Imlie 28th September 2022 Written Update

Imlie feels miserable reviewing Narmada’s unpleasant words cautioning her not to contact Bhaskar Times News Paper. Sundar offers her news paper. She feels exceptionally blissful. He peruses her shayari/sonnet distributed in the news paper and asks how can she feel seeing her shayari distributed. She requests that he not to talk clearly and closes entryway. He says anybody would be blissful discover that she is a writer. She says a couple of will not and communicates her view. She says he is content with her ability however and shows every one of the assortments of her sonnets distributed. She says he peruses her sonnets as he is her bandar phupa/uncle, no one will peruse her sonnets. Atharv peruses her sonnet and says he saves every one of the sonnets of this writers and is looking for her, he figures he will find her soon. He thinks his hookline Cheeni composed these sonnets and asks when will she uncover her name.

Sundar keeps on commending Imlie’s ability. Arpita and Rupali stroll in. Sundar get anxious and conceal news paper, thinking they found out about her sonnets. Arpita says Imlie can’t conceal her old telephone and ought to purchase another one. She gives her charge card and demands her to purchase another telephone. Imlie wavers, however Arpita persuades her. Imlie says she will take Cheeni along and purchase another telephone for her as well. Rupali cautions her not to as she purchases another telephone consistently. Imlie takes Cheeni along. Cheeni feels invigorated seeing another telephone model and acts miserable saying Rupali will insult her for purchasing another telephone consistently. Imlie offers her new telephone in return of her old telephone. Cheeni inquires as to whether she truly believes should do that as she gives her stuff frequently. Imlie says she can give her beginning and end that has a place with her. Cheeni acts close to home and thinks Imlie is an idiot and valuable to her.

Rupali finds out about Cheeni controlling Imile and exhaust saying Cheeni grabs Imlie’s privileges generally. Anu strolls in and cautions her not to express anything against Cheeni being her natural auntie. Rupali says sisters ought to be really focusing on one another. Anu says Imlie grabbed Malini’s right and assuming that she is discussing balance, Cheeni ought to get half property share, however Imlie is getting everything and thus Cheeni needs to grab anything she can. Rupali says age has changed and subsequently even she ought to and stop her tricks. Anu says she will ensure Cheeni gets anything she merits. Rupali says she is safeguarding Cheeni from ruiing her own life like a genuine organic auntie.


Devika strolls to Atharv’s room and calls him DJ Arto. Atharv asks what has been going on with her today. Devika says his father is extremely content with him particularly after he saved Rupali’s marriage. Atharv says father never cherished him and ought to comprehend that he is grown up now and has his own needs. Devika says his father is concerned for his future and has headed off to some place for his better future. Rudra with Mahesh visits Rathore family. Sundar (calling them uncle??) invites them. Narmada calling Mahesh as bhaisaheb inquires as to whether Parul is fine. Mahesh says she is fine by god’s effortlessness. Anu sees Rudra and thinks what is a crorepati doing here. Rudra lets Narmada know that he came to look for something.

Atharv’s cousins menace him inquiring as to whether he has become hopelessly enamored. Atharv says he has become hopelessly enamored and requests that they assist him with finding his woman love as they additionally had gone to Parul’s wedding. They say their companion Tara should be knowing that young lady. He calls Tara and afterward series of different young ladies lastly gets an aunt’s number who says she can give him number of a beautiful young lady who went with that young lady. He calls Imlie and says he is looking through a young lady who helped Rupali. Imlie thinks who is he who is asking her own number, says that young lady’s name is Imlie. He inquires as to whether she can give Imlie’s number to him. Imlie attempts to say that she’s Imlie when Cheeni grabs her telephone and trades sims. Atharv views as number not reachable and trusts he finds her soon. Cousins insult assuming that they ought to illuminate family about the young lady. Atharv says at whatever point he views as her, he will illuminate family and let the young lady know that he adores her.