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Tokyo Summer Olympics Medal Tally 2021

In February 2017, the Tokyo Organizing Committee announced an electronics recycling program in partnership with Japan Environmental Sanitation Center and NTT Docomo, soliciting donations of electronics (such as mobile phones) to be reclaimed as materials for the medals. Aiming to collect 8 tonnes of metals to produce the medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games, collection boxes were deployed at public locations and NTT Docomo retail shops in April 2017. A design competition for the medals launched in December of the same year.

In May 2018, the organizing committee reported that they had obtained half the required 2,700 kilograms of bronze, but that they were struggling to obtain the required amount of silver; although bronze and silver medals purely utilize their respective materials, IOC requirements mandate that gold medals utilize silver as a base. The collection of bronze was completed in November 2018, with the remainder estimated to have been completed by March 2019.

On 24 July 2019, the designs of the medals were unveiled.The medals for the Olympic and Paralympic Games were designed by Junichi Kawanishi following a nationwide competition.

2016 Summer Olympics Medal Table

1United States (USA)463738121
2Great Britain (GBR)27231767
3China (CHN)26182670
4Russia (RUS)19171955
5Germany (GER)17101542
6Japan (JPN)1282141
7France (FRA)10181442
8South Korea (KOR)93921
9Italy (ITA)812828
10Australia (AUS)8111029
11Netherlands (NED)87419
12Hungary (HUN)83415
13Brazil (BRA)*76619
14Spain (ESP)74617
15Kenya (KEN)66113
16Jamaica (JAM)63211
17Croatia (CRO)53210
18Cuba (CUB)52411
19New Zealand (NZL)49518
20Canada (CAN)431522
21Uzbekistan (UZB)42713
22Kazakhstan (KAZ)35917
23Colombia (COL)3238
24Switzerland (SUI)3227
25Iran (IRI)3148
26Greece (GRE)3126
27Argentina (ARG)3104
28Denmark (DEN)26715
29Sweden (SWE)26311
30South Africa (RSA)26210
31Ukraine (UKR)25411
32Serbia (SRB)2428
33Poland (POL)23611
34North Korea (PRK)2327
35Belgium (BEL)2226
Thailand (THA)2226
37Slovakia (SVK)2204
38Georgia (GEO)2147
39Azerbaijan (AZE)171018
40Belarus (BLR)1449
41Turkey (TUR)1348
42Armenia (ARM)1304
43Czech Republic (CZE)12710
44Ethiopia (ETH)1258
45Slovenia (SLO)1214
46Indonesia (INA)1203
47Romania (ROU)1124
48Bahrain (BRN)1102
Vietnam (VIE)1102
50Chinese Taipei (TPE)1023
51Bahamas (BAH)1012
Côte d’Ivoire (CIV)1012
Independent Olympic Athletes (IOA)1012
54Fiji (FIJ)1001
Jordan (JOR)1001
Kosovo (KOS)1001
Puerto Rico (PUR)1001
Singapore (SIN)1001
Tajikistan (TJK)1001
60Malaysia (MAS)0415
61Mexico (MEX)0325
62Algeria (ALG)0202
Ireland (IRL)0202
64Lithuania (LTU)0134
65Bulgaria (BUL)0123
Venezuela (VEN)0123
67India (IND)0112
Mongolia (MGL)0112
69Burundi (BDI)0101
Grenada (GRN)0101
Niger (NIG)0101
Philippines (PHI)0101
Qatar (QAT)0101
74Norway (NOR)0044
75Egypt (EGY)0033
Tunisia (TUN)0033
77Israel (ISR)0022
78Austria (AUT)0011
Dominican Republic (DOM)0011
Estonia (EST)0011
Finland (FIN)0011
Morocco (MAR)0011
Moldova (MDA)0011
Nigeria (NGR)0011
Portugal (POR)0011
Trinidad and Tobago (TTO)0011
United Arab Emirates (UAE)0011
Total (87 NOCs)307306359972