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Coming of Age Day 2018


Happening to Age Day is praised in the period of January which falls on the second Monday of the month. This day is praised as a national occasion, particularly for those individuals who have recently ventured into adulthood. This day is exceptional for each individual as they move one step ahead of being a dependable individual from the general public. Prior the Coming of AgeDay was praised on January fifteenth yet later in 2000 it was changed to the second Monday of January.

There is an extraordinary service facilitated by the city legislature of Japan on the Coming of Age Day for grown-ups who have turned 20 years of age. In Japan if a man is 20 years of age, he/she is known to be a grown-up. Individuals who have quite recently turned twenty have the privilege to vote, they are additionally allowed to smoke and drink. Other than these things, this age is brimming with obligations also; thusly in the Japanese culture this age is given a great deal of significance. It resembles venturing into a more reasonable world and confronting distinctive circumstances.


2013 – January 14

2014 – January 13

2015 – January 12

2016 – January 11

2017 – January 9

2018 – January 8

2019 – January 14

2020 – January 13

Importance in Japanese Culture 

In Japanese culture, individuals hold special ceremonies to praise the coming of age day. Long back, when young men turn 15 years old they check as their adulthood, while for young ladies it was 13 years. In Japan, between1603-1868 which was known as the Edo time frame, young ladies used to paint their teeth black and young men used to trim their forelocks. Just by 1876, the age of 20 was considered as the legitimate age for venturing into adulthood.

In the present time, when men turn 20 years which is their coming of age day festivity, they get a kick out of the chance to dress in suits while ladies jump at the chance to dress in a conventional ensemble known as ‘furisode’. This is a unique kimono that has long sleeves and excellent plans. The conventional dress is worn by unmarried ladies. This dress is uniquely intended for ladies who are unmarried the furisode is considered to be formal dress which is worn when a young lady ventures into adulthood.

Ways to celebrate

  • In the event that you have recently turned twenty or known a companion who has turned twenty. Its opportunity for you to celebrate in the most ideal way you can.
  • You can do about doing insane things (however be sheltered) and commend your opportunity.
  • Go and feel free and gathering hard. Make this day as one of your most critical day in your life.
  • On the off chance that you know any part in your family is turning twenty, give a decent blessing to that individual.
  • On the off chance that anybody is more than twenty, at that point address them about the coming of age day. Tell them the significance.
  • You can likewise spruce up exceptional on this day, and go for an open function.
  • Attempt and connect with the greatest number of individuals as you would who be able to will turn twenty. Tell them about what you think about the coming of age day.

Despite the fact that many individuals would not know about this wonderful day, since now you think about it attempt and make other individuals mindful.