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Womens Australian Open 2020

2020 Women’s Australian Open Facts

Tournament information
LocationAustralia, varies
Seaton, South Australia
in 2020
Established1974, 46 years ago
Course(s)Royal Adelaide Golf Club
Length6,115 m (6,687 yd)
Tour(s)ALPG Tour
FormatStroke play – 72 holes
Prize fundUS$1.3 million
Month playedFebruary
Tournament record score
Aggregate270 Karrie Webb (2000)
To par−22 Karrie Webb (2000)
Current champion
Inbee Park

Prize Money

2020 Women’s Australian Open tournament Prize fund: US$1.3 million, with the winner’s share coming in at $195,000

Schedule of Event

Date: Feb 11-16, 2020 at Course: Royal Adelaide Golf Club


Royal Adelaide Golf Club



1I. Park+1F [F]-14
2A. Anderson-3F [F]-11
3P. DelacourEF [F]-10
T4M. Alex+2F [F]-9
T4Y. LiuEF [F]-9
T6C. Kerr-4F [F]-8
T6C. Boutier+2F [F]-8
T6M.H. Lee-1F [F]-8
T6A. Cho+4F [F]-8
T10L. Salas-1F [F]-7
T10J. Ewart Shadoff-1F [F]-7
T10C. Kim+1F [F]-7
T13J. Hollis+1F [F]-6
T13P. Yoktuan-2F [F]-6
T13M. Fassi+3F [F]-6
T13S. Meadow+1F [F]-6
T13A. Simon+1F [F]-6
T13H. Green+1F [F]-6
T13B. Altomare+2F [F]-6
T13A. McDonald+1F [F]-6
T21K. Gillman-3F [F]-5
T21N. Broch Larsen+2F [F]-5
T21L. Weaver-3F [F]-5
T21E. Szokol+4F [F]-5
T25G. HallEF [F]-4
T25A. Muñoz+1F [F]-4
T25M. Lee-1F [F]-4
T25M. Sagström+5F [F]-4
T25Y. Saso-1F [F]-4
T25E. HaraEF [F]-4
T25A. Nordqvist-2F [F]-4
T25J. Park-1F [F]-4
T25N. Madsen-3F [F]-4
T34S.Y. Ryu+5F [F]-3
T34S. Lewis-3F [F]-3
T34H. An-1F [F]-3
T34J. Lee+1F [F]-3
T34P. Anannarukarn-1F [F]-3
T34R. ChoiEF [F]-3
T34H.J. Lim-3F [F]-3
T41T. Suwannapura+1F [F]-2
T41A. Van Dam-3F [F]-2
T41X. Lin+4F [F]-2
T41N. Korda+3F [F]-2
T41K. Kaufman+2F [F]-2
T41H. Park+4F [F]-2
T41G. DryburghEF [F]-2
T48K. Tan+1F [F]-1
T48J. Shin-2F [F]-1
T48D. Ardina+3F [F]-1
T48L. Stephenson+2F [F]-1
T48A. Valenzuela-3F [F]-1
T48M. Reid+1F [F]-1
T48H. Choi-1F [F]-1
T55M. Muangkhumsakul+2F [F]E
T55P. Chien+6F [F]E
T55C. Knight-1F [F]E
T55P. Phatlum+7F [F]E
T55Y. Noh+4F [F]E
T55W. Hsu+5F [F]E
T55A. Uehara+2F [F]E
T62C. Clanton+3F [F]+1
T62A. Uriell+3F [F]+1
T62J. Granada+2F [F]+1
T62D. Finkelstein+2F [F]+1
T62A. Lee+4F [F]+1
T67W. Meechai+3F [F]+2
T67P. LindbergEF [F]+2
T67J. Yan+4F [F]+2
T70D. Darquea+3F [F]+3
T70G. Molinaro+8F [F]+3
T70B. Recari+1F [F]+3
T70M.A. Yoon+3F [F]+3
T70E. Henseleit+6F [F]+3
T70K. Kirk+1F [F]+3
76R. O’Toole+3F [F]+4
T77C. Thomas+1F [F]+5
T77N. Choi+3F [F]+5
79C. Heath+6F [F]+7
80T. DaffinrudEF [F]+8
81K. Davidson+5F [F]+11

Past Results

2020Inbee ParkSouth Korea278 (−14)Royal Adelaide Golf ClubUS$1,300,000US$195,000
2019Nelly KordaUnited States271 (−17)Grange Golf Club1,300,000195,000
2018Ko Jin-youngSouth Korea274 (−14)Kooyonga Golf Club1,300,000195,000
2017Jang Ha-naSouth Korea282 (−10)Royal Adelaide Golf Club1,300,000195,000
2016Haru NomuraJapan272 (−16)Grange Golf Club1,300,000195,000
2015Lydia KoNew Zealand283 (−9)Royal Melbourne Golf Club1,200,000180,000
2014Karrie Webb (5)Australia276 (−12)Victoria Golf Club1,200,000180,000
2013Jiyai ShinSouth Korea274 (−18)Royal Canberra Golf Club1,200,000180,000
2012Jessica KordaUnited States289 (−3)PORoyal Melbourne Golf Club1,100,000165,000
2011Yani Tseng (2)Taiwan276 (−16)Commonwealth Golf ClubA$600,000A$90,000
2010Yani Tseng (1)Taiwan283 (−9)Commonwealth Golf Club600,00090,000
2009Laura Davies (2)England285 (−7)Metropolitan Golf Club500,00075,000
2008Karrie Webb (4)Australia284 (−8)POKingston Heath Golf Club500,00075,000
2007Karrie Webb (3)Australia278 (−10)Royal Sydney Golf Club500,00075,000