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NHL Playoffs 2023

2022 Stanley Cup playoffs logoDates May 2 – June 30, 2022
Teams 16
Defending champions Tampa Bay Lightning
Final positions
Champions TBD
Runner-up TBD

Playoff seeds

Eastern Conference

Atlantic Division

Florida Panthers, Atlantic Division champions, Eastern Conference regular season champions, Presidents’ Trophy winners – 122 points
Toronto Maple Leafs – 115 points
Tampa Bay Lightning – 110 points

Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes, Metropolitan Division champions – 116 points
New York Rangers – 110 points
Pittsburgh Penguins – 103 points

Wild Cards

Boston Bruins – 107 points
Washington Capitals – 100 points

Western Conference

Central Division

Colorado Avalanche, Central Division champions, Western Conference regular season champions – 119 points
Minnesota Wild – 113 points
St. Louis Blues – 109 points

Pacific Division

Calgary Flames, Pacific Division champions – 111 points
Edmonton Oilers – 104 points
Los Angeles Kings – 99 points

Wild Cards

Dallas Stars – 98 points
Nashville Predators – 97 points


First RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup Finals
A3Tampa Bay4
A3Tampa Bay4
Tampa Bay4
Eastern Conference
NY Rangers2
M2NY Rangers4
M2NY Rangers4
Tampa Bay2
C3St. Louis2
C3St. Louis4
Western Conference
P3Los Angeles3
  • A1A2A3 – The first, second, and third place teams from the Atlantic Division, respectively
  • M1M2M3 – The first, second, and third place teams from the Metropolitan Division, respectively
  • C1C2C3 – The first, second, and third place teams from the Central Division, respectively
  • P1P2P3 – The first, second, and third place teams from the Pacific Division, respectively
  • WC – Wild Card teams

Stanley Cup Finals


June 15Tampa Bay Lightning3–4OTColorado AvalancheBall Arena
June 18Tampa Bay Lightning0–7Colorado AvalancheBall Arena
June 20Colorado Avalanche2–6Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
June 22Colorado Avalanche3–2OTTampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
June 24Tampa Bay Lightning3–2Colorado AvalancheBall Arena
June 26Colorado Avalanche2–1Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena

Colorado won series 4–2

Conference Finals

Eastern Conference Final

(M2) New York Rangers vs. (A3) Tampa Bay Lightning

June 1Tampa Bay Lightning2–6New York RangersMadison Square Garden
June 3Tampa Bay Lightning2–3New York RangersMadison Square Garden
June 5New York Rangers2–3Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
June 7New York Rangers1–4Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
June 9Tampa Bay Lightning3–1New York RangersMadison Square Garden
June 11New York Rangers1–2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
Tampa Bay won series 4–2

Western Conference Final

(C1) Colorado Avalanche vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers

May 31Edmonton Oilers6–8Colorado AvalancheBall Arena
June 2Edmonton Oilers0–4Colorado AvalancheBall Arena
June 4Colorado Avalanche4–2Edmonton OilersRogers Place
June 6Colorado Avalanche6–5OTEdmonton OilersRogers Place
Colorado won series 4–0

First Round

Eastern Conference First Round

(A1) Florida Panthers vs. (WC2) Washington Capitals

May 3Washington Capitals4–2Florida PanthersFLA Live Arena
May 5Washington Capitals1–5Florida PanthersFLA Live Arena
May 7Florida Panthers1-6Washington CapitalsCapital One ArenaESPN, SN
May 9Florida Panthers3-2OTWashington CapitalsCapital One ArenaTBS, SN1
May 11Washington Capitals3–5Florida PanthersFLA Live Arena
May 13Florida Panthers4–3OTWashington CapitalsCapital One Arena
Florida won series 4–2

(A2) Toronto Maple Leafs vs. (A3) Tampa Bay Lightning

May 2Tampa Bay Lightning0–5Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
May 4Tampa Bay Lightning5–3Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
May 6Toronto Maple Leafs5–2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
May 8Toronto Maple Leafs3–7Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaTBS, CBC, SN
May 10Tampa Bay Lightning3-4Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
May 12Toronto Maple Leafs3–4OTTampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
May 14Tampa Bay Lightning2–1Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
Tampa Bay won series 4–3

(M1) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (WC1) Boston Bruins

May 2Boston Bruins1–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 4Boston Bruins2–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 8Carolina Hurricanes2–5Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 10Boston Bruins1–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 12Carolina Hurricanes2–5Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 14Boston Bruins2–3Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
Carolina won series 4–3

(M2) New York Rangers vs. (M3) Pittsburgh Penguins

May 3Pittsburgh Penguins4–33OTNew York RangersMadison Square Garden
May 5Pittsburgh Penguins2–5New York RangersMadison Square Garden
May 9New York Rangers2–7Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
May 11Pittsburgh Penguins3–5New York RangersMadison Square Garden
May 13New York Rangers5–3Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
May 15Pittsburgh Penguins3–4OTNew York RangersMadison Square Garden
New York won series 4–3

Western Conference First Round

(C1) Colorado Avalanche vs. (WC2) Nashville Predators

May 3Nashville Predators2–7Colorado AvalancheBall Arena
May 5Nashville Predators1–2OTColorado AvalancheBall Arena
May 7Colorado Avalanche7–3Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
May 9Colorado Avalanche5–3Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
Colorado won series 4–0

(C2) Minnesota Wild vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues

May 2St. Louis Blues4–0Minnesota WildXcel Energy Center
May 4St. Louis Blues2–6Minnesota WildXcel Energy Center
May 6Minnesota Wild5–1St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
May 8Minnesota Wild2–5St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
May 10St. Louis Blues5–2Minnesota WildXcel Energy Center
May 12Minnesota Wild1–5St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
St. Louis won series 4–2

(P1) Calgary Flames vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars

May 3Dallas Stars0–1Calgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
May 5Dallas Stars2–0Calgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
May 7Calgary Flames2–4Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 9Calgary Flames4–1Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 11Dallas Stars1–3Calgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
May 13Calgary Flames2–4Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 15Dallas Stars2–3OTCalgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
Calgary won series 4–3

(P2) Edmonton Oilers vs. (P3) Los Angeles Kings

May 2Los Angeles Kings4–3Edmonton OilersRogers Place
May 4Los Angeles Kings0–6Edmonton OilersRogers Place
May 6Edmonton Oilers8–2Los Angeles Arena
May 8Edmonton Oilers0–4Los Angeles Arena
May 10Los Angeles Kings5–4OTEdmonton OilersRogers Place
May 12Edmonton Oilers4–2Los Angeles Arena
May 14Los Angeles Kings0–2Edmonton OilersRogers Place
Edmonton won series 4–3

Second Round

Eastern Conference Second Round

(A1) Florida Panthers vs. (A3) Tampa Bay Lightning

May 17Tampa Bay Lightning4–1Florida PanthersFLA Live ArenaRecap
May 19Tampa Bay Lightning2–1Florida PanthersFLA Live ArenaRecap
May 22Florida Panthers1–5Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaRecap
May 23Florida Panthers0–2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaRecap
Tampa Bay won series 4–0


(M1) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (M2) New York Rangers

May 18New York Rangers1–2OTCarolina HurricanesPNC ArenaRecap
May 20New York Rangers0–2Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaRecap
May 22Carolina Hurricanes1–3New York RangersMadison Square GardenRecap
May 24Carolina Hurricanes1–4New York RangersMadison Square GardenRecap
May 26New York Rangers1–3Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaRecap
May 28Carolina Hurricanes2–5New York RangersMadison Square GardenRecap
May 30New York Rangers6–2Carolina HurricanesPNC ArenaRecap

Western Conference Second Round (C1) Colorado Avalanche vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues
(P1) Calgary Flames vs. (P2) Edmonton Oilers2019-20 NHL Playoffs FactsPlayoff teamsEastern Conference

Seeding Round Robin

  • Boston Bruins, Atlantic Division champions, Eastern Conference regular season champions, Presidents’ Trophy winners – .714
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – .657
  • Washington Capitals, Metropolitan Division champions – .652
  • Philadelphia Flyers – .645

Qualifying Round

  • Pittsburgh Penguins – .623
  • Carolina Hurricanes – .596
  • New York Islanders – .588
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – .579 (28 RWs)
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – .579 (25 RWs)
  • Florida Panthers – .565
  • New York Rangers – .564
  • Montreal Canadiens – .500

Western Conference

Seeding Round Robin

  • St. Louis Blues, Central Division champions, Western Conference regular season champions – .662
  • Colorado Avalanche – .657
  • Vegas Golden Knights, Pacific Division champions – .606
  • Dallas Stars – .594

Qualifying Round

  • Edmonton Oilers – .585
  • Nashville Predators – .565 (28 RWs)
  • Vancouver Canucks – .565 (27 RWs)
  • Calgary Flames – .564
  • Winnipeg Jets – .563
  • Minnesota Wild – .558
  • Arizona Coyotes – .529
  • Chicago Blackhawks – .514

BracketNHL Playoffs 2018 -19Playoff seedsEastern ConferenceAtlantic DivisionTampa Bay Lightning, Atlantic Division champions, Eastern Conference regular season champions, Presidents’ Trophy winners – 128 points
Boston Bruins – 107 points
Toronto Maple Leafs – 100 pointsMetropolitan DivisionWashington Capitals, Metropolitan Division champions – 104 points
New York Islanders – 103 points
Pittsburgh Penguins – 100 pointsWild CardsCarolina Hurricanes – 99 points
Columbus Blue Jackets – 98 pointsWestern ConferenceCentral DivisionNashville Predators, Central Division champions – 100 points
Winnipeg Jets – 99 points (45 ROWs)
St. Louis Blues – 99 points (42 ROWs)Pacific DivisionCalgary Flames, Pacific Division champions, Western Conference regular season champions – 107 points
San Jose Sharks – 101 points
Vegas Golden Knights – 93 pointsWild CardsDallas Stars – 93 points
Colorado Avalanche – 90 pointsPlayoff bracketSecond RoundEastern Conference Second Round(A1) Florida Panthers vs. (A3) Tampa Bay LightningMay 17 Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00 p.m. Florida Panthers FLA Live Arena TNT, CBC, SN
May 19 Tampa Bay Lightning 7:00 p.m. Florida Panthers FLA Live Arena TNT, CBC, SN
May 22 Florida Panthers 1:30 p.m. Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena ESPN, SN
May 23 Florida Panthers 7:00 p.m. Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena TNT, CBC, SN
May 25 Tampa Bay Lightning TBD Florida Panthers FLA Live Arena
May 27 Florida Panthers TBD Tampa Bay Lightning Amalie Arena
May 29 Tampa Bay Lightning TBD Florida Panthers FLA Live Arena
Series starts May 17(M1) Carolina Hurricanes vs. (M2) New York RangersMay 18 New York Rangers 7:00 p.m. Carolina Hurricanes PNC Arena ESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP
May 20 New York Rangers 8:00 p.m. Carolina Hurricanes PNC Arena ESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP
May 22 Carolina Hurricanes 3:30 p.m. New York Rangers Madison Square Garden ESPN, SN, SN360
May 24 Carolina Hurricanes 7:00 p.m. New York Rangers Madison Square Garden ESPN, SNE, SNO, SNP
May 26 New York Rangers TBD Carolina Hurricanes PNC Arena
May 28 Carolina Hurricanes TBD New York Rangers Madison Square Garden
May 30 New York Rangers TBD Carolina Hurricanes PNC Arena
Series starts May 18Western Conference Second Round(C1) Colorado Avalanche vs. (C3) St. Louis BluesMay 17 St. Louis Blues 9:30 p.m. Colorado Avalanche Ball Arena TNT, CBC, SN
May 19 St. Louis Blues 9:30 p.m. Colorado Avalanche Ball Arena TNT, CBC, SN
May 21 Colorado Avalanche 8:00 p.m. St. Louis Blues Enterprise Center TNT, CBC, SN
May 23 Colorado Avalanche 9:30 p.m. St. Louis Blues Enterprise Center TNT, CBC, SN
May 25 St. Louis Blues TBD Colorado Avalanche Ball Arena
May 27 Colorado Avalanche TBD St. Louis Blues Enterprise Center
May 29 St. Louis Blues TBD Colorado Avalanche Ball Arena
Series starts May 17(P1) Calgary Flames vs. (P2) Edmonton OilersMay 18 Edmonton Oilers 9:30 p.m. Calgary Flames Scotiabank Saddledome ESPN, CBC, SN
May 20 Edmonton Oilers 10:30 p.m. Calgary Flames Scotiabank Saddledome ESPN, CBC, SN
May 22 Calgary Flames 8:00 p.m. Edmonton Oilers Rogers Place ESPN2, CBC, SN
May 24 Calgary Flames 9:30 p.m. Edmonton Oilers Rogers Place ESPN, CBC, SN
May 26 Edmonton Oilers TBD Calgary Flames Scotiabank Saddledome
May 28 Calgary Flames TBD Edmonton Oilers Rogers Place
May 30 Edmonton Oilers TBD Calgary Flames Scotiabank Saddledome
Series starts May 18First RoundEastern Conference First Round (A1) Tampa Bay Lightning vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets(A2) Boston Bruins vs. (A3) Toronto Maple Leafs(M1) Washington Capitals vs. (WC1) Carolina Hurricanes(M2) New York Islanders vs. (M3) Pittsburgh PenguinsWestern Conference First Round (C1) Nashville Predators vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars(C2) Winnipeg Jets vs. (C3) St. Louis Blue(P1) Calgary Flames vs. (WC2) Colorado Avalanche(P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (P3) Vegas Golden KnightsSecond RoundEastern Conference Second Round (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC2) Columbus Blue Jackets(M2) New York Islanders vs. (WC1) Carolina HurricanesWestern Conference Second Round (C3) St. Louis Blues vs. (WC1) Dallas Stars (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (WC2) Colorado AvalancheConference FinalsEastern Conference Final (A2) Boston Bruins vs. (WC1) Carolina HurricanesBoston won series 4–0Western Conference Final (P2) San Jose Sharks vs. (C3) St. Louis Blues2019 Stanley Cup FinalsGame SummariesNHL Playoffs 2017Eastern ConferenceAtlantic Division

  • Montreal Canadiens, Atlantic Division champions – 103 points
  • Ottawa Senators – 98 points
  • Boston Bruins – 95 points (42 ROWs)

Metropolitan Division

  • Washington Capitals, Metropolitan Division champions, Eastern Conference regular season champions, Presidents’ Trophy winners – 118 points
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 111 points
  • Columbus Blue Jackets – 108 points

Wild Cards

  • New York Rangers – 102 points
  • Toronto Maple Leafs – 95 points (39 ROWs)

Western ConferenceCentral Division

  • Chicago Blackhawks, Central Division champions, Western Conference regular season champions – 109 points
  • Minnesota Wild – 106 points
  • St. Louis Blues – 99 points

Pacific Division

  • Anaheim Ducks, Pacific Division champions – 105 points
  • Edmonton Oilers – 103 points
  • San Jose Sharks – 99 points

Wild Cards

  • Calgary Flames – 94 points (41 ROWs)
  • Nashville Predators – 94 points (39 ROWs)

Playoff bracketStanley Cup FinalsPittsburgh won series 4–22016 Stanley Cup PlayoffsPlayoff Bracket2015 NHL Stanley Cup FinalsEastern ConferenceAtlantic Division

  • Montreal Canadiens – 110 points
  • Tampa Bay Lightning – 108 points
  • Detroit Red Wings – 100 points

Metropolitan Division

  • New York Rangers – 113 points
  • Washington Capitals – 101 points
  • New York Islanders – 101 points

Wild Cards

  • Ottawa Senators – 99 points
  • Pittsburgh Penguins – 98 points

Western ConferenceCentral Division

  • St. Louis Blues – 109 points
  • Nashville Predators – 104 points
  • Chicago Blackhawks – 102 points

Pacific Division

  • Anaheim Ducks – 109 points
  • Vancouver Canucks – 101 points
  • Calgary Flames – 97 points

Wild Cards

  • Minnesota Wild– 100 points
  • Winnipeg Jets – 99 points

NHL Playoffs Bracket 2015Stanley Cup FinalsConference FinalsEastern Conference Final(M1) New York Rangers vs. (A2) Tampa Bay LightningWestern Conference Final(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (C3) Chicago BlackhawksConference SemifinalsEastern Conference Semifinals(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (A2) Tampa Bay Lightning(M1) New York Rangers vs. (M2) Washington CapitalsWestern Conference Semifinals(C3) Chicago Blackhawks vs. (WC1) Minnesota Wild(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs. (P3) Calgary FlamesConference QuarterfinalsEastern Conference(A1) Montreal Canadiens vs. (WC1) Ottawa Senators(A2) Tampa Bay Lighting vs. (A3) Detroit Red Wings(M1) New York Rangers vs. (WC2) Pittsburgh Penguins(M2) Washington Capitals vs. (M3) New York IslandersWestern Conference(C1) St. Louis Blues vs (WC1) Minnesota Wild(C2) Nashville Predators vs. (C3) Chicago Blackhawks(P1) Anaheim Ducks vs (WC2) Winnipeg Jets(P2) Vancouver Canucks vs. (P3) Calgary Flames

New York won series 4–3
May 17St. Louis Blues2–3OTColorado AvalancheBall ArenaRecap
May 19St. Louis Blues4–1Colorado AvalancheBall ArenaRecap
May 21Colorado Avalanche5–2St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterRecap
May 23Colorado Avalanche6–3St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterRecap
May 25St. Louis Blues5–4OTColorado AvalancheBall ArenaRecap
May 27Colorado Avalanche3–2St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterRecap
Colorado won series 4–2
May 18Edmonton Oilers6–9Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeRecap
May 20Edmonton Oilers5–3Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeRecap
May 22Calgary Flames1–4Edmonton OilersRogers PlaceRecap
May 24Calgary Flames3–5Edmonton OilersRogers PlaceRecap
May 26Edmonton Oilers5–4OTCalgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeRecap
Edmonton won series 4–1
DatesAugust 1–October 2020
Venue(s)Rogers Place, Edmonton
Scotiabank Arena, Toronto
Defending championsSt. Louis Blues
Qualifying RoundFirst RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup Finals
6NY Islanders4
6Carolina32Tampa Bay4
11NY Rangers07Columbus1
6NY Islanders2
Eastern Conference
2Tampa Bay4
7NY Islanders33Washington1
10Florida16NY Islanders4
2Tampa Bay4
Tampa Bay4
(Pairings are re-seeded after each of the first two rounds.)
Western Conference
8Calgary34St. Louis2
Tournament details
DatesApril 10–June 2019
Defending championsWashington Capitals
First RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup Finals
A1Tampa Bay0
Eastern Conference
M2NY Islanders0
M2NY Islanders4
C3St. Louis4
C3St. Louis4
C3St. Louis4
C3St. Louis4
Western Conference
P2San Jose2
P2San Jose4
P2San Jose4
April 10Columbus Blue Jackets4–3Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
April 12Columbus Blue Jackets5–1Tampa Bay LightningAmalie Arena
April 14Tampa Bay Lightning1–3Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide Arena
April 16Tampa Bay Lightning3–7Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide Arena
Columbus won series 4–0
April 11Toronto Maple Leafs4–1Boston BruinsTD Garden
April 13Toronto Maple Leafs1–4Boston BruinsTD Garden
April 15Boston Bruins2–3Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
April 17Boston Bruins6–4Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
April 19Toronto Maple Leafs2–1Boston BruinsTD Garden
April 21Boston Bruins4–2Toronto Maple LeafsScotiabank Arena
April 23Toronto Maple Leafs1–5Boston BruinsTD Garden
Boston won series 4–3
April 11Carolina Hurricanes2–4Washington CapitalsCapital One Arena
April 13Carolina Hurricanes3–4OTWashington CapitalsCapital One Arena
April 15Washington Capitals0–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
April 18Washington Capitals1–2Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
April 20Carolina Hurricanes0–6Washington CapitalsCapital One Arena
April 22Washington Capitals2–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
April 24Carolina Hurricanes4–32OTWashington CapitalsCapital One Arena
Carolina won series 4–3
April 10Pittsburgh Penguins3–4OTNew York IslandersNassau Coliseum
April 12Pittsburgh Penguins1–3New York IslandersNassau Coliseum
April 14New York Islanders4–1Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
April 16New York Islanders3–1Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
New York won series 4–0
April 10Dallas Stars3–2Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
April 13Dallas Stars1–2OTNashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
April 15Nashville Predators3–2Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
April 17Nashville Predators1–5Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
April 20Dallas Stars5–3Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
April 22Nashville Predators1–2OTDallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
Dallas won series 4–2
April 10St. Louis Blues2–1Winnipeg JetsBell MTS Place
April 12St. Louis Blues4–3Winnipeg JetsBell MTS Place
April 14Winnipeg Jets6–3St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
April 16Winnipeg Jets2–1OTSt. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
April 18St. Louis Blues3–2Winnipeg JetsBell MTS Place
April 20Winnipeg Jets2–3St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
St. Louis won series 4–2
April 11Colorado Avalanche0–4Calgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
April 13Colorado Avalanche3–2OTCalgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
April 15Calgary Flames2–6Colorado AvalanchePepsi Center
April 17Calgary Flames2–3OTColorado AvalanchePepsi Center
April 19Colorado Avalanche5–1Calgary FlamesScotiabank Saddledome
Colorado won series 4–1
April 10Vegas Golden Knights2–5San Jose SharksSAP Center
April 12Vegas Golden Knights5–3San Jose SharksSAP Center
April 14San Jose Sharks3–6Vegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile Arena
April 16San Jose Sharks0–5Vegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile Arena
April 18Vegas Golden Knights2–5San Jose SharksSAP Center
April 21San Jose Sharks2–12OTVegas Golden KnightsT-Mobile Arena
April 23Vegas Golden Knights4–5OTSan Jose SharksSAP Center
San Jose won series 4–3
April 25Columbus Blue Jackets2–3OTBoston BruinsTD Garden
April 27Columbus Blue Jackets3–22OTBoston BruinsTD Garden
April 30Boston Bruins1–2Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide Arena
May 2Boston Bruins4–1Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide Arena
May 4Columbus Blue Jackets3–4Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 6Boston Bruins3–0Columbus Blue JacketsNationwide Arena
Boston won series 4–2
April 26Carolina Hurricanes1–0OTNew York IslandersBarclays Center
April 28Carolina Hurricanes2–1New York IslandersBarclays Center
May 1New York Islanders2–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 3New York Islanders2–5Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
Carolina won series 4–0
April 25Dallas Stars2–3St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
April 27Dallas Stars4–2St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
April 29St. Louis Blues4–3Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 1St. Louis Blues2–4Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 3Dallas Stars2–1St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
May 5St. Louis Blues4–1Dallas StarsAmerican Airlines Center
May 7Dallas Stars1–22OTSt. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
St. Louis won series 4–3
April 26Colorado Avalanche2–5San Jose SharksSAP Center
April 28Colorado Avalanche4–3San Jose SharksSAP Center
April 30San Jose Sharks4–2Colorado AvalanchePepsi Center
May 2San Jose Sharks0–3Colorado AvalanchePepsi Center
May 4Colorado Avalanche1–2San Jose SharksSAP Center
May 6San Jose Sharks3–4OTColorado AvalanchePepsi Center
May 8Colorado Avalanche9:00 p.m.San Jose SharksSAP Center
Series tied 3–3
May 9Carolina Hurricanes2–5Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 12Carolina Hurricanes2–6Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 14Boston Bruins2–1Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 16Boston Bruins4–0Carolina HurricanesPNC Arena
May 11St. Louis Blues3–6San Jose SharksSAP Center
May 13St. Louis Blues4–2San Jose SharksSAP Center
May 15San Jose Sharks5–4 OTSt. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterNBCSN, CBC, SN360
May 17San Jose Sharks1–2St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterNBCSN, CBC
May 19St. Louis Blues5–0San Jose SharksSAP CenterNBC, CBC, SN
May 21San Jose Sharks1–5St. Louis BluesEnterprise CenterNBCSN, CBC
San Jose leads series 2–1
St. Louis Blues23*242103
Boston Bruins42*721503
* – Denotes overtime period(s)
Location(s)St. Louis: Enterprise Center (3, 4, 6)
Boston: TD Garden (1, 2, 5, 7)
CoachesSt. Louis: Craig Berube
Boston: Bruce Cassidy
CaptainsSt. Louis: Alex Pietrangelo
Boston: Zdeno Chara
RefereesGord Dwyer (2), Steve Kozari (1), Chris Rooney (2), Kelly Sutherland (1)
DatesMay 27 – June 12
NetworksCanada (English): CBC/Sportsnet
Canada (French): TVA Sports
United States (English): NBC/NBCSN
Announcers(CBC/SN) Jim Hughson, Craig Simpson
(TVA) Felix Seguin, Patrick Lalime, Renaud Lavoie
(NBC/NBCSN) Mike Emrick, Eddie Olczyk, Pierre McGuire
Eastern FinalBoston Bruins defeated Carolina Hurricanes, 4–0
Western FinalSt. Louis Blues defeated San Jose Sharks, 4–2
May 27St. Louis Blues2–4Boston BruinsTD Garden
May 29St. Louis Blues3–2OTBoston BruinsTD Garden
June 1Boston Bruins7–2St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
June 3Boston Bruins2–4St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
June 6St. Louis Blues2–1Boston BruinsTD Garden
June 9Boston Bruins5–1St. Louis BluesEnterprise Center
June 12St. Louis Blues8:00 p.m.Boston BruinsTD GardenCBC, SN, NBC
Series tied 3–3
Tournament details
DatesApril 12–June 2017
First RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup Finals
WCNY Rangers4
WCNY Rangers2
Eastern Conference
C3St. Louis2
C3St. Louis4
Western Conference
P3San Jose2
May 29Nashville Predators3–5Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
May 31Nashville Predators1–4Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
June 3Pittsburgh Penguins1–5Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
June 5Pittsburgh Penguins1–4Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
June 8Nashville Predators0–6Pittsburgh PenguinsPPG Paints Arena
June 11Pittsburgh Penguins2–0Nashville PredatorsBridgestone Arena
DatesApril 13–June 12, 2016
Final positions
ChampionsPittsburgh Penguins
Runner-upSan Jose Sharks
  • St. Louis Blues
  • Tampa Bay Lightning
Tournament statistics
Scoring leader(s)Logan Couture (San Jose)
(30 points)
MVPSidney Crosby (Pittsburgh)
First RoundSecond RoundConference FinalsStanley Cup Finals
A1 Florida2
WC NY Islanders4
WC NY Islanders1
A2 Tampa Bay4
A2 Tampa Bay4
A3 Detroit1
A2 Tampa Bay3
Eastern Conference
M2 Pittsburgh4
M1 Washington4
WC Philadelphia2
M1 Washington2
M2 Pittsburgh4
M2 Pittsburgh4
M3 NY Rangers1
M2 Pittsburgh4
P3 San Jose2
C1 Dallas4
WC Minnesota2
C1 Dallas3
C2 St. Louis4
C2 St. Louis4
C3 Chicago3
C2St. Louis2
Western Conference
P3 San Jose4
P1 Anaheim3
WC Nashville4
WC Nashville3
P3 San Jose4
P2 Los Angeles1
P3 San Jose4
Division Semifinals
Tampa Bay4
NY Rangers4
NY Islanders3
St. Louis2
Anaheim Ducks4
Division Finals
Tampa Bay4
NY Rangers4
Anaheim Ducks4
Conference Finals

Eastern Conference

Tampa Bay4
NY Rangers3
Anaheim Ducks3

Western Conference

Stanley Cup Finals
Tampa Bay2
June 3Chicago Blackhawks2-1Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaNBC, CBC
June 6Chicago Blackhawks3-4Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaNBC, CBC
June 8Tampa Bay Lightning3-2Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterNBCSN, CBC
June 10Tampa Bay Lightning1-2Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterNBCSN, CBC
June 13Chicago Blackhawks3-2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaNBC, CBC
June 15Tampa Bay Lightning0-2Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterNBC, CBC
Chicago won series 4–2
May 16Tampa Bay Lightning1-2New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBC
May 18Tampa Bay Lightning6-2New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBCSN
May 20New York Rangers5-6 OTTampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, NBCSN
May 22New York Rangers5-1Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, NBCSN
May 24Tampa Bay Lightning2-0New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBCSN
May 26New York Rangers7-3Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, NBCSN
May 29Tampa Bay Lightning2-0New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBCSN
Tampa Bay won series 4–3
May 17Chicago Blackhawks1-4Anaheim DucksHonda CenterCBC, NBC
May 19Chicago Blackhawks3-2 3OTAnaheim DucksHonda CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 21Anaheim Ducks2-1Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 23Anaheim Ducks4-5 2OTChicago BlackhawksUnited CenterCBC, NBC
May 25Chicago Blackhawks4-5 OTAnaheim DucksHonda CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 27Anaheim Ducks2-5Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 30Chicago Blackhawks5-3Anaheim DucksHonda CenterCBC, NBCSN
Chicago won series 4–3
May 1Tampa Bay Lightning2-1 OTMontreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC, NBCSN
May 3Tampa Bay Lightning6-2Montreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC, NBCSN
May 6Montreal Canadiens1-2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, USA
May 7Montreal Canadiens6-2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, NBCSN
May 9Tampa Bay Lightning1-2Montreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC
May 12Montreal Canadiens1-4Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC
Tampa Bay won series 4–2
April 30Washington Capitals2-1New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBCSN
May 2Washington Capitals2-3New York RangersMadison Square GardenSN, NBC
May 4New York Rangers0-1Washington CapitalsVerizon CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 6New York Rangers1-2Washington CapitalsVerizon CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 8Washington Capitals1-2 OTNew York RangersMadison Square GardenNBCSN
May 10New York Rangers4-3Washington CapitalsVerizon CenterTBD
May 13Washington Capitals1-2 OTNew York RangersMadison Square GardenTBD
New York won series 4–3
May 1Minnesota Wild3-4Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterSN, NBCSN
May 3Minnesota Wild1-4Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterCBC, SN360,NBCSN
May 5Chicago Blackhawks1-0Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterCBC, NBCSN
May 7Chicago Blackhawks4-3Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterSN, NBCSN
Chicago won series 4–0
April 30Calgary Flames1-6Anaheim DucksHonda CenterSN, NBCSN
May 3Calgary Flames0-3Anaheim DucksHonda CenterSN, CNBC
May 5Anaheim Ducks3-4 OTCalgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeSN, USA
May 8Anaheim Ducks4-2Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeSN, NBCSN
May 10Calgary Flames2-3 OTAnaheim DucksHonda CenterSN
Anaheim won series 4–1
April 15Ottawa Senators3-4Montreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC, NHLN,TVA
April 17Ottawa Senators2-3 OTMontreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC, CNBC,TVA
April 19Montreal Canadiens2-1 OTOttawa SenatorsCanadian Tire CentreCBC, NBCSN,TVA
April 22Montreal Canadiens0-1Ottawa SenatorsCanadian Tire CentreCBC, USA, TVA
April 24Ottawa Senators5-1Montreal CanadiensBell CentreCBC, TVA
April 26Montreal Canadiens2-0Ottawa SenatorsCanadian Tire CentreCBC, TVA
Montreal Won series 4–2
April 16Detroit Red Wings3-2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaSN, CNBC
April 18Detroit Red Wings1-5Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaCBC, NBC
April 21Tampa Bay Lightning0-3Detroit Red WingsJoe Louis ArenaSN, NBCSN
April 23Tampa Bay Lightning3-2 OTDetroit Red WingsJoe Louis ArenaCBC, NBCSN
April 25Detroit Red Wings4-0Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaTBD
April 27Tampa Bay Lightning5-2Detroit Red WingsJoe Louis ArenaTBD
April 27Detroit Red Wings0-2Tampa Bay LightningAmalie ArenaTBD
Tampa Bay won series 4–3
April 16Pittsburgh Penguins2-1New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC, NBCSN
April 18Pittsburgh Penguins4-3New York RangersMadison Square GardenCBC NBC
April 20New York Rangers2-1Pittsburgh PenguinsConsol Energy CenterCBC, NBCSN
April 22New York Rangers2-1 OTPittsburgh PenguinsConsol Energy CenterSN360, NBCSN
April 24Pittsburgh Penguins1-2New York RangersMadison Square GardenTBD
New York leads series 4–1
April 15New York Islanders4-1Washington CapitalsVerizon CenterSN, USA
April 19New York Islanders3-4Washington CapitalsNassau ColiseumSN, NBC
April 17Washington Capitals1-2 OTNew York IslandersVerizon CenterSN, NBCSN
April 21Washington Capitals2-1 OTNew York IslandersNassau ColiseumSN360, USA
April 23New York Islanders1-5Washington CapitalsVerizon CenterTBD
April 25Washington Capitals1-3New York IslandersNassau ColiseumTBD
April 27New York Islanders1-2Washington CapitalsVerizon Center
Washington won series 4–3
April 16Minnesota Wild4-2St. Louis BluesScottrade CenterSN360, NBCSN
April 18Minnesota Wild1-4St. Louis BluesScottrade CenterSN, NBC
April 20St. Louis Blues0-3Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterSN1, CNBC
April 22St. Louis Blues6-1Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterSN360, NBCSN
April 24Minnesota Wild4-1St. Louis BluesScottrade CenterTBD
April 26St. Louis Blues1-4Minnesota WildXcel Energy CenterTBD
Minnesota Won series 4–2
April 15Chicago Blackhawks4-3   2OTNashville PredatorsBridgestone ArenaSN360, NBCSN
April 17Chicago Blackhawks2-6Nashville PredatorsBridgestone ArenaSN, NBCSN
April 19Nashville Predators2-4Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterSN, NBC
April 21Nashville Predators2-3   3OTChicago BlackhawksUnited CenterSN, NBCSN
April 23Chicago Blackhawks2-5Nashville PredatorsBridgestone ArenaTBD
April 25Nashville Predators3-4Chicago BlackhawksUnited CenterTBD
Chicago Won series 4–2
April 16Winnipeg Jets2-4Anaheim DucksHonda CenterSN, CNBC
April 18Winnipeg Jets1-2Anaheim DucksHonda CenterSN, NBCSN
April 20Anaheim Ducks5-4 OTWinnipeg JetsMTS CentreSN, NBCSN
April 22Anaheim Ducks4-0Winnipeg JetsMTS CentreSN, USA
Anaheim Won series 4–0
April 15Calgary Flames2-1Vancouver CanucksRogers ArenaCBC, USA
April 17Calgary Flames1-4Vancouver CanucksRogers ArenaCBC, CNBC
April 19Vancouver Canucks2-4Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeCBC, NBCSN
April 21Vancouver Canucks1-3Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeCBC, USA
April 23Calgary Flames1-2Vancouver CanucksRogers ArenaCBC
April 25Vancouver Canucks4-7Calgary FlamesScotiabank SaddledomeCBC
Calgary Won series 4–2