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World Tuberculosis Day 2018

World TB Day 2018 theme is “Light up the World for TB”

World TB Day 2017 theme is “Unite to End TB”

World TB Day 2016 theme is “Unite to End TB”

World TB Day 2015 theme is “Stop TB Partnership”

History of World TB Day:

World Tuberculosis Day (likewise called World TB Day) is initiated on March 24, 1982. World Tuberculosis Day initiated on March 24 consistently. Dr Robert Koch astounded the logical society by announcing that he had uncovered the reason for tuberculosis, the Tuberculosis bacillus.

World Tuberculosis Day is organized to manufacture group mindfulness about tuberculosis these days remains a plague in a considerable measure of the world. In excess of 1.6 million individuals were causing passing for Tuberculosis consistently. Koch’s announcement in Berlin, TB was seething through Europe and the Americas, explanation behind the demise of one out of every seven individuals. Koch’s finding opened the best approach to make a conclusion and medicinal tuberculosis.

The World Tuberculosis Day is reported in 1982. On the 100th centennial of Dr Koch’s appearance, the International Union Against Tuberculosis and Lung Disease (IUATLD) anticipated March 24. IUATLD is joined with World Health Organization in 1996. IUATLD and WHO both are set up a broad grouping of other concerned associations to raise the crash of World Tuberculosis Day.

Events of TB Day in South Africa:

As of late, Tuberculosis Day is assaulted three times in South Africa. South Africans are given a subsidizing in the a half year essential for treatment; yet treatment is immovably vexed to bear on getting the allow. ‘I am ceasing TB’ is a trademark for 2008 World Tuberculosis Day. It is a two-year program. Individuals are doing to some portion of their support of avert Tuberculosis. World Tuberculosis Day will be praised on 24 March 2010. The festival of World TB Day is about creatures of the general population impacted with Tuberculosis.

On World Tuberculosis Day, Women, men and kids who likewise experienced TB; TB patients; medical caretakers; specialists; scientists; group workforce; social laborers; all are take an interest into the overall fight over Tuberculosis.

Occasions of TB Day in South Africa:

South Africa will observe World Tuberculosis Day in Matlosana (Klerksdorp) in the North West from 9’Clock on 20 March 2009. In signifying talks by national, commonplace and district pioneers, Malaika and an amount of nearby excitement gatherings will perform.

Message by President Kgalema Motlanthe and Minister of Health, Barbara Hogan, on the recognition of World Tuberculosis Day in South Africa

Tuberculosis (TB) is the main enemy of South African occasion anyway it is treatable. TB is thusly a group and individual duty, Help South Africa spares its kin.

Have you been hacking for two weeks of all the more, sweating during the evening, getting thinner ans craving? Provided that this is true, take a position and have yourself tried for TB. Testing and being dealt with for TB is quick and free.

The legislature has society wellbeing laborers who are there to hold up patients and ensure that they take and finish their treatment. They require your hold up to be fruitful in keeping the spread of TB in our groups.

You can keep yourself healthy by doing the following:

  • eat heaps of foods grown from the ground
  • excercise day by day
  • quit taking liquor
  • stop takin g drugs
  • quit smoking.

Help to prevent the spread of TB by:

  • covering your mouth in the event that you are hacking and wheezing
  • keeping windows in houses, taxicabs, transports and different spots open for development of natural air
  • not spitting on the ground
  • Not halting your TB treatment and solution regardless of whether you are sense better.