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World Hijab Day 2018

Hijab is the bit of material used to cover the head, by the Muslim ladies. Covering the head is the piece of the Muslim convention and numerous ladies feel that hijab is a piece of their character and their confidence. The day supports Muslim and non-Muslim ladies, around the world, wearing hijab and encountering it.

In spite of the fact that numerous non-Muslim individuals cover their make a beeline for various reasons, hijab wearing ladies confront a few issues as hijab was taken as persecution. Numerous individuals around the globe trusted the power towards the ladies made them wearing hijab. This made a way to abuse towards hijab wearing ladies and their anguish. In this way, hijab wearing ladies raised their voice saying hijab is a privilege of them.

When is World Hijab Day celebrated?

World Hijab Day is commended yearly on first of February.

Origin of the day

The day is built up by Nazma Khan who is additionally one among the sufferers. Much the same as numerous other hijab wearing ladies, she too experienced the harassing and abuse. In the wake of moving from Bangladesh to the U.S., appropriate from the tutoring she had been enduring in various routes because of the hijab. She was called with names and confronted odd looks. The tormenting was more awful after the fear based oppressor assault on September 11. This made her to consider the conceivable arrangements. Building up a day was one of the thoughts that struck her to influence the world to understand the sentiments of hijabi ladies. She made a site named ‘’. The hijab ladies share their stories on the stage.

Celebrations of the day

Before long the day got perceived and the day is getting celebrated the world over, in around 116 nations. Muslim ladies, who are not wearing hajib, and non-Muslim ladies are asked for to wear hajib to encounter it as a major aspect of the festivals. The site educates the place of the occasion and the members from various regions can participate in it. The site gave require stuff like leaflets and articles which can be utilized to arrange the occasion. Ladies from various nations share their festivals on the sites. Notwithstanding shopping centers and couple of associations likewise began praising the day asking the ladies among general society are requested to wear hajib and advance into the shoes of hajibi ladies for a day.

Importance of the day

Numerous nations trust that hajib is persecution. The ladies among these nations endure in various ways. For instance the female understudies of France were requested that not wear religious emblematic outfit as the nation prohibited religious image from schools; in United States ladies wearing hijab were focused on, mishandled and harassed after eleventh September occurrence; and even the nations among Egypt, where wearing hijab is a typical practice, the ladies not wearing hijab were given more unmistakable quality amid the apportioning of remote missions and of numerous different undertakings. Along these lines, the day has snatched awesome significance to help hijab wearing ladies.


  • One can pick any of the accompanying exercises
  • Lead any occasion or movement that assistance to the saying of the day
  • Take an interest in any of the occasion of the day
  • Take a stab at wearing hijab, in the event that you are not a hijab wearing ladies
  • Read the genuine stories of hijab wearing ladies from the sites
  • Contribute an article with respect to the occurrence you or your companions have encountered because of hijab wearing