Dhaniwal Korma Recipe

Dhaniwal KormaCourse:
Side dishes
Preparation Time:
3 minutes
Indian Cuisine
1 Deep Pan To Cook And 1 Utensil To Blanch, Spatula.
Skill Level:
Quick And Easy

Dhaniwal Korma Ingredients

1 kg: Leg of lamb, 1 cup: Pure ghee, 1 cup: Cooked yogurt, 1/3 cup: Finely sliced onions, 1 tsp: Garlic, 5: Cloves, 7: Cardamoms, 12 ½ cups: Water, ½ tsp: Turmeric Powder, ¼ tsp: Saffron, ¼ tsp: Black pepper, 1 ½ tsp: Coriander, Salt and 3 tbsp: Green coriander (finely chopped). All these ingredients are required to add special flavor to dhaniwal korma dish.

Preparation Method for Dhaniwal Korma Recipe

Bring a profound skillet with some water and bubble it. Presently include the meat in the bubbling water and enable it to bubble for some time. Whiten the meat for 3 minutes and afterward deplete the rest of the water. Put the meat under running icy water and wash it. Keep the meat aside for some time.

Presently the subsequent stage is to cook the dhaniwal korma masala. Take a profound griddle; include the unadulterated ghee, cloves, green cardamoms, garlic, onion puree, cooked yogurt, coriander powder, saffron, salt and turmeric. Continue broiling this blend till oil overflows out. Presently add little water to the singed masala, yet make a point to include simply enough water for the meat to cook and just little water remains. When it reaches boiling point, include some dark pepper powder and mix it. Let the dhaniwal korma stew on low fire for 3 minutes. Decorate it with finely hacked coriander and serve hot.

Dhaniwal Korma runs well with hot chapattis or seared rice. Since it’s a thick sauce dish, many individuals want to eat it with chapattis.

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