Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update

The Episode begins with Ranbir assisting Prachi with wearing the gems and applying bindi to her temple. Prachi gets sad eyes. He wipes her tears. Prachi takes a gander at him and says don’t be late, say it please. Ranbir says you got late, you will wed, and he goes. Prachi turns and thinks he has returned. She says you have returned. She sees Sid standing. Sid says Prachi. Prachi says don’t take my name with your grimy tongue and says he is requesting that I pass on from his life because of you and your untruth. She inquires as to for what reason did you do this? Sid plunks down and apologizes. Prachi says you have done scheme, it was arranged connivance and inquires as to for what reason would he say he was getting payback and for what? She says you have grabbed my beginning and end and says you was a wolf in camouflage of companion. She says I used to believe that my sister Rhea is a terrible individual, yet you are more regrettable than her, needs to break my marriage and needs to wed me. She says you are crocodile who needs to swallow all the family in one go. He requests that she tune in. Prachi inquires as to whether you need to say more lies. You lied whenever I allowed you opportunity to say. She says when Rhea told that Ranbir isn’t the dad of my kid, I was furious, yet my annoyance brings down as Ranbir was with me and I found a sense of contentment that you will say reality, yet you have destroyed many lives. She requests that he come clean and says I have the right to know reality. Sid says I don’t have a family. Prachi says lie, Ranbir and I were your family generally. Sid says don’t you feel abnormal that I am calling your child as mine. Prachi inquires as to why? Sid says Mihika’s life is in harm’s way. Prachi asks Mihika. Shahana hears them.

Wendy Mausi instructs Dida that she is thinking so Rhea leaves Ranbir. Dida gets out whatever is the contrast among your and my considerations. Wendy Mausi says she knows how to handle Rhea like young ladies and will utilize her experience. Dida inquires as to whether I don’t have insight and says she didn’t dark her hair in daylight. Wendy says when you was turning gray your hair, I utilized color to color my hair. Dida says even I have colored my hair. Wendy says you are likewise in my group, we will dispose of her. Rhea comes and asks with whom you need to dispose of. Wendy Mausi asks her not to say anything and says you are looking lovely and says she needs to take off terrible sight from her. She adulates Rhea. Rhea gets complimented hearing her and calls her wendy Dadi. Wendy applauds her more and requests that she proceed to show her magnificence outside. Rhea embraces her and goes. Dida asks Wendy for what good reason she was so sweet with Rhea. Wendy says they will keep the adversary close.

Sid lets them know that Mihika had come here, not really for Ganapati, but rather to save her life from Aaliya and Rhea’s grip. He says when Chachu called him, he was coming here to say reality, they got Mihika hijacked and afterward they attempted to destroy me. He says when I have come here, I came to be aware of their arrangement, it is their arrangement. Shahana says 1 min and says it is extremely surprising. She inquires as to why you didn’t attempt to tell this to Prachi or Ranbir. Sid says I attempted, however no one attempted to pay attention to me. Shahana doesn’t trust him. Prachi says Sid is saying reality and says she knows him and knows when he can lie. Sid expresses gratitude toward her for confiding in him. Prachi says I confided in you generally and considered you to be a sibling. She says you have expanded my quandary, and tells that she needed to tie rakhi to her hand, however until further notice she needs to get connected with to him. She tells that they need to save Mihika, as she has heard ill-conceived word all the life. Sid apologizes to Prachi for pondering Mihika. Prachi says prepare to retaliate and says we need to save Mihika. Shahana says we will save Mihika. Sid says thanks to them. Prachi says I will thank you for unburdening me with this reality. She says commitment or marriage, will be phony at this point.

Shahana says for what reason are you letting us know now, as Mihika is still at serious risk. Sid says I know, yet in the event that I haven’t told her, then I would have kicked the bucket. He says I heard Pallavi chachi that she had acknowledged Prachi, yet was broken with this reality. Prachi says it is great that you told me. She says an unavoidable issue is infront of me and says with this phony commitment, I need to look into Ranbir’s sentiments. She says in the event that Ranbir will retaliate or remain inactive, seeing his affection happening to another person. She says I will check whether he will satisfy his words or let the words stay as words.

Ranbir tells Aryan that he feel that Sid can be a decent dad than him. Aryan asks him not to talk like oldies. Ranbir says I can’t believe that Prachi will hold another person’s hand. Aryan says we will tell Prachi plainly that she will not hold Sid’s hand. Ranbir says you don’t have any idea. Aryan says we will put the proviso for the marriage. Ranbir says I love Prachi, I could decline infront of others, however it is truth. He requests that how live without her. Rhea says once they get hitched, we will begin our conjugal life, will remain together. Ranbir inquires as to whether you realize what’s going on here? Rhea says I heard that you need to finish her marriage quick and don’t believe it should happen moreover.

Ranbir takes Rhea to side and asks what you was talking about there? He says I told you obviously that I love Prachi. He says everybody realizes in this world that he cherishes Prachi. Rhea says then additionally you requested that she wed Sid. Ranbir says I will avoid her, however will cherish her generally. Rhea says she don’t have the foggiest idea. Ranbir says his heart beats for his affection and his adoration will be for her generally, regardless of whether she disappears from him. He says he isn’t a stuff which another person will utilize. He sees Prachi accompanying Shahana and going from that point. He feels her as her hair contacts his face as she goes. He says she didn’t see me? Rhea says precisely and you was calling her as your adoration. Ranbir says I need to tell her. Rhea thinks what is to him.

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