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Bhagya Lakshmi 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Bhagya Lakshmi 20th September 2022 Written Episode Update: The Police Catches The Terrorists

The Episode begins with Rishi requesting that Lakshmi care for her life and go, and let him kick the bucket. Lakshmi yells Rishi and says on the off chance that you are alive, I’m alive. Mohnish says enough, you both do a great deal of show. Official Deshmukh comes to meet Home Pastor. Home Clergyman requests that he sit. Magistrate tells what is going on is exceptionally awful. Home Pastor says I saw that certain individuals are protesting. Chief educates him concerning Mohnish’s interest to deliver these three fear monger. He shows their photographs to Home Pastor and tells that Mohnish is exceptionally risky than them. He then, at that point, calls ACP and says choice is taken, requests that he follow through with something. The psychological militants sit in the Police jeep. They tell that Mohnish got them liberated, they will make more Mohnish and will get payback from Police first.

ACP calls Mohnish. Mohnish requests that he call him Mohnish Bhai and give the uplifting news, else prepare for Rishi’s last ceremonies. ACP says uplifting news for you, your three companions are delivered and requests that he leave every one of the prisoners. Mohnish says alright and requests that he organize helicopter and vehicles. ACP inquires as to why? Mohnish asks him not to inquiry him and figures he won’t tell them how they will go. He gives the uplifting news to his psychological militants. Rano requests that Mohnish leave Rishi and Lakshmi. Abhay says leave us moreover. Mohnish says we will free them, when we leave from here, however we will give the gift prior to going from here, and it will be Rishi and lakshmi’s demise. He points firearm at Rishi and Lakshmi.

Dadi, Devika, Neha and others are asking outside the court. The columnist tells that Rishi’s Dadi is appealing to God for everybody’s security. Overseer asks ACP, you had said that three psychological militants were liberated. ACP says we are not silly to leave them, so they can develop the dread. He says we will offer the response to end their psychological warfare. He says they will hanged today even, rather than tomorrow. He says Mohnish is commending his triumph. Controller says we will head inside.

Mohnish lets Rishi know that on the off chance that he kills Lakshmi, you will bite the dust yourself. Rishi says kill me, however not Lakshmi. Lakshmi yells Rishi. Mohnish says I will give you a difficult demise, I know the amount you love her, and I need to see torment of her passing in your eyes, and that is the reason will kill her first. Rishi says don’t kill her, kill me. Lakshmi requests that Rishi be quiet. Mohnish takes out certain slugs from the firearm, leaving 1 shot in it. He says Gabbar Singh showed this game to everybody, lets check whether she will get passing or not. He shoots, yet projectile isn’t there. Rishi yells Lakshmi. The Police is coming inside.

Malishka lets everybody know that they will effectively save their lives. She says we will face challenge, else we as a whole will bite the dust. She says in the event that we get saved, can save Rishi and Lakshmi. Ayush says you are correct. Ahana says this is the right opportunity to follow through with something. Shalu says in the event that Di has chance. Ayush says we will not acknowledge rout. Shalu says OK. Malishka asks what? Ayush says we will blindfold the fear based oppressors. Karishma says how we will do? Sonia says for this, we need to go close to them. Virender says smart thought. Once more, mohnish shoots, however there is no slug once more. He says Lakshmi bhagya, she is saved once more. He says three projectiles are in the weapon. The women tear their pallu and dress to blindfold the psychological militants, while the men take their handkerchieves. Rishi requests that Lakshmi shoot him. Lakshmi says no, kill me. Rishi says don’t pay attention to her, shoot me. Lakshmi sees everybody strolling towards the psychological militants. Ayush, Virender, Neelam and others blindfold the psychological militants and attempt to grab their weapons. Ayush attempts to take weapon from Mohnish and the slug is shot, and stirs things up around town. Rishi gets liberated. Ayush checks the weapon out. He requests that Rishi make samosa of the thugs, till he makes chutney. Mohnish opens his blindfold and yells requesting that they stop. Rishi points weapon at Mohnish. Mohnish says there was only 1 slug in it and calls him absurd. Virender kicks the weapon and calls Lakshmi. Lakshmi picks the weapon and focuses on Mohnish. Rishi requests that she shoot him. Mohnish says she didn’t kill even a mosquito yet, and will kill me.

Rishi, Ayush and Virender request that Lakshmi shoot Mohnish. All at once the projectile is taken shots at Mohnish’s hand. Shalu and Ahana go to Lakshmi. The ACP comes there and points firearm at Mohnish. Mohnish says you said that my companions are liberated. ACP says they deceived get some time. Rishi says you merit the disloyalty. Virender says Lakshmi, you took shots with perfect timing. Lakshmi says she didn’t shoot. Ayush says extremely disheartening. Ahana and Ayush request that she shoot him. Rishi says Overseer is here, what you are doing. Virender lets Mohnish know that his little girl can’t kill anybody, not even modest person like you, she will herself can have chance, however won’t shoot anybody. He slaps him and says this is from her Bauji’s side. He calls Neelam. Neelam additionally slaps Mohnish and says don’t think our nation individuals powerless and says in the event that anybody puts terrible sight on our country, we will clear off the sight. Lakshmi says I’m feeling terrible for your mom, kin and family who don’t could to be called you as their loved ones. She expresses out loud whatever is greater than anything is mankind. The ACP says your three companions will be hanged today. Mohnish calls Rishi as unpropitious. Lakshmi slaps him and says we as a whole are made by God, and asks how might individuals made by him is ominous, and asks him not to tell anybody as foreboding. Neelam looks on (as she had called Lakshmi unfavorable on various occasions).