National Sour Candy Day 2019

July 18 is National Sour Candy Day! Grown-ups and youngsters alike will appreciate lip-puckering, eye-watering flavors. Pick your preferred sharp treats and celebrate!

In the sweet world, sharp treat is the youthful, vivacious and fun individual from the sweet family. It stirs the taste buds and includes a punch of energetic vitality. Each flavor mix out there makes an amazing taste sensation. Shockingly, here and there a sweet treat conveys a wallopping tragic zap in a chomp measured tablet or sucker that goes on for a few minutes. Different occasions, it conveys a punch in a chewy structure. These fun harsh confections arrive in an assortment of fun shapes and sizes. From chewy contorts and ropes to sweet chomp measured pieces and straws, every one makes a novel delicious tang, without a doubt.

On this sweet occasion, rather than attempting standard treat, celebrate by attempting sharp sweets. It resembles having a birthday and not getting any more seasoned! In the event that you’ve tasted harsh sweet previously, attempt another flavor and find which one makes your mouth pucker the most! Will it be Cherry or Watermelon or possibly a mix of Tangerine-Lemonade? Definitely, July eighteenth is the ideal day to share any of the assortment of flavors the American Licorice Company brings to the table.

The most effective method to OBSERVE

Light up your day with some acrid treat. Actually, think about visiting a sweet shop and get a bagful. Offer with your companions or colleagues.


American Licorice Company established National Sour Candy Day in 2015 to commend all the scrumptious assortments of acrid confections and to urge everybody out them an attempt.