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Yeh Hai Chahatein 26th September 2022 Written Episode Update

Preesha lets Kalindi know that they realize she is pregnant. Kalini gets strained and says she isn’t pregnant. Preesha says they found out about her pregnancy and checked Kalindi’s heartbeat when she implodes and it is pregnant to discover that Kalindi. She says Kalindi’s sweetheart or spouse should be knowing why she caught Raj. Rudra says perhaps her sweetheart is behind this. He actually looks at Kalindi’s versatile and tracks down her beau’s photograph. He sends photograph to Vidyuth and requests that he find this man and hold him until he arrives at there. Vidyut asks who is this man. Rudra says he is Kalindi’s beau Go, Kalindi will uncover truth on the off chance that she sees Vidyuth with her sweetheart. Vidyuth calls Go acting like a dispatch kid and looks for his location. Go gives his location.