Bhagya Lakshmi 21st September 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode begins with the correspondent telling that everybody is appealing to God for their families, as Police and Commandos headed inside. She says we can simply ask that everybody stuck inside come out securely. Dadi says nothing will happen to anybody. The Police make the fear based oppressors sit. Dadi tells that nothing will happen to anyone, and God will hear our requests, everybody will arrive at their families. Uday reclaims his portable which he had concealed to record, and thinks that it is off. He thinks don’t have any idea how much is recorded. The Police and Commandos bring the psychological militants out. Lakshmi and Rishi emerge from the court alongside the relatives and others. Dadi and Devika express gratitude toward Bappa. She says my family is saved, my children… She hurries to Rishi and embraces him. She then, at that point, embraces Lakshmi. Rishi says Lakshmi is harmed. Lakshmi says she is fine, as her approval was with them. Dadi embraces Ayush, Shalu, Bani, Rano. Kiran says it appears we aren’t anything to them. Abhay says Malishka isn’t yet their loved ones. Malishka says I believed Lakshmi’s part is over today, either Mohnish will shoot her or she will get detainment. Dadi embraces Virender. Rishi lets Lakshmi know that even he felt cheerful seeing her safe. He says when Mohnish had pointed weapon at her, he was unable to communicate in words, how he felt and can’t imagine losing her. Lakshmi says you don’t have to say, your eyes talking all. She says even your eyes. He wipes her tears. Dadi embraces them and favors them to remain together consistently. Balwinder thinks he has seen the passing from close, and thinks even today Lakshmi has saved Rishi. He believes on the off chance that she was written in my life, would have safeguarded me. He remembers to leave from that point.

The ACP appreciates the oberois for battling with the fear based oppressors and visually impaired collapsing them to save everybody. Virender says it is each resident’s obligation, tells that they were terrified yet. Ayush says Lakshmi and Rishi are their motivation. Ahana says they didn’t lose the strength anytime and was terrified for one another, however not so much for self. Virender says he feels pleased with them. Malishka says she has propelled everybody and requested that they battle with psychological oppressors. She adulates herself. Ayush says it was his plan to blindfold the fear mongers. He then commends the Police. The correspondent says blindfolding the terrorists is difficult. Ayush tells that they are Oberois and says Malishka isn’t Oberoi. He says Lakshmi is Oberoi, my bhabhi, and their solidarity, fortitude and force to be reckoned with. The columnist asks Lakshmi what she might want to say. Lakshmi says they all adoration me and their affection is my solidarity and Rishi is my boldness. Rishi says Lakshmi has procured this adoration and she can give her life for them. He says individuals can’t prevent themselves from adoring her.

Uday checks the keep in which Lakshmi and Rishi requesting that Mohnish kill her/him and leave the other. Uday says we have a major news and says he didn’t comprehend that Lakshmi who is blamed for harming many individuals, why she will save individuals from fear based oppressors.

The correspondent gets some information about Mohnish’s expectations. Judge says Mohnish needed to get his companions liberated and furthermore to kill me. He was nearly killed me, however Rishi saved me and Lakshmi too. The correspondent says Oberois saved individuals. The adjudicator says he might want to say thanks to Oberois for not allowing any treachery to occur. Dadi requests that Lakshmi return home. Overseer comes there and says Lakshmi you need to accompany us to imprison. Ayush says she has saved many individuals today. Investigator says court will choose. Virender asks might we at any point bring her back home today. Judge says not legitimately, hearing will occur on the following date, till then she needs to remain in prison. Malishka thinks my predetermination has won, and figures Rishi will turn into hers. Rishi reviews his commitment made to Lakshmi and requests that Judge do hearing today itself. He says no foul play happened today in court, so shamefulness will not occur with Lakshmi, and asks until when she will be in prison. Judge says you are correct, Lakshmi’s hearing will happen today itself. Ayush asks Rishi, for what reason would he say he is doing this? Rishi says I have guaranteed Lakshmi that she will return home today. Ayush embraces him and says on the off chance that I love somebody, will adore like you. He requests that he grin. Rishi says I will grin, when Lakshmi returns home.

Neha and Rano get back home. Rano is lost in contemplations. Neha says Mother. Rano says I’m in my home, and says I’m live. Neha says its alive. Rano expresses same to same. She says you can’t feel that I was kicking the bucket or getting saved there. She says she saw huge weapons in genuine. Neha inquires as to whether Lakshmi showed dauntlessness there and inquires as to whether you individuals have blindfolded the fear mongers. Rano says OK, and says she needs to fail to remember this. She says I crushed passing and I’m live (alive). Neha thinks she is her mom. She turns off the television. Uday tells that he ran apprehensive from that point, however kept his telephone to record everything. He says I will give you news how we saw passing and crushed it. She sees Lakshmi shielding Rishi on television.

Karishma says why Rishi was anxious. Neelam says let the case end, Lakshmi will get rebuffed then we don’t need to see this court once more. Karishma says OK, then, at that point, Lakshmi and Rishi will separate and Malishka will wed him. Malishka thinks everything Rishi will say to now. Rishi lets the appointed authority know that they have thought twice about quality and amount and purchased bad quality stuff. He says I have informed the Culinary specialists and everybody that taste doesn’t make any difference, however benefits matter. He says they have begun utilizing lapsed things. Neha watches the news still.

Rishi tells that he constrained Lakshmi and she was unable to deny him. He says the food was not harmful, yet made individuals sick as it was old stuff. He assumes liability of the wrongdoing on himself as the inn is his. Lakshmi and others are stunned.