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World Ocean Day 2017

As we as a whole know, our reality includes ¾th of water and ¼th of land. We have five seas and different oceans in this world, which make our standard life more secured and space for living.

Why World Ocean Day is Celebrated?

World Ocean day is commended to make everybody feel the association of a living being with a sea.

World sea day is somewhat indicating honor to the sea and maritime items like ocean depths, ocean weed alongside marine life out of sea like aquariums and fishes and so on.

World sea day is additionally celebrated to permit individuals realize that sea is sheltered and secured and furthermore its items.

World Ocean Day is held to make us feel how sea is assuming fundamental part in sparing the world and making the world worth living.

At the point when World Ocean Day is Celebrated?

World Ocean day was first celebrated on eighth June 1992. World sea day occurred at Erath Summit situated in Rio de Janeiro of Brazil. Yet, it is not an authoritatively pronounced common occasion of U.S till today.

Why is Protection of Ocean Necessary?

World sea day is unnecessary to say that sea assumes a noteworthy part in world’s climate and holding this planet legitimately with the goal that we can take inhale of peace.

Maritime items additionally give tremendous benefit in global exchange.

Most extreme measure of oxygen that we expend for breathing is produced from sea.

Sea cleans the water that we use for drinking.

It gives pharmacopeia of significance drugs

How is sea life and maritime item getting squandered?

Due to over-utilization of sea item and contamination, sea and its items are getting squandered.

Maritime species are getting less in number as their regenerative life is hindered by person for their narrow minded means.

Indeed, even human race is utilizing sea as its trash ousting place.

Maritime Project

Maritime venture in relationship with World Ocean Network observes World Ocean Day with different creative thoughts every year by planning different occasions and exercises with:



historical centers

protection associations



organizations of imperative medications

What is the work of Oceanic Project?

Maritime Network is worked to spread mindfulness about the significance of sea in our live. World Ocean day is the stage which gives the opportunity to be related with the eventual fate of the world by sparing the wellbeing of sea including different exercises like:

Shoreline cleanups

Instructive projects

Craftsmanship challenges

Film celebrations

Manageable fish occasions,

different projects with a specific end goal to raise awareness about the commitment of the sea in our life.

World Ocean Day Petition

Indeed, even Ocean Network is in the process to accumulate marks from various individuals with a specific end goal to make an appeal to set up World Ocean day as a common occasion. This appeal to can be gotten to on the web.

Clarification to Celebrate World Ocean day

World sea day will change the point of view of the individual about the sea. World sea day will make cognizant how sea makes our live worth for living by its different commitments. Maritime items and species lived in sea has differing influence in our day by day. Accordingly, festivity of Ocean day will guarantee the significance of them. World sea day will make us mindful that our day –to-day little changes in propensity can roll out an extraordinary improvement sea life. World sea day will make us feel whether we live in land or on the drift however we are each route associated with the sea and its impact. Along these lines, making it unpolluted and peril free is our obligation.