Yeh Hai Chahatein 27th September 2022 Written Update

Rudra tells Kalindi he is truly glad that she uncovered that Raj is her child’s dad. He goes about as irate on Raj for not illuminating him about his undertaking with Kalindi and asks Kalindi when and how could she meet Raj. Kalindi gets strained. Armaan fears Kalindi will uncover truth and inquires as to whether he needs to know how Kalindi and Raj got cozy and embarrass her. Rudra says he is shielding her rather from media as media would need to know how and when she met Raj, they will address even him as he is Raj’s guide; media will mark Kalindi’s child as ill-conceived assuming Kalindi neglects to show off her abilities. Preesha says he is correct and reviews Rudra playing same game with Kaveri to make her admits her falsehoods. Rudra asks Kalindi when she is excessively more established than Raj, is she attempting to trap him. Kalindi inquires as to for what reason would it be a good idea for her she respond to him.

Rudra requests that constable be proof as Kaveri’s admission and acknowledgment to wed Raj will demonstrate Raj blameless. He reminds Preesha how she saved him from Kaveri. Preesha recollects. Armaan gets strained seeing Preesha’s memory returning. Vidyuth brings Kalindi’s sweetheart Go and says Kalindi’s child has a place with Go and they can demonstrate it through DNA test. Rudra says he will call lab tech then, at that point. Vidyuth says he previously called lab tech. Kalindi overreacts and acknowledges that child has a place with Go and not Raj. Rudra inquires as to for what reason did she lie then, at that point. Kalindi says her and Go’s can’t satisfy their necessities with their income and can’t upbring a child, so she wanted to trap Raj and afterward shakedown Rudra for cash. Rudra says she can’t arrange for this by itself and there should be a brains behind her. Kalindi says she alone arranged it.

Rudra says assuming she had asked cash from her, he would have handily given it to her; presently she and her child will spoiled in prison. Kalindi argues Rudra not to send her to imprison. Preesha additionally Rudra not send Kalindi to imprison as she doesn’t maintain that Kalindi’s honest child should endure due to her wrongdoings. Rudra concurs and requests that Kalindi visit police headquarters and reclaim her objection. Vidyuth goes with her to bring Raj home after she reclaims her phony protest. Pihu thanks god that Raj is guiltless. Armaan asks how dare she is to mislead him that she will remain at Coppola Lodging and booked a lodging at Yellow Orchids. Preesha says Pihu needed to demonstrate Raj guiltless. Armaan says he was stressed for themselves and would himself have helped them rather than them taking Rudra’s assistance. Preesha says he wasn’t prepared to pay attention to Pihu by any means and this time she took a perfect individual’s assistance and aided an ideal individual.

Rudra welcomes Preesha and Armaan to go to his wedding at any expense. Armaan says he will to demonstrate that he truly has continued on. Preesha additionally concurs. Rudra thinks he believes that Preesha should go to his phony wedding and resuscitate her memory. Back home, Armaan illuminates Digvijay about this intend to go to Rudra’s wedding with Preesha to affirm Rudra truly needs to continue on. Digvijay requests that he take Preesha quickly to London. Armaan says Rudra is intending to resuscitate Preesha’s memory, yet he is giving twofold medication portion to Preesha to eradicate her memory. Preesha flushes away medication in chest and lets Pihu know that she can’t confide in both Rudra and Armaan and subsequently will utilize her own premonition to know reality. Pihu acclaims her thought. Rudra examines with family that they need to begin his wedding show to restore Preesha’s memory. Armaan decides to ensure that Preesdha’s memory doesn’t return.

Preeesha gets desirous seeing Rudra’s PDA with Vanshika during haldi custom. Saransh drops haldi on Preesha. Preesha goes to Rudra’s washroom to clean herself and get private with Rudra under shower. Arman stands stunned seeing that.