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Banni Chow Home Delivery 24th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Yuvan and Banni dance sincerely for a promotion shoot on Tumko Paya Hai.. melody. Everone watch their holding and provide them with a noisy show of approval. Chief commendations Yuvan. Devraj spoils Yuvan. Rohan takes Yuvan’s medication on Agastya’s requests. A staff knocks on him, and the medication bottle tumbles down. Agastya quietly drops his hanky on the medication jug and picks it quietly. Banni strolls to them. Rohan acclaims Banni and Yuvan’s dance. Banni expresses gratitude toward Agastya for aiding Yuvan and being his guide. Agastya says he is regarded and feels glad to fix things, for himself. Banni illuminates Yuvan that Agastya is his tutor for the show. Yuvan cheerfully lifts Agastya and says thanks to him. Agastya says he is Yuvan’s companion from today and requests that Shruti select a tune and instrument for Yuvan’s most memorable round. Yuvan keeps on feeling cheerful.

Rohan tells Agastya that Yuvan’s family looks certified. Agastya says these boneheads are acting great in the wake of realizing that his dad is a maker and attempting to get into his and his dad’s great books. He says Shaking Star is his brainchild, yet he was removed from the show by his dad due to these simpletons; he will ensure they are refuted and his father reaccepts him. Rohan says when he can get Yuvan out of rivalry tomorrow itself without giving him medications, for what reason is he doing a mentorship show. Agastya says he needs to get greatest payback from them. Banni gives medication to Yuvan and requests that he practice melody. Rohan illuminates Agastya that he enquired about Yuvan’s medication with Yuvan’s primary care physician who informed that Yuvan is given this medication since youth to monitor him, there is no mischief to his life in the event that he doesn’t get this medication; he supplanted medication with multivitamin pills quietly and Banni won’t question them. Agastya says its smarter to be a juvenile victor than an experienced failure, so he will succeed at any expense.

Charmie inquires as to whether she will fail to remember her when Yuvan turns into a rockstar. Banni says their relationship is like sabji and salt’s, sabji is dull without salt. Viraj goes into Yuvan’s room and keeps his violin on a pantry and takes cover behind the cabinet. Yuvan battles to pick it. Manini gets back. Banni insults Manini depicts how Yuvan’s promotion shoot was fruitful without her. Yuvan attempts to pick his violin and tumbles down harming his shoulder. He yells in torment. Viraj quietly gets away from out of Yuvan’s room. Banni hurries to Yuvan’s room and helps him. Manini signals Viraj in the event that the assignment is finished. He gestures yes. The two of them sneer.

Specialist visits Yuvan and recommends not to allow his hand to move and to deal with his hand. Manini goes about as worried for Yuvan. Banni goes to get milk for Yuvan. Devraj asks how could he get harmed. Yuvan portrays the entire episode and requests B anni. Banni enters with milk and feeds him. Manini requests that Viraj illuminate Shaking Star coordinators that Yuvan sadly can’t take an interest this time. Yuvan and Banni cry and solace one another.

Precap: Banni illuminates Agastya that Yuvan can’t perform tomorrow. Agastya says he needs to meet Yuvan and tells Rohan that Yuvan’s diversion will go on after the tune. Banni takes Yuvan to meet him.