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Bhagya Lakshmi 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Shalu let Lakshmi know that they will know how the toxin came in the food and inquires as to whether somebody added it in the food quietly. Lakshmi reviews Balwinder’s words that he has verifications, and that she is honest. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Balwinder had said in court that I am blameless. Malishka converses with Rishi’s pic and says you will imprison because of Lakshmi. She says even God can’t grab you from me. Shalu asks who can trap you. Lakshmi says Balwinder was taking all Oberoi family name. Shalu says Oberoi family. Lakshmi says I was attempting to leave from that point. Shalu inquires as to whether Balwinder did this. Lakshmi says on the off chance that he had come, anybody would have seen him. She says they will distrust Balwinder and will converse with Culinary specialist Manish first, so they can discover a smart method for taking out Rishi from that point.

Malishka embraces Rishi and says today we have joined together. Rishi responds the embrace. It is Malishka’s fantasy and she says you are only mine. She then dreams that Lakshmi comes there and breaks her embrace with Rishi. She holds his hand and removes him from that point. Malishka says you can’t go from that point.

She emerges from the room running. Kiran asks what was the deal? There is no one here. She requests that she unwind and hydrate. Malishka says my Rishi and cries. Kiran says he is yours, no one is removing him from you. Malishka educates her regarding her fantasy and says Lakshmi grabbed Rishi from me. She says he doesn’t see me, don’t have any idea what sorcery she has done on Rishi. Malishka says Rishi is seeing Lakshmi’s doings, yet entirely not mine. Kiran says Neelam has seen every one of your endeavors. Malishka says in the event that Lakshmi gets Rishi liberated. Kiran says at whatever point he gets liberated, you will advance your hand and Rishi will believe that you was sitting tight for him. She says the individual is fruitful who doesn’t feel vulnerable. Malishka asks what I will do, will I prevent Lakshmi from getting Rishi liberated. Kiran says no.

Lakshmi goes to God and says she needs to get rishi liberated and bring him back home. She tells that she will get him liberated. Karishma faults her and says Rishi is in prison because of you, and presently you are asserting that you will get him liberated. She says Neelam bhabhi has shut herself in room and have eaten food yesterday as we argued infront of her. She says there is a dread because of you. Lakshmi says she will get him liberated definitely. Karishma says how you will do this, on the off chance that you don’t do, then… will you do as I say. Lakshmi says alright, and says I will get him liberated. Ayush stops Lakshmi and inquires as to whether Lakshmi got Rishi liberated then will you do what Lakshmi bhabhi requests that you do. Lakshmi says how you are conversing with her, she is your mom. Ayush says in the event that she is my mom, will say anything. Lakshmi says Ayush. Ayush goes. Karishma says my child is against me because of you.

Ayush respects Shalu as she is working in the kitchen. He comes inside and keeps her dupatta on the shoulder appropriately. Tune plays… Ishq hai ya… .Ayush asks what Shalu, what work is on. Shalu asks didn’t you see? Ayush gets out anything that I am seeing is awesome and checks her out. Shalu grins. Ayush says the food is great interaction by you and says this is your most memorable time that you are making food. He asks will you make delicious food? Shalu asks what is your take? Ayush says it will be alright food. Shalu says then don’t contact it. Ayush says at whatever point Lakshmi bhabhi isn’t at home, you come, make food and feed me. He says lets examine your compensation? Shalu runs behind him to hit him with besan. Ayush slams into Lakshmi and grumbles about Shalu. Lakshmi says first explain to me why you converse with your mom like that. Shalu says he don’t have habits. Ayush requests that she proceed to make rotis in kitchen. Shalu says he is run of the mill types and think that young lady’s place is in kitchen. Ayush says I won’t allow my significant other to go to kitchen. Lakshmi says who will cook then? Ayush says Shalu will cook. They contend. Lakshmi inquires as to for what reason do you generally battle? Ayush says we cry like Rishi bhai and you. Lakshmi goes. Ayush and Shalu coming to kitchen. They impact their head with one another. Ayush request that she show her head. Shalu says she is fine. Ayush says I will hit forcibly. Sonia checks them out.

Lakshmi advises Dadi that she really wants her favors to get Rishi liberated. Dadi favors Lakshmi and Rishi’s Jodi. Lakshmi requests that she have medication. She asks would you like to tell something for Rishi. Dadi says I love you. Lakshmi says Dadi. Dadi says she is current Dadi and can say I love you to Rishi. She says she needs to embrace him and simply supplicate that Rishi gets back home quick. She requests that she go. Sonia applauds and says it was exquisite scene. She says I need to impact your heads once more, and inquires as to whether she is behind her sibling. Ayush requests that Sonia think prior to saying. Shalu asks her not to cross her cutoff points. Sonia says you are here because of my father. Ayush says it is a lot of now, if it’s not too much trouble, leave before I fly off the handle. He expresses sorry to Shalu. Shalu says say nothing, nothing will occur because of me. She says everybody is stressed because of Rishi bhai as of now. Ayush says you ponder us.

Lakshmi comes to meet Rishi. The woman constable says I will send him. Lakshmi says that day Rishi has come to meet me and today I have come, thinks he is concerned here because of me, he took every one of the faults on himself. Rishi comes there and embraces Lakshmi firmly.