions him to escape her home. Toshu breaks things, yells he won’t go from that point, and reviles Anupama for strongly holding Kinjal. Anuj loses his control, pins him to a couch and asks how dare he is to blame Anupama. He says he can break things or make show, however shouldn’t try to denounce Anupama. He requests that Anupama call Vanraj and lets Vanraj know that his ruined has come here in an intoxicated state and is alarming Kinjal, attempting to grab child, and breaking things here; Vanraj ought to come here and take his dead from here and if his done does any more show here, he will fail to remember that done for is Anupama’s girl. Toshu yells Anuj can call the police or anybody he needs to.

Kinjal takes Arya to her room and says it was simple for a spouse to take a choice, however as need might arise to safeguard her girl. She is sorry Arya for making her see this show. Toshu requests that he won’t leave until Kinjal goes with him home. Vanraj enters and says he will go from here. Barkha with Ankush strolls down and asks Adhik how can he realize that Vanraj is coming. Adhik says Pakhi informed him. Ankush says its significant for them that Anuj lashes out on Anupama than Vanraj. Vanraj reprimands Toshu and hauls him away. Barkha examines how could Vanraj do with next to no show. Anupama says sorri sorri to Anuj. Anuj leaves smoldering, without answering anything. Barkha says Anuj is disturbed on even Anupama. Ankush says its great for them.

Vanraj brings Toshu back home. Toshu proceeds with his theatrics in an intoxicated expressed. Leela and others attempt to quiet him down. Vanraj separates before Hamush and says today he understood what Hasmukh probably felt when he ventured out from home ignorant; he used to see himself as solid, yet he can’t endure his child endeavoring to end it all and destroying destruction at somebody’s home. He used to feel irate seeing somebody’s youngsters behaving like Toshu and figured the reason why don’t they truly kick the bucket, yet today he understood how its unimagination and afraid so that guardians could see this kids in this condition. Anupama offers medication to Anuj. Anuj says he isn’t furious on her however an everyday show. He embraces and solaces her. Tere Naam… melody plays behind the scenes.

Precap: Toshu compromises Anupama that she will experience like he is enduring at this point. Anupama cautions him not to cross his cutoff points or, more than likely she will fail to remember that he is her child.