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National Nougat Day 2019

Nougat is a term used to depict an assortment of desserts made of sugar or nectar, cooked nuts and hacked candy-coated natural product. It tends to be chewy or hard relying upon its organization.

National Nougat Day, one of the well known nourishment occasions celebrated in the United States is commended on March 26th yearly. National Waffle Day is additionally booked around the same time. Nougat is like caramel in its consistency however somewhat light, chewy, and pink or white sugary treat or sugar glue. It incorporates slashed nuts or dried natural product.

It is an indivisible element of sweet treats. It can likewise be seen in other sustenance manifestations like cheesecake, frozen yogurt and so on. To make Nougat at home is fairly testing assignment. Sugar, corn syrup, nectar, egg whites, salt and vanilla are the elements of Nougat. It very well may be eaten for what it’s worth. It can likewise be made into a piece of candy. Including nuts covered with softened with chocolate makes the nougat more tasty.


Very little is thought about how or why National Nougat Day started. Almost no is thought about the cause of Nougat. The root of Nougat can be followed back to Ancient Rome. Torrone is the Italian word for nougat which was first recorded in Italy in 1441. It was at first made for the wedding of Francesco Sforza and Maria Bianca Visconti in Cremona.