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National Butterfly Awareness Day 2019

Many of us like to see butterflies fluttering around flowers. It is unimaginable to see the world without the colorful butterflies. To preserve the population of butterflies and to promote the industry, a non-profit organization called The Association For Butterflies announced the National Butterfly Awareness Day.

Why This Day is celebrated?

The main purpose of National Butterfly Awareness Day is to raise peoples’ awareness of butterflies and their importance as pollinators and their place in nature. To accomplish the importance of this day, the first Saturday of June is declared as National Butterfly Awareness Day by AFB.

The Association For Butterflies works for the wellbeing of butterflies through conservation, research, and promotion of butterfly gardening and butterfly farmers. This day is set aside for all people throughout the United States to celebrate butterflies.

What should we do on This Day?

People of different age groups can celebrate National Butterfly Awareness Day through a variety of activities such as:

  • Plant a butterfly garden to help attract these beautiful insects.
  • Make people more aware of butterflies and their importance as pollinators through local newspapers, TV
  • stations and other media to help promote
  • National Butterfly Awareness Day.
  • Releasing butterflies is a sound ecological way to help increase the population during the warm months.
  • Discourage the use of pesticides.
  • Learn the study of a butterfly’s life cycle and the word “butterfly” in different languages.
  • Raise few butterflies in the classroom or at the end of the school year.

Butterflies are such captivating creatures and one can feel lucky to see many butterflies which are attracted to the flowers soaking up the sunshine that have become an enjoyable and spiritual addition to many events.